Monday, September 28, 2009

Cheerios And Shreddies Party Mix

the bar for the FDP

As expected by many and feared, will soon launch a black-yellow government start in Germany four years.

The FDP is taken up with the statement that it intends to protect civil rights. Regardless of whether it is credible, you can just check by defining clearly what should be achieved so that we can say in four years whether the FDP has been seriously or whether it has fallen on civil rights.

Here's my checklist:

[] FDP picks up the Interior Ministry
[The access difficulty law] is withdrawn
[] Data retention is withdrawn

From the manifesto the FDP:
[] A federal data protection law is passed (Page 26)
[] right to informational self-determination in the constitution (page 27)
[] Introduction of a "foundation data" (page 27)
[] Federal Commissioner for Data Protection is (page 27) to a "top federal agency "
[] data security breaches must be punished (harder) (page 27)
[] Improved employee data protection (page 27)
[] opt-in in solution for sales data from local authorities (page 27)
[] prohibition of the transfer of data from local authorities The GEZ (page 27)
[] recovery of bank secrecy (page 27)
[] Abolition data retention (page 27)
[] no secret online searches of private computer (page 27)
[] No collection of passenger data (page 28)
[] BKA no FBI (page 28)
[] no automatic vehicle number plate recognition ( page 31)
[] the protection of professional secrecy - no Spähangriffe (page 31)
[] abolition of the "Great eavesdropping" (page 31)
[] protection of press freedom and journalistic research => no "aid" for publication of secret documents ( page 31)

That was it for now, this list is not finished yet. I ask for suggestions, what is missing, both from the choice program, as well as things that were not mentioned, but are pure.

at these things we will measure the FDP. If it is credible, then will join the majority of these things. If not, then it was every vote for the FDP for the sewer. Your

Jan "DarkX2" Gretschuskin

In fact, I think that is unacceptable as Interior Minister Schäuble.


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