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Anniversary Death What To Write

French-German journalist and media-ups with regards to the hard

French-German journalist and founder of media with regards to the hard

London / Berlin. 24. December 2009. The French-German journalist, radio journalist, author and founder of media, several international and alternative media, Andreas Klamm - Sabaot (41) has written to the readers, listeners and readers and viewers and listeners and viewers a greeting message to the Christmas party and published.

wishes In his greeting message to the media-founder, editorial director and conductor transmission, in countries like France, Britain and Germany, working as a journalist, radio journalist and author and also published nine books, all people , a happy and blessed holiday, from Christmas a happy hard-wishes, a good start to the year 2010 and that 2010 may be a better year for many people, especially for September 2009 in a sailing cruise to Nassau in the Bahamas, through no fault in need, Natalie with her baby n October 2009 in Berlin, was born and for the three year old daughter Jennifer Jaqueline.

husband is missing from the troubled two-time Muter previously unaccounted for. Most recently, the man should have stayed in the Caribbean.

Andreas Klamm - Sabaot, son of a former fire-Obermann at the municipal fire department in Ludwigshafen am Rhein and former postal official, Manfred Klamm (who died in 2000 after a car accident) and grand-son of the since 1945, missing, franäzösischen officer and a French citizen, Haedi Sabaot has been operating since 1984 as a journalist, radio journalist, writer and author and also founder of several alternative media, international and non-commercial media, which serve since 1986, international understanding, among other things, IFN International Family Network D734 (1984), IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Radio IBS Liberty, IBS TV Liberty, also known as Radio IBS Leeds, IBS TV Liberty (1986, Leeds, England and Speyer on the Rhine), British Newsflash Magazine (Leeds, England and Speyer on the Rhine), the news agency , (1984),, regional media and auxiliary projects (2006, Ludwigshafen and Landau), Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Report (2006, London, England, Berlin and Nuremberg, Germany), international tino Nales Media Project for Human Rights and co-founder of the international news and Missionary Magazine, MJB Mission News, which is registered worldwide with the ISSN 1999-8414 and jointly founded with the evangelists Yawovi Nyonato by the international Jewish-Christian John Baptitst Mission of Togo and has been published since 2008, some 190 national and international editions.

A commercial news agency, founded by the French-German journalist Andreas Klamm-Sabaot in 1996, the HRM News Horse-Rider Media Data in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, had no luck and had to stop the services as a result of insolvency. The news agency specializing in news from the riding and horses of racing. In 1996, the journalist went to a riding accident with a horse-care in Mannheim, serious injuries and had to spend several weeks in the surgery of the University Clinic in Mannheim. Since 1998, the journalist, disabled officially recognized, treated and chronically ill since 2000 with severe disabilities. Overall, he was also homeless and had produced five times in the middle of the emergency and television shows on the road during a time of homelessness in Ludwigshafen and Mannheim, which were sent including the Open Channel Ludwigshafen am Rhein.

Andreas Klamm - Sabaot works and works well with some health problems, international in France, Britain and Germany and considered to be a cosmopolitan world of thought as European citizens and citizens who would like to also give a european passport in hand as he announced only recently. As a French-German journalist and citizen, he regards the world as his "home" but not a single country.

the letter with greetings to the festival in full:

December 24, 2009

festival greetings

Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear readers!
Dear viewers and spectators!

Due to several emergency investments and also due to the occurrence of health problems (related to chronic hepatitis C, effects of three accidents, disability, chronic illness), I was unfortunately not possible to send greeting letter in time for the holidays.

Therefore I ask for your understanding and may you forgive me. Moreover

high work loads exist in my day job as a journalist, radio journalist and author. As some of you know, I have been working since 2006 in Britain, France and partly in Germany.

place in the world instead of at the time of movement and compared to my experience as a journalist in the 80s, there were still breaks for the holidays, I have to say today, that holidays are no longer a reason for pause.

However, I want you, you now have perhaps made bridge days to find some rest, vacation and relaxation that everyone needs in working life,

a happy, blessed holiday,
Merry Christmas,

and good holidays do.

I also wish you all a good start to the year 2010
and a good 2010.

For you, for me and for many other people, especially for the young mother Natalie, her baby, born in October, ihe 3-year old daughter, I very much hope that the year 2010 will be a good and better year.

to by the international Jewish-Christian John Baptist Mission of Togo (John the Baptist Mission) and I started auxiliary group's 1984 Natalie and the children "here is a first interim report.

The first calls were on 2 December 2009 published that we want a young mother, Natalie, her baby (born in October 2009 in Berlin) and help her 3 year old daughter, are after this no fault in a sailing cruise to Nassau in the Bahamas in trouble and gone, the husband is.

Interim Report:

So far there is not a helper or assistant, who were ready to send baby romper, baby clothes or baby clothes or toys and at least small gifts to a young mother with children in need who are in a parent-child facility located in Berlin.

packet of stamps and some help can be sent to:

John Baptist Mission of Togo
agency for Germany
Postfach 11 13

D 67 137 Neuhofen

Proof of the routing of aid packages are available on the Internet or alternatively send by email to the donors and donors. So please, if possible, the email-address . Indicate

latest information we publish, among other things at the Help Group's 1984 Natalie and the children "

greetings to the festival and some information about the situation of Natalie, Baby TJ and the 3 year old daughter Jennifer Jaqueline are also available in a television review of IBS Liberty TV at:

have book readings

As some of you already read, I plan in the spring of 2010, several book readings in Berlin and not just in Britain and France.

In the book I will present readings by three of my nine books written and published.

of recent events, I am special reference to the complex issues "opinion press and information freedom" in Berlin and take hope get some well-known political representatives on planned public discussions.

Unfortunately, the commitments are not yet available. As soon as possible, I will tell further details.

Expemplare meeting can be obtained from evidence of the work for media as a PDF file for FREE. Since I mostly write my books in part only in the English language, with some shares in German and French eat it important to have multilingual skills.

The book readings including in Berlin, I sincerely invite ready today.

Some information about my books can be found at:

second (There are several dates in December failed due to illness!)

Thanks for special assistance for the young mother with baby Natalie and child to my mother, Hedwig gorge from Neuhofen, a poor Wite, since 2000, and to the editor Author, Hans-Jürgen , Count of Nuremberg and "our" music producers
ROGER LENG from Dortmund, the hesitation of Radio IBS Liberty, and for a song for the

solidarity for refugees and people in need without

, immediately donated a number of music titles and special thanks to the family GOLDBERG from Jersualem in Israel.

Tip: Listen to the music of Wolfgang Leng, which is really good.


Andreas Klamm - Sabaot, French-German journalist, radio journalist,
transmission line, editorial management and founder of IBS

TV Liberty Radio IBS Liberty

IBS Independent Broadcasting Liberty Service (since 1986)

British Newsflash Magazine (since 1986) - News Agency

IFN International Family Network D734 (1984), media and aid projects, since 2006

Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters
international media project since 2006 for human rights

missionary news correspondent and mission management

agency for Germany since 2008
dealer for the UK since 2008
international Jewish-Christian
founded in 2004 by evangelist
Yawovi Nyonato, Lome, Togo

Cruising Gays Bangor Maine

Merry Christmas

I wish you all a merry Christmas.

for my new apartment, I then get the times Küchengrundaustattung:

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French-German journalist: "My grandfather was the French officer Haedi Sabaot

French-German journalist: "My grandfather was the French officer Haedi Sabaot "

Despite criminal charges remains Andreas Klamm - Sabaot in public statements:" My grandfather Hadi Sabaot was a French officer and a French national "

surprises after press conference and public press statement - Journalist remains in his statements made public and statutory declaration - But apparently bi-national and Franco-German journalist and citizens - "BKA officers are well trained - billion-donation fraud should have been noted" allegations are proven false

London / Berlin / Karlsruhe. (Red / aph). Although "witnesses" say publicly from Neuhofen in the Palatinate and Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Andreas Klamm - Sabaot do not have a French grandfather who is a journalist, radio journalist and author, Andreas Klamm - Sabaot in his published for several years, information that grandfather of the missing since 1945 French officer of the 5th Cuirassiers, to be formerly stationed in Kaiserslautern in the Palatinate and French citizen, Sabaot Hadi, who was born in Tunis in the capital of the North African country Tunisia. In the logical consequence of this he was at least bi-national citizens, the journalist in a public press statement.

