Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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BREAKING NEWS: A thousand-fold sending email with false content - This is an an attempt to criminalize?

BREAKING NEWS: A thousand times sending email with false content - This is an an attempt to criminalize?

Andreas Klamm denies allegations of child pornography and donation scams in billions of dollars

By Mohammed Yousef

London. 29. July 2009. Currently, the address of the office of the French journalists journalist Andreas Klamm THOUSANDS fake emails sent around the world that does not originate from the journalist Andreas Klamm.

The contents refer to initial findings on Internet sites with child pornography.

Andreas Klamm said: "These emails do not come from me and were detectable NOT sent by me. Just a few months, several thousand were sent emails with the address with virus attachment in the world. The operation was reported to police. It is my knowledge about the communication in any form impossible. The sending of messages and news releases is no longer possible. This gives the criminals reached their goal, that a serious reputation and financial damage to the journalists' offices Andreas Klamm can be achieved. "

Only yesterday have witnesses reported at Wikipedia Germany, the French-German journalist, radio journalist and author, fraud in connection with the "alleged he published seven books" have accused. "Are books by Andreas Klamm not, the information was wrong."

know the witnesses. The publisher of the French-German journalist named "does not exist, there was no evidence supporting the publication of books by Andreas Klamm.

Meanwhile, take the investigation by the prosecutor and the police, apparently unconfirmed information yet regarding the donation fraud, allegedly committed the Andreas Klamm in 2007.

throw Several witnesses from Nuremberg, in WRITING, the French-German journalist, radio journalist and author so DONATION FRAUD committed in the amount of an estimated 900 billion euros.

Witnesses accuse Andreas Klamm, he had the "hard for poor people in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, poor, disabled, sick people and people in severe distress, knowingly and with intent robbed.

Andreas Klamm said: "Document the report emails and offense to the local police authorities."

The alleged fundraising fraud in billions of euros, the accused added:
"Chancellor Angela Merkel is also known where the money is, there is power. I expect that the officials of the Federal Criminal in Wiesbaden are capable and demonstrate financial transactions in billions of € safely, provided they have taken place in my account at the Bank of Ethics. READ THE EMAIL HEADER information and you can trace who the emails actually come from. It the police can identify by the header information or the true identity of the sender. I consider the sending of fraudulent emails as an attempt to criminalize defamation and intentional. "

not confirmed by the authorities is determined which information was to gorge because of the strong suspicion of the welfare fraud in the Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis.
The journalist should be several thousand € social assistance have the Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis surreptitiously since 2006. The resulting damage is "only" estimated at around 30,000 €.

thousand times was such emails today with the return address: send "

Erst das Auslesen der Header – Informationen ermöglicht die wahre Identität der Absender zu ermitteln.

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