Thursday, February 11, 2010

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Aaron's latest trick - the preventive war

Aaron Koenig, a member of the Federal Executive of the pirates released on his blog "POLIT COOL - Politics in the 21st Century" have long been at least questionable content on Islam.

Today he sits on top it all, and demands nothing less than a pre-emptive strike against Iran .

Since I really do not have words lesst, through you got what he himself says:

I fear that the time for negotiation and compromise is over. Show Targeted strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities, the West must now the regime in Tehran that we have more of them do not dance around on the nose. This could, at best, so weaken the regime that the Iranian Freedom of movement it crashes, same as in February 1979, the Shah was overthrown. This would be the Iranian people and the entire Middle East to be desired. Hopefully President Obama has - in contrast to his predecessor neither war nor driver "Crusaders" - the strength to push through this unpleasant but necessary step.

The national party comes, and there I will give Mr. Koenig certainly no voice. I hope I am not alone.


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