After criminal charges were filed in the General Federal Prosecutor in Karlsruhe and at the Federal Criminal Police Office for complete information for all "False accusations", as Andreas Klamm - Sabaot while telling a press statement, there has been no public statement about the events of the authorities in Germany.

to the the accusations of a group of Ludwigshafen and Speyer on the Rhine, is said to have committed what the French-German journalist, a donation fraud, estimated at 900-1600 billion euros, said the French-German journalist, radio journalist and Author, Andreas Klamm - Sabaot: "How likely do you consider it in the era of total surveillance and anti-terror laws that the well-trained officials and civil servants of the Federal Criminal Police in Wiesbaden financial transactions amounting to 900-1600 billion euros will not notice? It is not fair when the well-trained officials and officials of the Federal now general inability assumed - do not you think? The allegations are just too ridiculous and you have to be far away from reality, to give such a serious and false accusations in the slightest faith. Please think logically and act rationally. Not only do I as a French-German journalist, radio journalist and author, the obligation of the truth that applies to all journalists, but also journalists, who are German citizens. There is not a global world economic crisis just write off with the spring. Who among us would not like to do that? ".

As part of this release, the journalist confirmed that the Information agree that he already in 2007 the U.S. President and the U.S. Department for Justice in Washington, DC (U.S. Department of Justice) in the United States of America presented a request for the change of citizenship and its application on the basis of Article 15, the common paradigm Declaration of Human Rights (, was renewed in November 2009 for U.S. President Barack Obama.

"Already in 1986 I have publicly declared before an estimated 200,000 television viewers that I work with friends from the United States of America, Great Britain and France. to the information given by me and believe you now or not. But to avoid any misunderstanding, it is true that I work with friends from the United States of America, Great Britain, France and other countries and we should not blame me please I had kept it. I hereby agree once more with public. "Added Andreas Klamm - Sabaot.

Andreas Klamm - Sabaot confirm the information that he is a member of the international group Human Rights Leader For Obama "and therefore support, of course, at times, directly and indirectly, the U.S. president Barack Obama.

the "false accusations" against Manfred Klamm, the father of the journalist, according to which these have committed in 2007, seven years after his death to serious fraud, the journalist feels so literally "as distasteful and contemptuous of human persons, to the widow of the 30th after the accident January 2009 deceased former fire-top man of the professional firefighters of the city of Ludwigshafen on the Rhine and a former postman, "who was never a peasant or farmer, and certainly not the" richest peasant or farmer of Neuhofen. "The body of Manfred Klamm , after his death on the intensive care unit for seriously injured people, fire the BG Trauma Clinic in Ludwigshafen am Rhein on the prosecution Frankenthal confiscated. For more information, could certainly also notify the senior public prosecutor Lothar Liebig. The terrible accident death of Manfred Klamm was no secret. About the death of Manfred Klamm in 2000, several newspapers had reported in the region.

Andreas Klamm - Sabaot: "Furthermore, I have to once again point out that my first choice-home of New York City in the United States and is since 2006, my food spot in London, Great Britain is. There are contacts with the mother, who lives in Neuhof in the Palatinate. But there are significant further contacts in this area since, especially after I open for my commitment in the election in 2005 for Federal Gerhard Schröder, SPD, was attacked on the most violent. For the policies of Gerhard Schröder, I am not responsible and its politics have disappointed me, especially when working with people in very severe distress. It is true that Neuhofen is only a second residence. I also know American journalist colleagues, who have three or four residences in many parts of the world. This is not unusual for international working journalists.

That there is a certain proximity to demokratichen social policy should be somewhat surprising, considering that I am over 20 years involved in social issues and in secondary vocational secondary certified Nurses am with state exam from the year 1993. Also, I was a student at the Evangelical School of Social and Health Services in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, specializing in care management in the years 2003 and 2004. If we here also have to talk about the SPD. It is true that I also so see how many other people. The SPD has only one chance, if the party is working for the interests of the totality of all people in Germany, acts, is involved and a good life for all people in Germany can make, or has considered, in my opinion, the SPD in the long term no chance in Germany. But to make these decisions are not my responsibility. Ask Please refer to the charge in the SPD Party committees. "

The French-German journalist, also confirmed that he was" in fact and truth as a news correspondent, "missionary and mission management for the agencies for the UK and representation for Germany the international Jewish-Christian John Baptist Mission of Togo is working, which is explicitly not compete with the Catholic or Protestant Church in Germany. The work for the Jewish-Christian mission in Togo he bar in voluntary work since the mission had no funding and was very poor.

The records of the press, are heard in these extracts, partially at Radio IBS Liberty, and other free and international radio projects at:

1.Press Statement on false allegations of fraud in 2007, Manfred Klamm,
2.Presse Statement to the false allegations, "medical and disability fraud,"
3.Press Declaration to the French officer and a French citizen Hadi Sabaot, Great-father of Andreas Klamm - Sabaot,

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Where Can I Use My Biolife Debit Card

Climate Countdown: Confirm and Amy Goodman Democracy NOW daily broadcast from the UN Climate Summit

Climate Countdown: Amy Goodman and Democracy NOW daily broadcast from the UN Climate Summit

More than 11 million people will not give up hope to save the world´s climate – Millions of people try to reach world leaders with public petition – More than 11 million people have signed a petition for climate change

By Andreas Klamm – Sabaot

Copenhagen / Denmark. December 16/17, 2009. The daily news hour Democracy NOW and one of the best journalists in the world, the well known American-Jewish journalist, broadcast journalist and author of many books, Amy Goodman (New York City), do broadcast daily since its beginning from the U.N. Climate Conference live from the Bella Center in Copenhagen in Denmark.

Amy Goodman has received in 2008 the Alternative Nobel Prize in Stockholm in Sweden. Photos: Democracy NOW and Andreas Klamm - Sabaot.
Democracy NOW is the only one daily news hour providing it service to many people around the world. Amy Goodman has received more than 50 awards. In December 2008 she has received as the first journalist the Alternative Nobel Prize as know as Right Livelihood Award in Stockholm in Sweden, founded and donated by Jakob von Uxekuell and issued by the Right Livelihood Foundation each year.

Amy Goodman and the Democracy NOW ! Team are collecting the pictures from both small and great people and organizations around the world which do have all one thing in common. The serious concerns about the rising climate change.

Some examples and voices of people which appeared on Democracy NOW ! sharing their thoughts and concerns about climate change in the Bella Center of Copenhagen where more than 110 world leaders do gather to discuss the issue about climate change and what may could be done to prevent horrible disasters such as the complete disappearence of people and parts of countries, which some concerned people do call already „genozide“.

"Shameful" for West to Spend Trillions on War and Only $10 Billion for Climate Change

Bolivian President Evo Morales recently arrived in Copenhagen for the UN climate summit. In a press conference Wednesday, Morales said, “The budget of the United States is $687 billion for defense. And for climate change, to save life, to save humanity, they only put up $10 billion. This is shameful.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu on President Obama: “He Is Now a Nobel Laureate—Become What You Are”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa also traveled to Copenhagen this weekend to urge world leaders to tackle the climate crisis. The longtime anti-apartheid campaigner and Nobel Peace Prize laureate spoke on Saturday at a candlelight vigil just outside the UN climate summit.

Indian Environmentalist Vandana Shiva: “It Is Time for the US to Stop Seeing Itself as a Donor and Recognizing Itself as a Polluter, a Polluter who Must Pay”

The world-renowned Indian environmental leader and thinker Vandana Shiva spoke before thousands at Saturday’s protest in Copenhagen. On Sunday, I spoke with her at Klimaforum, the People’s Climate Summit, and asked for her assessment of President Obama and what he represents in the climate change talks.

