Monday, November 29, 2010

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Just before Christmas are all unpacked the Advent Calendar, and more for children with sweets. But for Perl programmers are Advent calendars. Here are some links: *

Uwe is in his Blog Module imagine
* The Dancer Advent Calendar
* The Catalyst Advent Calendar
* Perl 6 Advent Calendar
* Ricardo Advent Calendar
* Perl Advent Calendar
* Plack Advent Calendar

And if Japan can , may engage in the Advent Calendar JPerl try to offer 5 Tracks . If we are to believe Github also is offer an Advent calendar.

Well, and a Christmas market, there are also in Perl ;-)

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Frankfurt Perl Workshop 2010 - Day 2

... and the second part of the workshop begins - like yesterday already - just after 10th eingetrudelt Until everyone is, it's just before 11, but we have time. In addition, Eric has today microphones and a small mixer with it. In addition, Eric and Wieland talks with small cameras recorded. The lectures will be hopefully soon in some form. Once there because what's new, I'll post here ...

I begin with the presentation on Moose that provides a broad overview of the possibilities with moss. Actually I wanted to talk a little boring, but since I first turn came, I had no more time. Next time maybe I should begin earlier with the changes ;-) That was the version that which I have kept the FrOSCamp ( video ).

After I presented the work of Rolf last night: He has B: Deparse developed a type of macro for Perl 5. Because it directly with B:: Deparse is working to solve the whole thing without source filters. To be eligible to variables for closures, he uses PadWalker . Since not everyone knew PadWalker, I have a old lecture shown the slides of this module.

Herbert then held two lectures. The first was on Kephra . Here he has shown his ideas for the future of the editor. Since some real goodies were inside.

has the second lecture presented to the Rebol . I personally do not concern myself with this programming language more, even if there's some funny approaches (eg an extra data type 'money'). But you have to look outside the box from him some day.

After lunch, I then my lecture on Log: Log4perl held. Sorry, wanted to " recordmydesktop " not the way I want, so there is no first screencast.

To IPC รก la Erlang, it went into Max's lecture. It took into account the module AnyEvent:: MP and his plans for a AEMP:: Queue presented. I wonder if I did not one of my current private projects should try it, because I could split things as well to "Worker".

The Erlang language was then subject of Harold's lecture. I had previously set have not dealt with the language, but what Harald presented, I found very interesting. So I'll probably keep me occupied times. Not in the next few weeks, but I hope to find next year more time for that.

Many thanks to Harald and Thomas for organizing the event and the other speakers for great talks. I hope I will see the score at the next Frankfurt Perl Workshop.

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Frankfurt Perl Workshop 2010 - Day 1

Throughout the year there are rarely talks at , but we will always have at the end of a weekend for talks. In part, we use this workshop as a test environment for talks to be held at the German Perl Workshop or other events.

This year it was on just last weekend (27./28.11.) Ready. We are in this year times not Club Voltaire - our venue in recent years - have been, but in DGB Youth Club U68 . I personally think the space in the youth club is better suited.

Not only Frankfurter took attended the workshop: We also had guests from the Rhineland, near the Dutch border and a few others. Overall, we had 13 participants on Saturday.

We see the division of the workshop a very relaxed and have no fixed schedule. In the beginning, we first collected the paper proposals and Max has voluntarily made a start. With the theme "Webautomation with WWW:: Mechanize:: Firefox", the workshop has started. You can use the module make very interesting things. Max has shown it also another short stop its multi-user capable editor Zaphod in a new version. The main problem in automation, he has highlighted problems with the encoding.

In the course of the presentation then the conversation turned on Selenium so that I presented in connection to Max's lecture in a makeshift lightning talk Selenium short. Who is more interested in Selenium can also look at my three year old lecture or an older Screencast . Rolfs to question whether one can test dynamically assembled fill out forms /, we have tried summarily at the demo page OTRS 3.0 and noticed that it is not possible without manual post-processing of the recorded actions. One has the inclusion of Selenium IDE a "waitForElement" install, because the IDE actions happening too fast.

Herbert has shown more then Perl 6 operators and thereby also the "lol" context (List of Lists) is presented. What I find really good at Perl 6 is that there is a dedicated numeric and string context is that one can also consult directly.

Before the break, I then still held a lecture on "Perl for speakers" in which I presented a couple of modules that can facilitate the talks. Afterwards we went for lunch in our "hangout" MoschMosch .

After lunch Harald is received on the topic "UTF-8". But not how to work with Encode etc, but what's behind it. How much effort behind it, if you want to change the sort order, and what that has to do with Ducet and CLDR. I found this very interesting times an insight into the depths of such things get.

Then we started an IDE / Editor session. The entry has been Rolf, as he has shown emacs and presented his ideas of "standards" for editors / IDEs. I then presented Padre . The whole thing was * no * Editor war but simply the idea of the editors / IDEs and what you can learn from each other.

This was the first day to end ...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

21st Birthday Facebook Events


On 06 December, I'll stop by the meeting of the Hamburg Perl Mongers. I will also be two lectures . Bring The first talk is about is "self-marketing" (requested by Uwe peoples) and the second lecture in a surprise presentation.

I would be happy if the house is "full".

XING date for the meeting: https: / /
preview of the meeting in Uwe's blog: http://blog .

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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Frankfurt Perl Mongers Perl Workshop 2010 Community

This year the Frankfurt Perl Mongers do it again a little workshop. This place this year at 27-28. November in DGB Youth Club instead. We would welcome new faces at the workshop.

Participation is free. You have to take care of just about food, drink and accommodation if necessary.

Who wants to come should register in the wiki .

The workshop takes place in a relaxed atmosphere and we have no fixed timetable for talks . Quite spontaneous speeches and discussions are not uncommon.

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Period Came Late But It Is Stringy

Addendum FrOSCamp 2010

I'm kinda used to that recorded lectures until months after the event or even did not show up in the net. Therefore, I totally missed it, that the Records of FrOSCamp were lectures a few days after the event online. Also present are

my three lectures and RDF lecture by Thomas Kappler.

Here is the URL to all lectures:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Much Does Toe Shortening Cost

Two strawberries please ...

I write occasional articles for the magazine Perl, in which it comes to programs for Windows . Most items come out of my everyday programming. This also ensures that the code examples work, download the reader can.

When researching for my article that in the next issue (No. 18 - Spring 2011) will be released, I came across a notice that one of the module used in newer Perls does not work. On Windows I use has a StrawberryPerl 5.8.9, which accompanied me faithfully for a long time and I never let down ;-)

New versions of Perl, I've run under Ubuntu , so that my programs may arise professionally test, both under Windows and Ubuntu and also with different versions of Perl. The article is about is a module specifically for Windows. Then I get the newer versions of Perl under Ubuntu is not really what.

So a new version of Perl on Windows forth. Fortunately, there are also StrawberryPerl in versions 5.10.1 and 5.12.1. The 5.10er version differs from the principle, because then either the path to C: \\ or the path in D: \\ hard-coded it says.

with Perl 5.12.1 but it is finally possible to StrawberryPerl to install to any location.

So the Perl installed. Well, installation is said too much. The. Zip file is downloaded, unpacked and the batch file portableshell.bat started and already you can get started. I want the right to install Perl, since I still want to use my default StrawberryPerl old.

If the batch file is run, you can do everything: run Perl programs, install modules, ...

What happens next with the above-mentioned module, I will be late filing ...

thanks Curtis Jewell , who always takes care of the StrawberryPerl releases.