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PRESS PHOTOS / partial, foreign-related media and press censorship in Germany

Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters

PRESS PHOTOS / partial, foreign-related media and press censorship in Germany

ATTENTION. New system for press photos in the LPN-media network, nationally and internationally, which are offered as a FREE Publications or offered as a limited time as FREE.

After a fight for press photo Joachim Gauck on the occasion of reporting to the federal presidential election may press pictures of parties, companies, Organizations and institutions that are offered in Germany for publications or FREE time-limited FREE principle no, in media reports of any kind, published or used to be!

Due to the high cost of publishing Created from free press photos, to the Publications 30th offered June 2010 as FREE by a publisher and a media agency, the new rules are required if possible occurs to a partially foreign-related censorship of press and media work in German Chand and a free reporting is much more difficult or at least by means Photos no longer possible.

issuing press photos, which are limited in time or as a FREE "FREE" offer in principle are expressly prohibited within the national and international media networks and affiliated co-partner!

can basically only ORIGINAL, PRODUCED press pictures and photos, public domain photos and CREATIVE COMMONS PHOTOS aktzeptable not be published by another publication costs COMPLIMENTARY press pictures generally be avoided.

We ask you in your work for reports, whatever the parties, institutions, organizations and companies to point out that after the debate to a Publications 30th June 2010 offered PRESS Photos by Joachim Gauck, civil rights activist, minister, federal presidential candidate, was now calculated yet, because media reports and free press and photo posts were still to be found in the online archives of various media to 8 were found in July 2010, a use of free-PRESS PHOTOS, FREE PRESS PHOTOS temporary or basically as a cost-premium offerings Press Photos will no longer be possible effect from 12 July 2010.

The editors ask you to note that Hinsweis! THANK YOU!

Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters,
Andreas Klamm-Sabaot, journalist

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health policy: Are natural remedies in Germany too expensive?

health policy: natural remedies are too expensive in Germany?

Reuters: "Patient Anti-roll Backward against homeopathy and alternative practitioners" - SPD Calls reverse role in health care - Reuters complains about "incredible campaign against healers and homeopathy - natural remedies instead of chemistry is preferred by people?

Berlin. 13. July 2010. (Red / and). Reacted with disbelief and shaking his head Holger Liège by the Federal Working Group on Health of the German Democratic Party (DDP) to the campaign against homeopathy, the SPD and Europe's largest news magazine Spiegel
as part of an article in the mirror *, from the edition 12 have opened in July 2010.

Under the heading 'health insurance will save yourself homeopathy "is raised in the article the question:" Germany's health economy on the brink of bankruptcy - to this system can provide more funding for homeopathic treatments? "

Liège described this question as literally ". brazen prevarication" as he instead put the question: "How to homeopathy, with only 2 Prouent expenditure for treatments is significant, be responsible for the financial difficulties in healthcare? "

The problem for the rapidly rising costs is the sharp rise in chronic diseases of civilization, caused by the major parties shared the responsibility of all Chemikalisierung the modern world.

also would be spent a large part of the health budget on ineffective and hugely expensive conventional medical treatments - with ever increasing. Holger described as scandalous Liège especially the following passage from the Spiegel article: 'Jürgen Windeler, the 1 September's job as head of the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) takes up is called homeopathy in the mirror a "speculative, refuted concept."

speculative are refuted, and the treatment success of hundreds of thousands of patients unlikely.

Liege, condemned as the population will be here confused negligently.

access may soon be many patients no longer on good resources and go as the risk of serious health problems. Holger Liege said Lauterbach (SPD-ordinator in the Health Committee of the Bundestag), who will report to the checkout according to Spiegel prohibit the reimbursement of homeopathy in the future, the competence to assess medicine from the alternatives.

Liège added: "He holds no competence in this field and pray only the propaganda slogans from the boardrooms of the pharmaceutical companies to".

patient concerns in mind instead of having to Lauterbach've always care about the welfare of Krankheitsgewinnler in the boardrooms.

The German Democratic Party shall be fully behind the needs of patients and health workers - both in conventional medicine as well as in alternative medicine.