The Climate Divide: Dispute Between Rich and Poor Nations Widens at UN Copenhagen Summit

Negotiations are back on track at the UN climate summit after a walkout yesterday by developing countries highlighted the growing divide between rich and poor nations. African delegates led the walkout, accusing the UN chair of the conference of trying to “kill” the Kyoto Protocol. Meanwhile, outside the Bella Center, Danish police are intensifying their crackdown on climate justice activists. We speak with Bill McKibben, founder of, and Wahu Kaara, a longtime social justice and democracy activist in Kenya.

Three-fifty is the most important number in the world - CO2

BILL McKIBBEN: Three-fifty is the most important number in the world, though we didn’tD know it two years ago. It’s what scientists tell us is the most carbon we can have in the atmosphere, if we want a world that works. We’re already at 390 parts per million CO2. That’s why the Arctic is melting. It’s why Africa is drying up. And it’s why we need this conference to be treating this not as another problem to be dealt with in some incremental, easy fashion, but as the emergency that it is.

Police Pepper Spray, Arrest Protesters Marching on UN Climate Summit as Hundreds Inside Stage Walkout

In Copenhagen, thousands of protesters marched toward the UN climate summit on Wednesday with the stated goal of transforming the talks into a People’s Assembly and to call for climate justice. Police made over 200 arrests. Meanwhile, inside the Bella Center, hundreds of people staged a walkout to try and meet the marchers outside but were met with a heavy police response.

NYT Reporter Andrew Revkin on the Climate Talks: There's an Epic Fight Over Words

World leaders are arriving in Copenhagen as the climate summit formally enters high-level talks. On Tuesday, US climate negotiator Todd Stern said he foresees no change in President Obama’s offer to cut emissions by 17 percent of 2005 levels. We speak to Andrew Revkin, environmental reporter at the New York Times.

Andrew Revkin: Well, there’s an epic fight over words and what they mean. China, the United States, Europe, poor developing countries are in a tug-of-war over the meaning of global warming. Each of these blocs, essentially, defines this problem differently, and that’s why you have these huge gulfs to bridge before two more days are up. You know, having covered these cycles since before there was the first treaty in 1992, it seems very late in the game to have such significant differences over the language in this agreement.

"If Bush Was in Kindergarten, Obama Is in First Grade" - Indian Environmentalist Sunita Narain on US Climate Policy

As heads of state begin to arrive to the COP15 summit here in Copenhagen, the rift between rich and poor countries continues to widen. With less than three days to go, there is no final agreement or breakthrough on the future of the Kyoto Protocol, which industrialized nations, led by the United States, are seeking to dismantle. We speak with leading environmentalist and political activist from India, Sunita Narain.

Sunita Narain: Well, I think there’s both overt pressure and there is pressure from—you know, which is hidden pressure. When you look at—firstly, we need to understand what’s the deal that the rich nations want. The rich nations want a deal in which, without Kyoto, they have an agreement, which is based on pledge and review, a system in which every country, including the United States, puts up a number and says this is what they will do domestically. So there is no multilateral framework which will make every country agree to a certain target for reduction. And we know that the US has put on the table a very small number, three percent below 1990 levels, when it needs to cut 40 percent. That’s the deal they want.

To get that deal, there is enormous pressure. There is pressure on our governments to be able to agree, to sign on it. There is pressure on poorer nations with the offer of money to break them from the G-77. There is all kind of pressure. And my fear in this, as an environmentalist, is that what we are doing is really not good for climate change, because we are not working towards an effective agreement. We’re undermining a good agreement.

These are only examples collected by Amy Goodman and Democracy NOW during the Climate Countdown Coverage from the Bella Center in Copenhagen during the UN Climate Summit.

There are a lot of more voices on the issue on the climate change which want a REAL DEAL NOW – SAVE COPENHAGEN, as tells people in all the world in its worldwide campaign for a a REAL CLIMATE DEAL NOW. made the statement: With only 3 days left, the crucial Copenhagen climate summit is failing.

Tomorrow (Friday) world leaders will arrive for an unprecedented 60 hours of direct negotiations. Each one will have to decide whether to step forward as heroes, or fail us all. But they will only act if we do.

Around the world a global movement has been building towards this moment. Now it's time for one last, massive push -- with a global public outcry for a real deal that will stop catastrophic climate change. In the next 72 hours we can build the largest petition in history. Sign below, tell friends, and Avaaz will help deliver the petition directly to leaders inside the Copenhagen summit:

The massive petition will be delivered to world leaders and to the publc. With young people and the youth from all over the world staging a sit-in in the conference centre.

The names of those around the world who are demanding a fair, ambitious and binding global climate treaty will be read aloud in the conference centre.

More information about the sit-in are available on: "

Special coverages and daily live broadcast with the only one daily news hour Democracy NOW with Amy Goodman from the Bella Center in Copenhagen in Denmark and full transcripts are available on

Additional information by Andrew P. Harrod, Journalist and author:

Andreas Klamm – Sabaot is a French-German journalist, broadcast journalist, TV producer, radio producer and film producer and author of nine books since 1984. He is working in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, and Germany and also as managing editor and a news correspondent of MJB Mission News, ISSN 1999-8414 and he is the founder of the international media project for human rights, Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters.

His grandfather the French Lieutenant and French citizen, HAEDI SABAOT, was deployed in 1945 to the city of Kaiserslautern in Germany and is missing since 1945.

Andreas Klamm – Sabaot is the author of 9 books and has dedicated 2 books on his colleague the American-Jewish journalist, broadcast journalist and author AMY GOODMANN which have been published in France and in Germany.


Liberty, Peace and Media: Amy Goodman And The Freedom Of The Press - Excellent Journalists In Extraordinary Times, Books on Demand Gmbh, Paris, France, (February 2009), 276 pages, Author: Andreas Klamm, Journalist. Language: English / German, ISBN-10: 2-8106-0269-7 , ISBN-13: 978-2-8106-0269-8.


Liberty, Peace and Media: Amy Goodman - Excellent Journalists In Extraordinary Times, Books on Demand GmbH, Norderstedt, Germany, (February 2009), 264 pages. Author: Andreas Klamm, journalist. Language: English / German, ISBN-10: 3-8370-7473-0, ISBN-13: 978-383707473.

He is engaged since more than 20 years in the peace and democracy movement and in groups for international understanding.

More information available on , , and . com

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harms the copyright to the artists

If artists can not even show more on their official home pages their video clips, because this was a violation of copyright law, so things go wrong.

Seen today on the official website of Nightwish :

help us therefore pirates here to make urgent improvements.

I also believe that the big media companies should not serve their profit, but the musicians.

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Planned fee increase GEZ

Martin Stadelmaier, the coordinator of the media policies of the countries has big plans for the GEZ.

From 2013 to owners of Internet devices not the reduced price of 5.76 € but pay the full price of almost 18 €.

opposite Carta Stadelmaier said:
In the modified device for a reduced fee, there are mandatory fees for PCs and smartphones no technical justification more.
This reasoning is not in itself understandable, since one argument by claiming there is no counter-arguments would indeed wipe out not do that. court e have already questioned the fee, so it must be very good arguments against a mandatory fee.

It is not clear, the fees for the website of the to increase ER if the same quality and quantity of supply is reduced considerably .

If anything, the deals would have to massively expand the ER to justify the fee increase. I imagine it like this, that all ever charged on ER stations broadcast content be made available to the Internet and on-demand. This mainly includes news reports and documentaries, but of course, feature films and series. Who wants money, it also must bring power.

Even if this might be accomplished is a financial obligation in a free democracy won hardly justifiable.

Furthermore, it is argued that one can access with Internet-enabled devices on the programs of public broadcasters.

This statement may be true, but it is an important difference between a television and a computer:

If I buy a TV, so I have the intention to use these to watch TV. If I buy a radio, so I have the intention of listening to the radio to use.

Here is the argument that programs of public broadcasting could be used but questionable, but at least understandable.

However, if I buy a computer so I do not attend intend to use this as a computer. This can be both work and play.

