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Looks Like Ringworms Around My Tattoo

צרפתית, גרמנית העיתונאי אנדריאס Klamm פרסם ספרים חדשים בצרפת

צרפתית, גרמנית העיתונאי Andreas Klamm new books published in France

London / Paris. April 23, 2009. The French German journalist Andreas Klamm, has recently published two new books in the city of Paris in France, in English, French and German Language.

books are dedicated to Amy Goodman's award winning journalist of the United States of America contain much information on issues such as human rights, politics, democracy, freedom of the press, understanding International

grandfather of the French German journalist Andreas Klamm is a former French military officer and a French citizen, Mr. Haedi Sabaot. French army officer in 1945 was stationed in Kaiserslautern German city. The grandfather of journalist missing since 1945.

Andreas Klamm is working as a journalist, broadcast journalist, editor, TV producer, radio producer and film producer since 1984. He received for his part TV production The public on German TV journalism, international understanding and democracy from 1986, 1987, 1988 Awards and operations by the German department of the State of Political Education.

Since 1986, Andreas Klamm Is managing editor of British Newsflash Magazine, since 2006 is also the managing editor of Liberation and Peace Now! Journalists, human rights, media project Human Rights International since December 2008 is editor The new international management magazine MJB Mission Mission News (ISSN 1999-8414).

Andreas Klamm has published seven books. Four books in English and German language journalist or editor have been published in Germany.

Andreas Klamm is a member of the International Federation of Journalists in Brussels and many other national and international organization or journalists and authors.

books of the journalist and the author are available in every store Books in France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and can be ordered online with bookstores such as, and many others.

Andreas Klamm works as a journalist in countries like the United States, בריטניה, צרפת, בלגיה, גרמניה ו טוגו.

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