The party was standing up for "Yes to freedom of treatment - no to a patient enemy roll backward against homeopathy and alternative practitioners "

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INVITATION for media, press, film and television

INVITATION for media, press, film and television

journalists Office Andreas Klamm-Sabaot
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D 67 137 Neuhofen
Tel 0178 817 2114
email: editorial @ regional aid .
de email: cvd@ibstelevision.org
email: andreasklamm@hotmail.com

9th July 2010

Reports / Reports / Press Conferences / Court Dates / Press Conference

possible "legal repercussions to press reports, President Election 2010" On the substance, apparent in an

judicial proceedings teutopress.de / Dr. h. c. Joachim Gauck v Andreas Klamm-Sabaot, French-German journalist, radio journalist and editor, author of 9 published books on the subject: HUMAN RIGHTS, politics, freedom, press freedom, social, cultural and society

Here: Publication of a press Photo Joachim Gauck the occasion of the Austrian Federal Presidency Election 2010 and the nomination of civil rights leader and pastor, Dr. hc Joachim Gauck

Exact court dates to be announced

Dear colleagues!
Ladies and gentlemen,

in The impending lawsuit teutopress.de / Dr. Joachim Gauck v Andreas Klamm-Sabaot the discussion offered in relation to the publication of a free press photos, the teutopress.de free from the publisher, the image and media agency in Bielefeld was, but then on 8 July 2010
not the newspapers, magazines and online media archives were destroyed, eight days after the federal presidential election nor the image in the publications included and after the now now for your FREE PRESS PHOTO several bills teutopress.de sent to press pictures of the www.joachim-gauck.de PRESS / SERVICE AREA immediate demand for payment were, although the photo for FREE to 30 publications June 2010, the media agency on behalf of Joachim Gauck was offered on the website, www.joachim-gauck.de, are on the way a


first in front of the

district court in Bielefeld, or local court in Ludwigshafen am Rhein


It is also a trial before the district court in Berlin, as Dr. Joachim Gauck known to have a Berlin - terms as chairman of the association "Against Forgetting for Democracy e. V." was. I therefore invite

this one to all regular and public hearings and dates for the individual site visits, possibly in Berlin, Bielefeld and Ludwigshafen am Rhein.

I as a French-German journalist, Broadcast journalist, author, writer, book author of 9 books on topics such as human rights, freedom, press freedom, democracy, social issues, politics, culture and society and also a television and radio media producer and radio and TV presenter in the major occupation in Germany, England and France working and therefore able to perform a public service and public figure and I'm also in volunteering for the international Jewish-Christian John Baptist Mission of Togo as a "director", which means in German as "director", I call it mission line (thanks for the advice of colleagues who made me aware that the translation director = mission line is not correct), the dealer for the UK and representation for Germany WOULD also related in a double feature and personal union as a public figure in France, Germany and England, sometimes in the United States of America, I hereby declare in advance before the

COURT DATES, PRESS CONFERENCES, and the report of your estimated refund,

I hereby give my consent to a FULLY REPORTING across all media, in word, sound, picture, television

with full name and Verföffentlchung naming of photos.

you can post photos, which make even make television recordings or use the FREE PRESS PHOTOS in the system - please specify source: 3mnews.org - there are the rights of the photos.

I am the Managing Director or media-founder and chief editor of 3mnews.org, I can already give a guarantee that you do not like to teutopress.de, in hindsight for the publication of several invoices for an amount of 42 - Euros can be obtained.

The press photos showing me are also permanently for free and you have to delete these photos and NOT from the archives - so you must not be worried and afraid, if you veröffentichten press photos.

How many of you know, the idea is to nominate Joachim Gauck of a major daily newspaper, which had the good fortune to speak with Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel of the nomination by Joachim Gauck can. The newspaper is part of a large German publishing empire.

Therefore, you should know that we greatly regret that it is a publisher and an image and media agency for the civil rights Joachim Gauck, is active www.teutopress.de, the wonderful commitment to
PRESS, FREEDOM and damaged democracy and obscure claims, and actions.

Therefore, there is indeed still hope that Dr. hc Joachim Gauck more successfully with the publisher on his behalf, and the image and media agency can speak teutopress.de contact and can absorb so that the cost offered for FREE PRESS PHOTOS, before 30 were published on 8 June 2010 and July 2010 still in newspapers, magazines, find online media archives were canceled and can not be undone.