If I buy a smart phone, so I do not attend the intention to use this as a phone and organizer.

Internet use is on two kinds of devices no reason to buy, or if then only a marginal reason to buy.

I am of the opinion that in the future with the GEZ, the idea of will "use intention` of equipment. Only when it appears in devices is that they serve as the main purpose of receiving something in which you can also receive public broadcaster, then GEZ paid.

I will thank the party for Pirates That use that we will fight for this goal.

Moreover, I am of the opinion that the GEZ must be abolished, and a different kind of collection that is not reminiscent of criminal methods that should be replaced.

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Ibs Causes Prostatitits

Witnesses Plight: Pregnant mother with child in need is at home in Germany

witnesses confirm plight:

pregnant mother with a child in need is at home in Germany

donors made travel Nassau in Bahamas to Berlin for pregnant mother and child can

doubt after RTL TV report and to a witness - Three witnesses confirm plight of the mother - possibly more than 100 other witnesses in Nassau, the plight of young women confirm

By Andreas Klamm-Sabaot

Nassau (Bahamas) / Trier / Berlin. 27. October 2009. Desperately trying the pregnant mother Natalie F. (24) in the 35th Pregnancy Week found in numerous charities in Germany help. After her husband since 6 July will be missed, 2009, was the pregnant mother, Natalie F. (24) with daughter Jennifer (3) in need. Helpful Donors in Germany made the return trip to Germany possible, because the mother had their claims to any money for the return trip to Berlin, was ill and homeless in the sunny island paradise in Nassau in Bahamas become.

for the mother and heaven was obviously not a paradise, especially in the last four weeks of their stay. Four weeks they have in the streets of Nassau in the Bahamas to ask for herself and her daughter for food and money will need to survive. By early September, the rent was paid, but then she had become homeless. It also allowed the woman to find their descriptions According among poor fishermen in Nassau and in places where middle-class people expected in Germany certainly would not help. Poor people, who themselves have very little, had helped her to appreciate the young mother describes her experiences. At the Embassy in Nassau was the pregnant woman and her sick 3 year old daughter did not find any help, although their help there under Article 6 of the Basic Law (GG), is entitled under the Social Security Code (12 and 2) and the consular assistance law.

On 13 October 2009 was the barely imaginable. The exhausted mother was with her daughter with British Airways to London to fly and fly from London to Berlin-Tegel (TXL). On 14 October 2009 Natalie F. landed with their 3 year old daughter airport in Berlin.

"Exhausted and tired, "had the mother and daughter. But both are happy to be back in Germany. At the airport waiting for some journalists at a major daily newspaper (Berliner Kurier), two TV stations (RTL television, and IBS Television Liberty) and a staff member and a member of the Youth Office in Berlin.

On 29 September 2009 met the emergency of the mother at the international Jewish-Christian John Baptist Mission of Togo, representative for Germany and the representative for the UK. examined after the Foreign Office, was whether the information is correct, there was a number of occasions in writing of the plight, turned the international mission service more than two dozen relief and rescue organizations in Germany, Bahamas, Jamaica and the United States of America. The alarm message. "Pregnant mother with a child in need, 3 year old daughter and mother ill,"

Since the mother reported her husband missing to the German Embassy, reported on 30 September 2009, the international mission, a missing indicator in the missing persons site of the Office of Criminal Investigation (LKA) in Berlin, police in Berlin and on 3 October, a further missing display at the Royal Bahamas Police (Royal Police) in Nassau Bahamas.

The husband of the woman is now looking good. Natalie F. feared bad: "Maybe I saw Man no other way. He was desperate, maybe he's on the bottom of the sea, it might have eaten by sharks. I do not know. "

After 14 October 2009, at least mother and child in a mother and child home safety, and the two state care can find the community seems a minor miracle for mother and child to have become true.

weekend, Friday 16th October 2009, an alleged witness came forward David W., in Nassau Bahamas in working in an industry that is disputed and said: "Natalie and husband Hans lived in a beautiful residential community. No distress and throws Natalie, the agency for Germany, representation for Great Britain and the mission leadership of both countries in the Jewish-Christian John Baptist Mission of fraud and a fictitious story before. $ 1,000 would owe the couple to the alleged owner. ". Hans had allegedly still detained on the island, while his wife gets in trouble, mother and daughter are sick.

When RTL television magazine "Explosive" is suspected and a "hoax". It is unclear whether and how the pregnant mother might be involved. The husband, according to prosecutor Johannes Mocken by the prosecutor in Dusseldorf the German authorities knew. He will in two main court process to which these non- appeared to be searched.

On 19 October 2009 report, the witnesses Peter Lange, a poor fisherman and his friend Chris O `Brein Maccoke and William Waite, and declared in a written statement:" God is my witness, the pregnant mother, Natalie was homeless and had to go to the streets of Bahamas begging for food and money. "From time to time he had with her daughter Natalie on his fishing boat" can sleep Sham Tame. " The International Education Media Network MJB over explain the witness: ". You may not publish our names worldwide in all media and announce in public"

Peter Long said: "We know that Hans in Canada (* = location was changed for security reasons by the editor in a different place. The real name of the place is the editorial offices and the police in Berlin known) is located.

on the statements of witness David W. from Nassau in the Bahamas any doubts. He repeatedly stated in writing: "Natalie and her daughter on 8 October we adopted and are then flown to Miami in the U.S. to probably a day later to fly to Germany. "

But even on the weekend on Friday and Saturday turned a specially from New York City is flown by RTL TELEVISION New York TV recordings in Nassau in the Bahamas and tried everything on the history of the mother in Not with her 3 year old daughter to do research on site.

against the witness David W., the John Baptist Mission of Togo, representative for Germany and the UK agency for a criminal complaint on suspicion of "intentionally false allegation of fraud" report.

A witness from Nassau, David W., which provides the detail of the pregnant mother and her 3 year old daughter Natalie F. in question this is sufficient to impute to a pregnant mother with her 3 year old daughter in need a "hoax" and the attempt to tread the helpers criminalize?

This compares to three witnesses who confirmed the details of the mother in need and a number of written confirmations of the Foreign Ministry and the German Embassy. In the written witness statement confirmed the witness Peter Lange: "There is more than another 100 people are in the docks (the poor districts of Nassau), who have seen the mother and daughter were in need."

Shortly before the flight is no longer sure whether the heavily pregnant with her daughter Natalie can still fly on a normal scheduled flight. The RTL-TV team paid on the spot in Nassau Bahamas in the doctor's statement for the mother because the mother had no money. Result of the investigation by ultrasound: The baby is a girl. Mother and baby are healthy and were in the 35th Pregnancy week ending date the investigation.

When John Baptist Mission of Togo assured the witness Peter Lange: "We are poor fishermen, but no liar. Natalie and her 3 year old daughter were in need "

The exact reasons that led to the serious plight of a pregnant mother with her 3 year old daughter are certainly not easy to find out. The mother and witnesses made a lot of details, so that there are in the editorial offices of the International Education Network MJB no major doubts about the particulars of the mother.

In early October, the international John Baptist Mission of Togo, a criminal complaint against the German Embassy, the Foreign Office and the Federal Foreign Office because of "suspicion of failure to render assistance" refunded. was

few days ago, also in New York City for the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon a complaint filed by the John Baptist Mission of Togo and made an application for an international investigation of events in Nassau Bahamas.

basic journalistic principles - Press Code of Ethics:

"Respect for the truth, respect for human dignity and accurate informing the public are paramount to the press. Every person working in the press on this basis preserves the authority and credibility of the media. "

press and media inquiries:

John Baptist Mission of Togo

agency for Germany

dealer for the UK

International Social And Medical Outreach Team (ISMOT)

Liberty and Peace Now! Human Rights Reporters

international media project for Human Rights

international media project for the human rights

MJB Mission News, ISSN 1999-8414,

international news magazine and Mission

Tel 0 62 36 416 802

FAX 001 503 212 6883


email: excerpts from the laws:

§ 323c, Criminal Law Book

Failure assistance

Who in accidents or common danger or distress does not help provide, when required, and him the circumstances reasonably be expected to, especially without significant own risk and without violating other important duties is possible to be punished with imprisonment up to one year, or punished with a fine.

extract from the Criminal Code Article 25

first Everyone has the right to a standard of living, ensuring his and his family health and well-being, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond.

second Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How Long Is A Cervix Open Before A Period Begins

Strange server failure at Radio IBS Liberty, IBS Television Liberty

Strange server failure at Radio IBS Liberty, IBS Television Liberty

offers from the international media project are not known reasons, not available

Berlin. (Red). 21. October 2009. To a strange server failure is not yet known reasons, there has been at Radio IBS Liberty, IBS Television Liberty at and British Newsflash Magazine ( Radio IBS Liberty

, IBS Television Liberty, IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, and Liberty since 1986 to serve the international understanding. There are reports, news and radio programs in German and English sound. was founded

the international radio and television media project is by the German-French journalist, radio journalist and author of seven books, Andreas Klamm-Sabaot, whose grandfather, a French citizen.

