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Letter To Return Apartment

grief and shock after setting the social magazine "Horch amol": Thanksgiving the authors Hans-Juergen Graf and Thomas. M. Müller

grief and shock after setting the social magazine " Horch amol ": Thanks to the writers Hans-Juergen Graf and Thomas. M. Müller

London / Berlin / Nuremberg. 2. April 2009. The surprising attitude of the social magazine "Horch amol of Franconia" in Nuremberg is a black day for the press, media and people in Nuremberg.

The unexpected closure of the social setting and Magazines "Horch amol from Franconia "by Hans-Juergen Graf to-month beginning in April 2009 I was deeply moved and shocked at first.

The social magazine" Horch amol from Franken "by the editor Hans-Juergen Graf was an important contribution in the service of the liberal-democratic order in Germany and woke with a variety of interesting, factual and professional, good contributions awareness that Germany, according to the Basic Law and the Constitution for Germany is a "democratic and social federal state" is.

Although I DO NOT Hartz4 receiver I have, I as a journalist, radio journalist and author much about the situation and dealing with poor, chronically ill People and Hartz4 recipients reported that people are often in severe distress instead of solidarity, charity and help with anti-social behavior, threats, is to meet threats to murder.

Similar to the candidate for the election of the Office of the President, Gesine Schwan, I think that are responsible for these extremes in German society, the loss of solidarity and the brutalization of society in general with, in addition to a failure of politics, government and society in general and not individually.

Instead, as the author Hans-Juergen Graf and a limited number of other people is an example of social justice, freedom, to engage civil rights and human rights and democracy, many groups, initiatives, associations and individuals who are own way.

Instead of help, such as for the guess in severe distress artist and author Christopher P. and many more people in need, the particularly vulnerable and injured man and the it just the people with severe health problems as the esteemed author and colleague Hans-Jürgen Graf and other dedicated people in need, in which the latter still remain committed to freedom and democracy, so win the enemies of democracy, attacked, in the important work is often hampered often experience no recognition and are often left without any form of assistance and support themselves.

This should not be so in a country that relies as much on the Jewish-dominated Christian tradition in Germany. Instead

disability, insults, threats of serious threats to murder, should freedom, peace, Solidartität, friendship, support standby, love and charity and democracy be possible in Germany.

The social magazine "Horch amol from Franken" has many interesting and useful information to help people searching for particular Hartz4 receiver and Hartz4-recipients offered free of charge.

The setting of the social magazine "Horch amol" by Hans-Juergen Graf is a serious and even worse loss in the sense of speech press and information freedom, a common, responsible action in times of global economic crisis Solidarity evaluate, social justice and democracy in Germany.

The authors and publisher of the social magazine "Horch amol of francs," Hans-Juergen Graf, I take this opportunity to especially thank "Horch amol of francs" for cooperation as a freelancer for the social magazine.

It is with serious health problems and disabilities, a committed person with a knowledge Expertise and a willingness to help people in severe distress, which can be found in Germany far too rare, and a man of his equal.

recognized Unfortunately clearly not only the Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel (CDU) and Dr.Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) the importance and necessity of the work of the authors and publisher of the social magazine "Horch amol of francs" for social justice, the social-democracy, fundamental rights, human rights, civil rights, freedom and democracy, but seems to have become in the lower social strata many people in Germany are not clear and aware of the importance amol the work of the authors and the publisher with the social magazine "Hark from Franken " for very many people in Germany, otherwise they would have a consistent way, the public recognition, encouragement, support, recognition and award of merit by Hans-Juergen Graf in Nuremberg and Berlin have to take place.

Andreas Klamm, journalist, radio journalist, author and editorial management of

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