If it is not Dr. hc Joachim Gauck be mögich to be brokered, it will become public and due process of law because of the free in-teutopress.de at www.joachim gauck.de offered PRESS PHOTOS context the media reports with the Federal presidential election 2010 and the candidacy of Joachim Gauck come! I

the civil rights activist and pastor, Dr. hc Joachim Gauck With a committed activist in the cause for freedom, human rights, democracy and freedom of the press in high esteem, is a legal dispute most definitely NOT in my interest, but if the teutopress.de company insists can not be avoided this way.

This is a great pity because the work and work of Dr. Joachim Gauck for freedom and democracy through such obscure acts of acting on his screen and media agency and publisher teutopress.de considerably damaged.

But this is about the most elementary civil rights and human rights such as freedom, democracy and freedom of the press.

Those people who have read one of my books or mehrerere know already about the background.


Liberty, Peace and Media: Amy Goodman And The Freedom Of The Press - Excellent Journalists In Extraordinary Times, Books on Demand GmbH, Paris, France, (February 2009), 276 pages (pages), Author: Andreas Klamm, journalist. Language: English / German (languages: English / German, bi-lingual), ISBN-10: 2-8106-0269-7, ISBN-13: 978-2-8106-0269-8. 19.49 €


Liberty, Peace and Media: Amy Goodman - Excellent Journalists In Extraordinary Times, Books on Demand GmbH, Norderstedt, Germany, (February 2009), 264 pages (sides). Author: Andreas Klamm, journalist. Language: English / German (languages: English / German, bi-lingual), ISBN-10: 3-8370-7473-0, ISBN-13: 978-383707473. 18.90 €

Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters: Media project Human Rights Reporter:: Edition 2008, no. 1, Human Rights, abuses and violations of Human Rights, international understanding: Books on Demand GmbH, Edition 1 (October 2008), 272 pages (sides). Author: Andreas Klamm, journalist. Language English / German (languages: English / German, bi-lingual) ISBN-10: 3-8370-7243-6, ISBN-13: 978-3-8370-7243-3. 19.99 €

Attention: Ladies and gentlemen and ladies:

Please note the correct spellings of the names:

Marta Maier, my grandmother fled in 1950 before the German Nazis. They fell in love with the French officer

HEDI Sabaot, my grandfather, in August 1945. She is in Melbourne, State of Victoria in Australia as "displaced people" - registered as a salesperson in the archives OFFICIALLY.

As some have noticed correctly, the name Sabaot is not a French name. That's right, my grandfather was born in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia
, he is North African, which makes me a African-European citizens from birth and I can not deny my African roots. HEDI Sabaot a French national, was 1945 French officer. His best friend, the French officer Marbruk Brahim 4 years ago I could find since the search for 1984 - which means the son of the officer. Unfortunately, he has no information about what happened to my grandfather HEDI
Sabaot. This is still missing.

The name could have come from Sabaot KENYA, you'll find a Sabaot - STEM, and perhaps also of interest to a report, a separate Sabaot - LANGUAGE!

I am looking for my grandfather HEDI Sabaot since 1984, when I was 16 years young and it was also my beginnings in the work as a journalist for the newspaper DAILY MAIL SPEYER, but also as a moderator, television and radio producer.

The last place of residence of my grandfather is the city of Kaiserslautern, which is the city in the Reich leader Adolf Hitler is still HONORARY CITIZENS. Information, contact the Association of Victims of the Nazi regime in Kaiserslautern.

The German Nazis racial discrimination and racial madness very big problems with people from Africa.

is therefore with a large police contingent to the COURT OF NEGOTIATIONS expected in Bielefeld, Ludwigshafen am Rhein and Berlin, of course, to Dr. H. C. Jochim Gauck and protect other people.

It is true that probably from Nazi circles already several death-threats against myself and colleagues have been made.

found in Nuremberg to this day as far as I know even the criminal investigation police instead.

severe disability

It is true that I am chronically ill, am disabled since 1998 because of three accidents in a row in 1994, (car accident A 81, the highway was completely blocked - I unfortunately on the intensive care exception was a patient you would have the police Stuttgart / Horb directly because of the press photos Request - I was making after the accident no longer able, photos, intensive care-patient), 1995, work accident in the secondary second career as a certified Nurses for cannula puncture wound.

Tip: If Dr. Heike Grunnert still alive, she had become infected due to needle-stick injury to both AIDS / HIV and Hepatitis C. The doctor can explain very well what a liver damage following a chronisichen hepatitis C.