The journalist founded the international media project in 1986 in Speyer on the Rhine and in the English city of Leeds. It is reported to issues of human rights, politics, social affairs, international understanding, faith and cultures

British Newsflash Magazine is an international travel and news magazine that was first available in 1986 in STEM Publishing Directory at Essen. Publisher, founder and editor since 1986, the Franco-German journalist, radio journalist and author Andreas Klamm - Sabaot.

keep it up there soon, we report more detailed information on the strange server failures.

A spokesman for the media project, said: "We hope that is not our reports on torture should be the reasons for the surprising and strange failure of two servers, for otherwise there would be clear that Germany is obviously a very big problem in terms of may have human rights, since both servers are hired by a German company and paid for evanzo e-commerce in Germany. "Currently the company is trying evanzo e-commerce to achieve what apparently already prepared the first problems.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brookstone Helicopter Correct Spins

The "success" of the FDP

Shortly after the election I had started to filter some civil rights goals of the FDP from their election platform, and some of our expectations of a party that wants to be the civil rights party lists.

The FDP has certainly tried in tough coalition talks now about these issues. The mirror now subtitled "FDP stop Internet blocking" , which often have a closer look is interpretable otherwise.

My personal expectation list:
[] FDP gets
the Home Office is yet because nothing happened.

[ x] The access difficulty law is withdrawn
agreed at the Internet blocking in the negotiators that the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) is to first try to remove child pornography sites, rather than block. The Vice-Chairman FDP Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger said this was a "real breakthrough". After a year of success of this measure should be reviewed.
The alleged "real breakthrough" specifies that the Act by one year is - until then, the BKA is trying to delete. It is not unlikely that the BKA will report in a year that deletion is not successful, then we are back on the same spot.

This is a clear failure . should

[] Data retention is withdrawn
The retention of the use of the data are limited to serious danger, said Federal Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU).
The existing law on data retention, with this scheme scaled back, in fact, since it also
  1. to prosecute crimes,
  2. to Defense substantial threats for public safety
  3. to fulfill the legal duties of the constitutional protection authorities of the Federation and the countries of the BND and Military Counter to the relevant parties
  4. to provide information on the identity of telecommunications users to § 113 Act.
can be used ( Wikipedia ).

However, the Federal Constitutional Court has already found that only for serious crimes and dangerous situa tions, the data retention may be used.

A limitation on the highest level federal court set for sale as a success is ridiculous - this restriction is granted.

is every indication that this is a failure is.

From the manifesto the FDP:
[ x ] abolition of the retention (page 27)
[ x ] no secret online searches of private computer (page 27)
for secret online searches of suspect computers in the future is an arrangement of the Attorney General is necessary. Also, online searches not extend to other security agencies such as the protection of the Constitution.
The FDP has reached here only a restriction that is not. The federal prosecutor is accused by critics , in this respect a simple "We sign what we all on the table is" authority to be.

[ - ] protection of professional secrecy - no Spähangriffe (page 31)
The protection of professional secrecy is extended by defense lawyers at all. are for other professions such as journalists, according to the compromise a "testing order", said the FDP interior affairs expert Max Stadler. A small part of success
. However, it is assumed that the "inspection order" fails.

[ x ] protection of press freedom and journalistic research => no "aid" for release of secret documents (page 31)

There to Protect Journalists, only the above-mentioned "testing order" there is clear here from a failure to speak .

are no statements currently:
[] No collection of passenger data (page 28)
[] BKA no FBI (page 28)
[] no automatic License Plate Recognition (page 31)
[] A federal data protection law is passed (page 26)
[] right to privacy Self-determination in the constitution (page 27)
[] Introduction of a "foundation data" (page 27)
[] Federal Commissioner for Data Protection is (page 27) to a "top federal agency "
[] data security breaches must be punished (harder) ( page 27)
[] Improved employee data protection (page 27)
[] opt-in solution for sales data from local authorities (page 27)
[] prohibition of the transfer of data from local authorities to the GEZ (page 27)
[] Restore of banking secrecy (page 27)
[] abolition of the "Great eavesdropping" (page 31)

Overall, the results are rather disappointing. Not at all points is something said, and eventually we should wait for the Koaliationsvertrag probably best to give us the exact wording to be regarded.

Jan "DarkX2" Gretschuskin

In fact, I think that is unacceptable as Interior Minister Schäuble.

Do U Get Muscus Period

Project of the Week: Pirate Calendar

How announced I start now with the first edition of Pirates "Project of the Week".

This week I had an interview with the creators of Pirate Calendar-2010 project.

Imagine it once briefly. Who are you, where does her pirate or a sympathizer?
Most of the workers on the project are a member of the Stammtisch in Dortmund, where he worked on various projects and crews.
Why are you pirates? Since when?

Why can sing Tony Bennent? Why Terra is the third planet from Sol? We - at least most of us - are pirates, because this party just as it is and with the program that it has (or being developed) a political home is in a country where freedom and democracy are increasingly under the wheels . come

pirates we are three years or three months, that is not to unify.

How did you The first time one of the pirates?
This is very different for the various employees. Some know the party for some time, some are only in the context of the European elections or in connection with the discussion about civil rights and censorship of Internet sites on the pirates hear.
What is the meaning of pirate-calendar-2010? appealing

to the creativity of the people is pictures, statements and themes are collected, related to the content and objectives of the Pirate Party in connection. At the same time promoting competition in the fun and active participation in politics and democracy and show that democracy is always better The more you participate and get involved in it.

We hope to make known to the party with this project, as well as members and citizens generally enthusiastic about commitment and creativity.

The calendar is to be used also as a promotional tool for the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia

So how come you get the idea?
The idea came from an online meeting of some members of the Dortmund master table in a brainstorming session.
is how the whole thing implemented?
Similar to the competition for campaign spots Pirate Party to creative people have the opportunity to present their ideas for the calendar. Everyone can then leave feedback and comments for the submitted image contributions, so that we can choose a democratic basis as the 12 pages of the calendar for 2010.
How well is the project?
Since the project only since 11.10. running, you can probably only answer the question in a few days / weeks. The feedback so far are very positive.
What else you do for the party?
We work-because of different skills and areas of interest - even in different working groups and working groups with - eg in the development of a concept for education policy at the country level, the subject of Basic Income and in cooperation with various NGOs to our core themes of freedom, democracy, consumer protection and transparency . Final summary of your hand?
Final summary of your hand?

The "Pirate Calendar 2010 Competition" is a project that was created for an online meeting. The idea developed in brainstorming and since then has a positive momentum developed.

We appeal to the creativity of the people with us pictures, messages and themes to collect, related to the content and objectives of the Pirate Party in connection. At the same time promoting competition in the fun and active participation in politics and democracy and show that democracy is always better the more you participate and get involved in it.

democracy has always something to do with responsibility, with personal and shared responsibility, and usually a lot of work. Work that is worthwhile. If you know the problems, can you look at the solutions must be not only tedious begeben.Das or gray and dreary, but can - and should - be fun: Design for Active positive changes.