1996 riding accident with serious injuries, bronchial asthma with a total combined lead to a permanent loss of physical mobility.

Since I applied for many publishers in Germany, you can get there by demand and the confirmation that chronically ill and severely disabled, journalists are not set in principle. A publisher was kind enough to tell me why: The fear on the one hand, hepatitis C and also to put the fear of disease-related morbidity longer outages. A Roferon-A3-therapy, an abundant Ross cure, casually described, with many side effects lasts for 6 months! With continuous fever can hardly work a man, so I can to some extent, even understand the argument one of many publishers.

However, fear not to perform that work, the existence and the livelihood of freelance journalists, broadcast journalists, authors and writers will be destroyed in Germany - quite the contrary, disadvantaged and disabled journalists should be encouraged - but you know all the practice from their own experience. Equivalency with SCHWERBHINDERTEN humans by the employment office in Mannheim in July 2000 has now employment agency in Mannheim.

Since you are like me a member of Journalists' associations, you also know that Germany is not an association for disabled journalists are, and that speaks volumes! - Basically it is my conviction after a "Poverty certificate, First Class for Germany" - for years I call an association for disabled journalists - but it is almost like talking to the former Berlin Wall with a passion for it ... I have no sympathy!

I ver.di since 1991 member of the union, I am ashamed but also something that we do not succeed within the ver.di an association for disabled journalists set up - but we are team players and not an elite individual soldiers or fighters ... if I may use the comparison to the World Cup in South Africa 2010th The national team would not be so successful been in the tournament (and that was the national team), when each had only made his "own thing" or "own game" ...

It unfortunately proves once again that disabled and disadvantaged people do NOT have health lobby in Germany, if they ever were at least some advocates ...


Kaiserslautern and honorary citizen Adolf Hitler: http://www.vvn-bda-kl.de

Andreas Klamm-Sabaot, French-German journalist, radio journalist , author, writer, book author, television and radio media producer: www.radiotvinfo.org / Andreas Klamm

PLEASE to all journalists and Journalists

Please support the signature campaign to cancel the honorary citizenship of Adolf Hitler in Kaiserslautern.

Everyone should support the liberal and democratic order in Germany are interested, to set an example for freedom, peace and human rights!

QUESTIONS & Media Contact: Andreas Klamm

-Sabaot, journalist

PO Box 1113 D 67 137


Germany Tel 06 236 416 802 0178 817 2114 Tel

Internet: www.radiotvinfo. org andreas gorge /

Internet: www.youtube.com / Andreas Klamm

email: andreasklamm@hotmail.com

We hope that we for the first, as far as possible were able to answer your question.

Further information and pictures and also the press-events can be found at

first http://www.humanrightsreporters.wordpress.com
second http://www.menschenrechtsreporter.blogspot.com
third http://www.radiotvinfo.org

requests because of the petition for refugees in Germany and the letter of the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe answered with a separate message. Who the copy of the letter of the Federal Constitutional Court may need to report shortly by email. The letter has more than 7 pages and is nearly 3 MB in size, so that We send this letter, NOT the general press distribution.

with cooperative and friendly greeting

Andreas Klamm-Sabaot, French-German journalist, radio journalist, author, television and radio producer, editorial line

Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters




1) Latest press report

2) PRESS PHOTOS FOR FREE - please source = CALL 3mnews.org

PRESS PHOTOS, FREE publication, PLEASE SOURCE: Andreas Klamm-Sabaot or alternatively 3mnews.org published are related to at:


A press photograph of Joachim Gauck and the discussion about freedom of journalists and media

presidential election 2010: "Should we collectively the federal presidential candidates Joachim Gauck enforced forgotten in the online archives of the media? "

comment / In-house / 9th July 2010. Reporting in free and international media to the federal presidential election in 2010 and Joachim Gauck could possibly soon also have a legal repercussions. A conflict has occurred because of a published press pictures of Joachim Gauck, the image of a responsible and Media Agency teutopress.de charged Publications 30 was offered June 2010. Publications that were in the archives of newspapers, magazines, media and online magazines, eight days after the historic and special historical event, the Federal presidential election of 2010 found in Germany, calls for the image and media agency, the Press Photos in the Press and service area at www.joachim-gauck.de offered free of charge for publication 30 June 2010, now for a picture that the pastor and civil rights as the Creator alone, 40, - € per photo and publication, also Then when the photos are still to be found in archives, before 30 June 2010 published were. In order for the picture though no longer free, as offered, for publication by 30 June, and as free of charge until the photo for publication 30 June 2010 clearly offered by the image and media agency.

freedom, press freedom, democracy and a fair cooperative interaction between image and media agencies, publishers, news agencies and journalists is to define themselves in other forms.

Should media, newspapers, online media and online archives on the Internet now "collective forgetting" that Joachim Gauck, based on an idea of a major daily newspaper, which belongs to a large German publishing empire of SPD and Alliance 90/The Greens as an independent and non-party federal presidential candidate was nominated? This may not be in the interest of Joachim Gauck, because this is also the chairman of the association "Against Forgetting - For Democracy e. V." in Berlin. He is committed "to forget" for democracy and freedom.

after all, the idea is to Nomierung Joachim Gauck as a federal presidential candidate from a very large daily newspaper, which was able to speak after learning of the idea even with Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel on Nomierung Joachim Gauck as a federal presidential candidate.

Granted, the words on the candidacy of the civil rights and retired pastor, Joachim Gauck, the latter said a federal presidential candidate, to freedom and democracy and forgetting I was very impressed.

Maybe so special because my grandmother Marta Maier in Australia is registered as a displaced person who fled the Nazis in 1950 because they are already in August 1945 in the French officer HEDI Sabaot (my grandfather) fell, the then Only three months after the end of the war stationed in Kaiserslautern in Germany has been and gone without a trace since 1945 and is missing.

Perhaps I have the words of Joachim Gauck also impressed as a French-German journalist and disabled, because I know as a bi-national and a French citizen and journalist, the important role of freedom, unity and brotherhood have.

But particularly in view of the dictatorship in the years 1933 to 1945 were the words of Joachim Gauck words of warning against the restriction of expression, - the press and information freedom in a people defying dictatorship, which are compared with a terrorist regime can and is more than 6 million people murdered: Jews, Christians, Gypsies, homosexuals, disabled people, different thinking people, clergy and prisoners of war from different nations. The more I was disappointed when I 8th July 2010, just eight days, teutopress.de by the company in Bielefeld, an agency that published the page, www.joachim-gauck.de, photos and press photos for free use in the service and press section, the publication of 30 June 2010 is free of charge, have received several bills in significant number and amount, for press photos by Joachim Gauck, the publication by 30 June was clearly offered as FREE.

My contributions in a variety of national and international media have been to this press pictures before all the historic and special election of the President in Germany and therefore, before 30 Published in June 2010. Since 30 June 2010 were the Gauck'sche photo of teutopress. de for the public.

The company has now sent four invoices and wants 170, - € for contributions to the federal presidential election a week ago, a week can be found after the major election nor on the web.

Since I work since 1984 for major newspapers and news agencies, I know that the burning of newspapers, magazines or the destruction of press releases, online archives of the media and posts already on the basis of Article 5 of the Basic Law, of expression and press freedom guarantees and information on the basis of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the United Nations in Germany is not usually required and is not used.

was in the years 1933 to 1945, the burning of books, magazines and newspapers with the Nazis usual. But this dark and black chapter in the history of Germany should be overcome for more than 64 years.

The company said in a teutopress.de Telefongepräch the morning of the 8th July 2010 with that in Bielefeld, a deletion of the archives of national and international media because of the use of a photo that free before 30 posted June 2010 was now expected to pay the bills or going for a press photo of Joachim Gauck, although the publication the Press Photo Publications before 30 June 2010 was offered free of charge.

The International Media Project for Human Rights Liberty and Peace NOW! effect since 2006 for freedom, democracy and human rights internationally commercially by the publication of papers not to help people free themselves from the most varied sources that are not "centrally controlled" can check. Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters promotes and supports the free press-working disabled and schwerbhinderter journalists and authors who are too often discriminated against in Germany and bnachteiligt.

the more critical I see the risks to of speech press and information freedom of all people in Germany, within the meaning of the Basic Law, Article 5 and as defined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations, now independent journalists, independent news organizations and independent media to clear the Press and media archives of articles on important and historic contributions of contemporary history, as such, the presidential election 2009 presidential election shall be 2010, should be forced to obscure way with dubious justifications.