Promoting these things and bring into the consciousness of citizens, a sense of this project. We have chosen an agent to the equally fun and seriousness combined

The project will be implemented through Pirate calendaring and running since 11.10.2009.

We have become initiators at different times to the "Pirate Party" and a member of attention. Because we come from different areas, we engage in the most diverse projects and thematic groups within the main table and the party as the working group on education policy.

We hope that this Project the party to make known, as well as members and citizens generally enthusiastic about commitment and creativity.

I find that project sounds incredibly exciting. Check it out but just themselves, it sends a suggestion or let go of what you think. Your


In fact, I think that is unacceptable as Interior Minister Schäuble.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Morganite Ring California

-2010 Project of the Week

Currently I am working on a regular series, which I will call "Project of the Week".

In and around the Pirate Party, there are countless people who are committed to and have started small but larger projects. Hardly anyone but a real overview, about the large number of different things that take place there.

I figured it's time to change that - and will carry out are looking for a project on a regular basis, and an interview with the creators of the project in which they can introduce themselves and their project extensively.

Among the questions which I would like to ask are:

  • setting up yet again just before (Who are you, where are you, pirate or sympathizers)
  • Why are you a pirate? Since when?
  • How did you first hear from the pirates?
  • What is the purpose of the project?
  • How did you get that idea? How
  • the whole thing is implemented?
  • How well is the project? What do you plan
  • in the near future project change? What are you doing
  • else for the party?
  • Final words?
What do you think of the idea? Missing questions? Do you have ideas for projects that should I introduce here?

will be available soon, it will go well, the first interview I've already done. You may be looking forward to the first project of the week.


Jan "DarkX2" Gretschuskin

In fact, I think that is unacceptable as Interior Minister Schäuble.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Can A Comcast Remote Turn Off A Olevia Tv

reopening of a statute


I think about it currently to reanimate AG statutes.

is the Statute of the Pirate Party is currently broke, no one cares specifically about them, and if "worst comes to worst", needs to be together only to find people who care on short notice to the statutes.

a statute regulates the interaction of a party, and establishes some basic rules. These rules should not exist for its own, but must be constantly adapted to the conditions warrant the reality.

why I think it makes sense if we get the AG statutes back to life, which is regularly cares about the Statute.

far, the AG party program from time to time and care to the statute, but the latest of the planned restructuring of this workshop is a separate AG for the articles useful.

I've even thought about what tasks the working group could take on statutes, and would appreciate any feedback:

"mucking out" by statute amendments
The national conventions were in the past quite a number of statutes amendments, so that these applications had to be postponed even partially. However, there are a number of applications that run in the same direction, and do change at the same point in the statutes. This could set you in advance, and communicate with the different applicants or less just a request to have left the BPT then. Also we could examine these requests in advance for compliance with the Political Parties Act.

preparation and presentation of statute amendments:
goes on the Parteitägen solely by the performance of this statute amendments were quite lost much time. A stock company statutes may order the applications and install in a joint presentation, so that the applications will be presented quickly and clearly. This task has been of the so-called "Statute commission" met.

creation of a constitution review:
The Statute is something in which is not entirely clear what it should mean exactly. We could work out a comment to the understanding and interpretation of this help section. The Federal Arbitration Court is working well even in this thing - here you could certainly start together.

testing for compliance:
There are legal principles, particularly the law on political parties, to comply with our statutes. The AG statutes could possibly considered together with the group law, the Articles of Association.

drawing up their own Applications:
If we become aware of the comment or audit matters, so do not make sense, so we could hire their own requests.

advice on Statute questions:
It happens from time to time when pirates have questions on our constitution, or work for a breakdown of its own statutes. We could be helping the side.

These were now some initial ideas, why and for what a corporation statutes could again be useful.

I would appreciate feedback on this topic, both if you think it appropriate to base this new AG, as well as her share of the thematic areas hold.

your greetings Jan "DarkX2" Gretschuskin

In fact, I think that is unacceptable as Interior Minister Schäuble.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

High Soft Cervix When Hpt

AG speaks on a national board review tool

Shortly after I blogged about a Feedback Tool have is on the agenda of the today's board meeting the following points:

discussion on the introduction of an online voting tool for the collection of party-wide opinion makers.

  • pros and cons (eg anonymity)
  • extent compatible with the party law and Statutes?
  • authentic are voting?
  • is who can bring in referenda?
  • how many votes each month?
  • as long a period per vote?
  • at the federal level, at the country level, regional?
  • technical implementation
These points are important and need to be clarified. What is important however is that these ASAP to be put into a test mode - even if the key security issues and access issues still unresolved. Because if we wait

until a system is adapted to all these points, it may be that it is already past the next election are.

I think it makes sense to establish a commission to AG, touches the various existing tools and then vote into a test mode. Other working groups will bring to views expressed. Feedback is then collected in response to which is then selected the best system.

This system then we adjust to our needs.

So I would do it at least;)

Stand by to Change. Let's start with us!



In fact, I think that is unacceptable as Interior Minister Schäuble.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dell Optiplex Gx620 Windows 7 Audio Driver

Opinion making

I have already mentioned, I think it is urgent that we pirates created us a way in which as many people have a say about how we want to shape policy.

In a countless number of working groups under development results - the AG's work here but mostly in private to himself, and then present their findings may be somewhere at some point. The external communication is the problem. Not all joint stock companies shall open interim results for discussion - and indeed it may well be that the AG members have taken the pulse of the party, it can turn out well but at a party congress that here for the majority members of the party completely unthinkable comes out.

There is therefore a way was needed, at any rate in the pirate (or perhaps even non-pirates) to intermediate results and can discuss.

There are already some tools that are all more or less likely to believe such inventions are good support. None of these tools is perfect, but we should start to test some of these tools to figure out whether they are in principle for the question. If we have a useful tool, we can begin to adapt it for our specific needs.

like about me right here torrent idea. It enables its users, a Problem documented. On the problem of users also like a solution and this solution can also publish the same.

For example

problem: The wall is painted red, and looks ugly.
Solution 1: Paint the wall white.

Once this response is activated, users can look at this issue and evaluate the proposed solution - with negative, positive or neutral attitude. You can also bring alternative proposals, in our example that would be perhaps

Solution 2: Tear down the wall.


Solution 3: Let the wall as it is

Alternatively, you can also leave comments classic.

Such a system can be used for instance by the working groups or by the board to get opinions or pictures to look at whether to go to the findings of the AG in the right direction. Also bring the alternative means completely new impetus to the work of the AGs.

The system should obviously not be the last word, because of the fact that it is theoretically possible to manipulate the system, policy decisions must, of course, still be taken at party conferences. But such a system is the foundation vorzufühlen schonmal to how certain issues could be adopted.

So you read not only my beautiful words, you can watch the system at times Ubuntu see where this is already being used. Or play around in the demo .

I'm definitely sure that we take such a view tool to test mode. Your

Jan "DarkX2" Gretschuskin

In fact, I think that is unacceptable as Interior Minister Schäuble.

Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals Vilakroma

There is nothing new under the sun.

I have now started in Henning Bartels book about the Pirate Party read. The book is, as now, this blog post under the Creative Commons license Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Germany License .

It is to read one of the most important speeches of the pirate movement that I have not until now, knew many of the new Pirates probably still does not. Therefore I will not hide from you:

friends, citizens, Pirates:
There is nothing new under the sun.
My name is Rickard Falkvinge and I am the leader of the Pirate Party.

During the last week, we may experience some examples of legal mischief. We saw the police, how did they abused them to available resources. We have seen how high-ranking politicians have mobilized to the entertainment industry to protect them.

All this is scandalous beyond compare. That is why we are here today. The entertainment industry wants to convince us that it is only made to resolve payment issues is how a particular group is paid for by work. That it is about their shrinking sales figures to their dry statistics. This is a pretext. It is about something completely different. In order to understand

the current situation in the light of history we must go back 400 years back, when the Church had the monopoly of culture and knowledge. What did the church had to happen. Pyramid Communications. There was a person at the top, to a certain number of other speaking later in the pyramid added. Culture and knowledge was a source and that source was the church.