In which country is the President elected each year in a row in the particular circumstances of an immediate resignation of a former Federal President. It is a unique situation. As a unique and particularly frightening, obscure and alarming even the suspicion of an attempt by the restriction of expression and press freedom of information is assessed, as it can to fears that freedom of the press work is to be disturbed or restricted, that elementary fundamental rights such as freedom of expression guarantee in Article 5, press and information freedom should be restricted in Germany.

the purposes of civil rights leader and pastor retired, Joachim Gauck it can not be if the people and the press freedoms are restricted in Germany even further and now the online archives for obscure practices "Collectively" to forget enforced collectively "the candidacy of the civil rights activist and pastor Joachim Gauck. Each piece

more loss of freedom means a step further towards dictatorship and tyranny, as they have already passed once in Germany. This can be Germany and the 80 million people can afford in times of crisis, not really now, mainly because there were already two dictatorships in Germany, which certainly can not be directly compared, but both were disastrous for the people of Germany.

The mass murder of more than 6 million people during the Nazi terror dictatorship could also by a dictatorship in the GDR be "outbid". The heinousness of the crimes committed in the years 1933 to 1945 are hard to beat, at least not from a modern perspective.

Hopefully that Joachimm Gauck his voice for freedom, democracy and freedom of the press will rise again in Germany, even if for reasons that are known, was not elected president.

Open letter to the minister and civil rights activist Dr. hc Joachim Gauck
Joachim Gauck

c / o

Against Forgetting - For Democracy
Stauffenberg Strasse 13-14 10785 Berlin

Fon + +49 (0) 30 / 26 39 78-3
Fax + +49 (0) 30/26 39 78-40


bills PRESS ARCHIVES reports
Press photo in www.joachim-gauck.de, Press Photo Joachim Gauck
of teutopress.de

request for assistance and verification / cancellation of invoices

freedom of the press, press freedom, Article 5 of the Basic Law
Article 19, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Dear Dr. hc Joachim Gauck!

As Franco-German journalist, radio journalist, author, radio, TV and media producer and 9 published books on human rights, press freedom, politics, culture, society and Social Affairs, I am very surprised and confused about that I get only 8 days after the election of the President of teutopress.de four bills because of the use of a PRESS PHOTOS Joachim Gauck, which was once published and copied and before 30 was published in June 2010.

The Press photo was teutopress.de of its agencies to screen and media agency and the publisher for publication 30 June 2010 FREE offer for publication.

that the publisher now accounts for any content posted by 30 June 2010 sent that includes the Press Photo Joachim Gauck, is obscure and detrimental to freedom, democracy and detrimental to the Expression and press freedom of information.

after 30 June 2010 I have not published this photo. But the company teutopress.de that has the RIGHT at the press photo of your person said in a telephone conversation the morning of the 8th July 2010 with that there was also PRESS REPORTS in the media archive of photos of you on the Internet and other media will be destroyed and deleted. That

30 June 2010 published photos in archival contributions are calculated by means of calculations, leads inevitably to a censorship of the press in Germany.

For the first time in the history of Germany since 1933 must, under the leadership of the Reich leader Adolf Hitler now just because of published photos of yourself and free reports on presidential election so that in effect, also destroyed ARCHIVE ARTICLES PRESS ARCHIVES, newspapers and magazines, in which the PRESS - PHOTO appeared with yourself, be destroyed or burned.

Censorship is specially for you as a staunch advocate for civil rights and freedom and democracy and therefore as a possible supporter of press freedom in Germany entirely and not even be in your interest.

It is public knowledge that I am the founder of Radio IBS Liberty TV, the international media project for Human Rights Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters, MJB Mission News, ISSN 1999-8414'm 3mnews.org of international and other media devices, and since 1986 for international understanding and WOULD work.

meets after three accidents in 1994, 1995 and 1996, a censor me by very high costs for press pictures of a federal presidential candidates, all before the 30th Were published in June 2010 and after 30 June 2010, were published anymore, but still in free-access PRESS ARCHIVES particularly hard, because you know that, for journalists and authors with a permanent loss of physical mobility, chronic disease, disability and severe disability by publishers in Germany NO paid jobs are.