And God have mercy on those who dared to challenge the monopoly of culture and knowledge of the Church! They were exposed to the worst possible abuses of the time. The church allowed the citizens under any circumstances, to disseminate information, they dominated the entire legislation: prevention, prosecution and punishment.

There is nothing new under the sun.

Today we know that the release of knowledge is the only right thing for society. This Galileo Galilei was right. Even he has fought against the knowledge monopoly.

We're talking about a time when the church the widespread opinion that citizens do not have to learn to read and write because the priest would tell them anyway all they had to know.

The Church knew what it would have meant if they had lost their control.

Then came the printing press.

were suddenly not only a source of knowledge could listen to you, but several. Citizens - who started to learn to read - could benefit from unsanctioned knowledge. The church was furious. The royal family were furious. The British royal family even went so far that it adopted a law which said that only printers specifically designed by the royal family were authorized, books, print, could increase the knowledge and culture for the citizens.

This law was "Copyright" is named.

then passed a few hundred years and the freedom of the press was created. But everywhere there was still the same old model of communication: A person who speaks to the crowd. There were several people who could listen to it - yet everywhere: A person who speaks to the crowd. Which was used by the state to the system a "publisher" to introduce.

Citizens will benefit in the act of knowledge, but there will always be someone who can answer them if they - oh horrible thought - from the wrong Knowledge will benefit.

And that is what will reform the foundations of today. The Internet is no longer obeys this model. Today, we not load simply download culture and knowledge. We upload the same to others. We distribute files. have knowledge and culture, surprisingly, lost their central point of control.

This is the central point of my speech, so I'm going to go into detail:

download is the old model of the old mass media, where there is a central checkpoint, a checkpoint run by a responsible publisher, the risk of him the press subsidy is withdrawn and so on and so forth - where knowledge and culture of each download can, from this central control point that can accurately assign the rights that it considers appropriate.

culture and knowledge monopoly. Control.

Filesharing rise to the simultaneous upload and download from any connected person, without any central control, it's a situation where the entire culture and information flows between millions of different people - at the same time. That is something fundamentally different, something completely new in the history of human communication. There is no one who is held responsible if the wrong knowledge is disseminated.

why so much talk about the business of legal downloads. Legal. Downloads. Because they try to pick up their represent the central point under their control as the only legitimate model. , Do not download file-sharing.

And that is why we will change the law. During the last weeks we have seen how far a player is ready to go, not only to lose his control. We have seen how the Constitution was violated. We have seen how state power has been used illegally, and how the personal integrity has been restricted by the police - not in order to fight crime, but to those who are involved and all those who were somewhere close to trouble.

There is nothing new under the sun and the story repeats itself again and again. It's not about the compensation of a particular group of workers. It's about control of culture and knowledge, for those who master these things, controls the world.

The entertainment industry has tried to embarrass us by telling us that what we do is illegal, that we were pirates. They try to push us in any stone. Check out looking around today, as they have failed. Yes, we are pirates. But anyone who thinks being a pirate is a disgrace, has illegally. It is something we are proud.

Because we have already seen what it means to be without central control. We already have the freedom tasted, smelled and felt, without centralized monopoly of culture and knowledge to be. We have already learned to read and write.

And we will not forget how to read and how to write, only because in the eyes of the media is not yesterday's match.


I'm impressed by this speech, because it clearly makes beautiful, as this movement was born.


In fact, I think that is unacceptable as Interior Minister Schäuble.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Cheerios And Shreddies Party Mix

the bar for the FDP

As expected by many and feared, will soon launch a black-yellow government start in Germany four years.

The FDP is taken up with the statement that it intends to protect civil rights. Regardless of whether it is credible, you can just check by defining clearly what should be achieved so that we can say in four years whether the FDP has been seriously or whether it has fallen on civil rights.

Here's my checklist:

[] FDP picks up the Interior Ministry
[The access difficulty law] is withdrawn
[] Data retention is withdrawn

From the manifesto the FDP:
[] A federal data protection law is passed (Page 26)
[] right to informational self-determination in the constitution (page 27)
[] Introduction of a "foundation data" (page 27)
[] Federal Commissioner for Data Protection is (page 27) to a "top federal agency "
[] data security breaches must be punished (harder) (page 27)
[] Improved employee data protection (page 27)
[] opt-in in solution for sales data from local authorities (page 27)
[] prohibition of the transfer of data from local authorities The GEZ (page 27)
[] recovery of bank secrecy (page 27)
[] Abolition data retention (page 27)
[] no secret online searches of private computer (page 27)
[] No collection of passenger data (page 28)
[] BKA no FBI (page 28)
[] no automatic vehicle number plate recognition ( page 31)
[] the protection of professional secrecy - no Spähangriffe (page 31)
[] abolition of the "Great eavesdropping" (page 31)
[] protection of press freedom and journalistic research => no "aid" for publication of secret documents ( page 31)

That was it for now, this list is not finished yet. I ask for suggestions, what is missing, both from the choice program, as well as things that were not mentioned, but are pure.

at these things we will measure the FDP. If it is credible, then will join the majority of these things. If not, then it was every vote for the FDP for the sewer. Your

Jan "DarkX2" Gretschuskin

In fact, I think that is unacceptable as Interior Minister Schäuble.

Erection Male Brazilian

The Day After

845 904 people voted yesterday, the Pirate Party. That's more people than in Germany's fifth-largest city - live - Frankfurt am Main.

845 904 people are 2.0% of the people who elected yesterday. This means that 2 of 100 Germans hold at this difficult time, the civil rights more important than energy policy, economic policy, foreign policy or employment policy.

These numbers are not as high as hoped for by many of us. But these numbers are a damn good sign. In the European elections we had "only" 229 464 people voted. When considered by many to significantly more important choice perceived election to the 3.7 times more people have opted for the pirate party.

ie very clear that we are on the right track.

We are no longer members only Technically the seventh-largest party in Germany, even after votes counted, we have taken this position now.

We now have a clear task ahead of us - we must work to make us ready for the parliamentary elections 2013th Until then, it's a long way in which we have much to do:

  • We should develop a more extensive program that shows free of ideology with reason and logic, as the pirates want to shape the future
  • We should make clear to the general public that we are not criminals are
  • We need the files, "Bodo Thiesen" and "Jörg Tauss" satisfactory close
  • informal regional groups should occur in as many counties
  • We should try to adapt our infrastructure to the rapidly growing number of members, and establish regional organizations where this is useful
  • We should achieve at the next state election, 2010 in NRW an outcome close to 5%, and this coverage in NRW for us advertise
  • On the good NRW outputs based in the provincial elections in 2011 seriously in Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden Württemberg, Berlin, Bremen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Saxony-Anhalt Landtäge try to board - and also be successful.
  • We should compete in local and board next to Aachen and Munster other parliaments.
  • We inner-party democracy have on the functioning To bring this should be a "think system" to be created, can be carried out with the member surveys in order to perform things that need to be decided at short notice, with the support of the base.
  • We must ensure that we like the Greens as "natural party, the FDP will be perceived as" business party "as" the civil rights party "or" democratic party ".
  • We have to show presence in the coming years - not only on time creep on the elections - but throughout the population in a subject are
This should in my view to be the things we are working need to make us fit for 2013. This is not everything, but only a first, rough collection. But in this collection we will measure our work in the coming years. If we fail in many of these points, then we will disappear into insignificance. If we do here but engaging work, then we will be the 6th power in the country.

Stand by to Change. Let's start with us.

Jan "DarkX2" Gretschuskin

In fact, I think that is unacceptable as Interior Minister Schäuble.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eml E100 Light Instructions

refugees from Iran in Germany: With Music against the threat of deportation, and against the death penalty

refugees from Iran in Germany:

With Music against the threat of deportation, and against the death penalty

composers, singers, supporters, choirs, gospel choirs looking for - A song of Mannheim for solidarity to refugees, children and people in need

By Andreas Klamm-Sabaot

Tehran (Iran) - Nuremberg / Berlin / Mannheim. 23. September 2009. examined after several people including two Christians from Iran and help a musician in the international representation of the international Jewish-Christian John Baptist Mission of Togo, representative for Germany on 23 September 2009 Initiative "A song of Mannheim for the solidarity to refugees, children and people in need" arose.

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has recommended the rejection decision of those facing the death penalty people who have accepted the Christian faith, and recommended a musician, the internationally published songs against nuclear war and songs for peace, protection -seekers should "... ask for the government in Iran to Entschulidgung ..." for their commitment to peace and because of the adoption of the Christian faith (The documents of the Federal Office are now available to the editors of several human rights observers in Germany and in London.).

In a television interview with international media project "Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters and TV IBS Liberty confirmed the refugees from Iran that the "is apostasy in the Islamic Republic of Iran, life imprisonment or the death penalty. The names of the refugees for security reasons at the time not be named publicly.

One of the young men concerned confirmed in the recording of television interviews in Mannheim that he already converted to Christianity in Iran. The pastor of the church and a further member of the church were assassinated in Iran. The Church was monitored by the Iranian secret service. The name of the Church can not be known at this time, otherwise the church in Iran threatened the closure by the government in Iran.

The musician confirmed his wish that he would like to meet musicians and musician from the city of Mannheim, Germany. He plans to continue in the United States of America to study, the German authorities before deportation should have a "type of aid for the enforcement of the killing or murder, which means concretely the death penalty in Iran" to make the deportation.

The Christian community who have found the Christians in Mannheim describes the Christians in Iran as very helpful and friendly. It is a town in Mannheim at the Evangelical Church in Germany.

With this aid project "A song of Mannheim for solidarity with refugees, people and children in need", which will consist of Mannheim go around the whole world is non-bureaucratic, quick and easy refugees, men and children to help in emergency .

To investigate the international John Baptist Mission of Togo (John the Baptist Mission, founded by Reverend Yawovi Nyonato in Lome, Togo, West Africa), composer, writer of song texts in German, English, French and Persian.

When the music producer and Art painter Wolfgang Leng of aid project "A song of Mannheim for the solidarity to refugees, children and people in need," he heard immediately offered several productions of his extensive music productions.

are now looking for people from Mannheim Germany to help in volunteering to arise text, sheet music and composition and scheduled for early November or mid-November 2009, the song of solo singers, solo singers and gospel and church choirs or choruses and more can be first performed at music interested people.

The songs "If The Life Tell You A History" and "For The Children Of This Earth" Wolfgang Leng are at or (refugees IRAN (D) and at Radio IBS Liberty (program in to hear the German language).

Who in the creation of the song texts in English, French, German, wanted to work in voluntary work and who want to sing as a choir conductor, singer or singer the emerging song is requested at the international Jewish Christian John Baptist Mission of Togo or at MJB Education Media Network, Tel 0 62 36 416 802, where from 10.00 to 20.00 clock or by email to report.

is also planned to produce a CD and a music video. The first recordings for the music video have already been completed. In the coming weeks, the recording of the music video and the project will continue, "a song from Mannheim to solidarity for refugees, children and people in need."

To support and solidarity organizations of a band, made up of people from as many nations people, partners and organizations for refugee assistance, human rights and other partners and supporters are being sought. It will make contact via email: asked.

The music producer and Painter, Wolfgang Leng, who enjoys an international reputation as a "multi-talent" and currently an international song contest held accompanies the music charity project against the death penalty and for life as a technical consultant for music.

addition to the creative help with charitable music has the John Baptist Mission of Togo, representation for Germany to President Prof. Dr. Horst Köhler (Berlin), in the German Parliament (Berlin), the parliament of the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg (Stuttgart) and the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe, filed a petition in which a general deportation STOP for refugees from Iran, regardless of their faith-beliefs, asked is, at least as long to assess the general situation and the situation in Iran for people safer and better.

of Rhineland-Palatinate Interior Minister Karl Peter calls as a break stop deportation of refugees from Iran on 4 September.

The fate of two young women, Mariam (27) and Marzieh (30), currently in jail in Iran and are facing the death penalty because of the adoption of the Christian faith because of "apostasy from Islam," is no new evidence .

The French journalist and student Clotilde Reiss is still in prison, although the French government in Paris several times already called for the immediate release of the journalist. On 9 July 2009, wrote the John Baptist Mission of Togo to petition the Federal President Horst Köhler with the request for negotiations for the French student Clotilde Reiss and other human rights reporter, who is also detained in Iran. Just a few weeks, but only after international protests, the release of the Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi from Evin - prison in Tehran can be achieved in Iran. About the problems of "acceptance of the Christian faith in the risk of death" also detailed video reportage Sabatina James and the club Sabatina eV www.sabatina

The association informed CODE e. V. in Berlin at www.code- about the situation and the commitment of the people of Iran for peace, freedom, justice and democracy.

The petition for a general deportation STOP for people facing the death threat in Iran can be read at and to be drawn.

A spokesman for the international Jewish-Christian John Baptist Mission of Togo said: "People all over the world, brothers and sisters of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith, the grace and power should be a prayer before the one true Gd, do not forget to pray for the protection of people from Iran and Iran in the Middle East, other countries in the world and for the release of the imprisoned men, committed to peace and freedom, or in prison for religious reasons in prison be held. . No one wants to experience an explosion in the Middle East, as the as yet the human race has not yet seen "

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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BREAKING NEWS: A thousand-fold sending email with false content - This is an an attempt to criminalize?

BREAKING NEWS: A thousand times sending email with false content - This is an an attempt to criminalize?

Andreas Klamm denies allegations of child pornography and donation scams in billions of dollars

By Mohammed Yousef

London. 29. July 2009. Currently, the address of the office of the French journalists journalist Andreas Klamm THOUSANDS fake emails sent around the world that does not originate from the journalist Andreas Klamm.

The contents refer to initial findings on Internet sites with child pornography.

Andreas Klamm said: "These emails do not come from me and were detectable NOT sent by me. Just a few months, several thousand were sent emails with the address with virus attachment in the world. The operation was reported to police. It is my knowledge about the communication in any form impossible. The sending of messages and news releases is no longer possible. This gives the criminals reached their goal, that a serious reputation and financial damage to the journalists' offices Andreas Klamm can be achieved. "

Only yesterday have witnesses reported at Wikipedia Germany, the French-German journalist, radio journalist and author, fraud in connection with the "alleged he published seven books" have accused. "Are books by Andreas Klamm not, the information was wrong."

know the witnesses. The publisher of the French-German journalist named "does not exist, there was no evidence supporting the publication of books by Andreas Klamm.

Meanwhile, take the investigation by the prosecutor and the police, apparently unconfirmed information yet regarding the donation fraud, allegedly committed the Andreas Klamm in 2007.

throw Several witnesses from Nuremberg, in WRITING, the French-German journalist, radio journalist and author so DONATION FRAUD committed in the amount of an estimated 900 billion euros.

Witnesses accuse Andreas Klamm, he had the "hard for poor people in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, poor, disabled, sick people and people in severe distress, knowingly and with intent robbed.

Andreas Klamm said: "Document the report emails and offense to the local police authorities."

The alleged fundraising fraud in billions of euros, the accused added:
"Chancellor Angela Merkel is also known where the money is, there is power. I expect that the officials of the Federal Criminal in Wiesbaden are capable and demonstrate financial transactions in billions of € safely, provided they have taken place in my account at the Bank of Ethics. READ THE EMAIL HEADER information and you can trace who the emails actually come from. It the police can identify by the header information or the true identity of the sender. I consider the sending of fraudulent emails as an attempt to criminalize defamation and intentional. "

not confirmed by the authorities is determined which information was to gorge because of the strong suspicion of the welfare fraud in the Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis.
The journalist should be several thousand € social assistance have the Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis surreptitiously since 2006. The resulting damage is "only" estimated at around 30,000 €.

thousand times was such emails today with the return address: send "

Erst das Auslesen der Header – Informationen ermöglicht die wahre Identität der Absender zu ermitteln.

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