In the 25 years I worked as a journalist, I have never experienced such an event, and I find it a particular discrimination and contempt for human beings to all journalists and journalists and to all people, freedom of the press and democracy support in Germany.

fact that it was your name with such action, bills ARCHIVE published reports of a free press due to the use of a press photo, the 30 June 2010, was declared clear as a FREE, in light of a totalitarian system of dictatorship, as they existed in the GDR or in the wrong state terror of the Nazis In the years 1933 to 1945, may be not at all in your interest, especially since you also chairman of the Association Against Forgetting - for democracy e. V. in Berlin.

The International Media Project for Human Rights Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters and other media, which I have sent my reports with a press-photos of the press office for President-election report, FREE for PEOPLE, PRESS, FREEDOM, HUMAN RIGHTS and democracy - we act and do not work commercially and inform PEOPLE informed so that they learn more about current events, historical events and human rights, freedom and democracy.

A reference in connection with the publication of your press photos, archive posts that the PRESS on the Internet, in newspapers, magazines must be destroyed or burned after 30 June 2010, there was NOT!

books, newspaper and magazine burns have under the terror regime of the Nazis in 1933 took place until 1945 and my colleagues, ladies and I believe that it is NOT in your interest that the freedom of the press, in particular international Press and working for human rights in this way by endangering high bills and make it virtually impossible.

However, we will remove the pictures of you after it became known today, according to an employee of teutopress.de that with the SPD Social Democratic Party of Germany, the publication of your photos only to 30 June 2010 was agreed.

Upon receipt of 4 bills I had asked a teutopress.de.

My understanding of freedom and democracy, I will like to explain:

Article 5, Constitution, Federal Republic of Germany

(1) Everyone has the right to his opinion by speech, writing and pictures to freely express and disseminate from generally accessible sources without hindrance to teach. Press freedom and freedom of reporting by radio and films are guaranteed. Censorship does not occur.
(2) These rights are subject to limitations in the provisions of general laws, legal provisions to protect young people and the right to personal honor.
(3) art and science, research and teaching are free. Freedom of teaching does not release from allegiance to the Constitution.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations, United Nations

Article 18 has

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either religion or belief, alone or in community with others and in public or in private, teaching, practice, to worship and confess.

Article 19

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression: this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, through any media and regardless of frontiers, information and ideas, receive and disseminate.

Compare also: www.libertyandpeacenow.org / menschenrechte.htm

that in Germany the livelihood of disabled and severely disabled journalists, broadcast journalists, authors and writers, television and radio producers by discrimination that is also carried by publishers, is not already a more durable state, but be pursued that free, international, French-German journalists, writers such as myself and others are punished for it, and with bills for press pictures of Joachim Gauck, until 30 were in June 2010 published and 8 days after the federal presidential election still in the archives of the press in Germany, I feel especially from the historical responsibility of the many violent crimes that were committed in Germany, especially in the years 1933 until 1945, when a very great danger to democracy, freedom and the press in Germany. After I

on 8 learn July 2010 from her press spokesman Andreas Schulze had that for this you will NOT active, is I ask you therefore to intervene personally and to arrange for a cancellation of the accounts of the company teutopress.de and the deadline for articles in archive PRESS archives 30 to prolong July 2010.

that free archives of press for the use of a press photo of a federal presidential candidates have to be destroyed in Germany, according teutopress.de Bielefeld in new and unique, because so far has in Germany, the Basic Law, Article 5 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19, the press freedom and freedom of the press force, and somehow I hope and my colleagues that they will continue to be applied in Germany.

My colleagues and I deeply regret that we are not the freedom of the press can ensure in Germany must under such detect events and that an active censorship of the press is taking place particularly for FREE and international media projects like Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters and many more, free, and international media.

We regret deeply that we have a personality as you obviously can not tell with the publication of a press photos and that the freedom of the press in Germany is very limited, no doubt in an unacceptable way, especially because you are so much for freedom and committed democracy.

Such events can not be in your interest and not in the sense of freedom, democracy, freedom of the press, rights and democracy and so I ask you today to intervene personally and to work to ensure that freedom, democracy and freedom of the press also Germany in 2010 and in future will be possible.

In the complex you will receive a copy of the accounts of teutopress.de from Bielefeld and a letter from the international Jewish-Christian John Baptist Mission of Togo.

Thank you for your examination and intervention in advance.


Andreas Klamm - Sabaot

French-German journalist, broadcast journalist, author, nurse (RN), director, missionary and news correspondent

-French-German journalist, radio journalist, author, nurse, paramedic, missionary and mission management
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