Monday, September 28, 2009

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The Day After

845 904 people voted yesterday, the Pirate Party. That's more people than in Germany's fifth-largest city - live - Frankfurt am Main.

845 904 people are 2.0% of the people who elected yesterday. This means that 2 of 100 Germans hold at this difficult time, the civil rights more important than energy policy, economic policy, foreign policy or employment policy.

These numbers are not as high as hoped for by many of us. But these numbers are a damn good sign. In the European elections we had "only" 229 464 people voted. When considered by many to significantly more important choice perceived election to the 3.7 times more people have opted for the pirate party.

ie very clear that we are on the right track.

We are no longer members only Technically the seventh-largest party in Germany, even after votes counted, we have taken this position now.

We now have a clear task ahead of us - we must work to make us ready for the parliamentary elections 2013th Until then, it's a long way in which we have much to do:

  • We should develop a more extensive program that shows free of ideology with reason and logic, as the pirates want to shape the future
  • We should make clear to the general public that we are not criminals are
  • We need the files, "Bodo Thiesen" and "Jörg Tauss" satisfactory close
  • informal regional groups should occur in as many counties
  • We should try to adapt our infrastructure to the rapidly growing number of members, and establish regional organizations where this is useful
  • We should achieve at the next state election, 2010 in NRW an outcome close to 5%, and this coverage in NRW for us advertise
  • On the good NRW outputs based in the provincial elections in 2011 seriously in Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden Württemberg, Berlin, Bremen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Saxony-Anhalt Landtäge try to board - and also be successful.
  • We should compete in local and board next to Aachen and Munster other parliaments.
  • We inner-party democracy have on the functioning To bring this should be a "think system" to be created, can be carried out with the member surveys in order to perform things that need to be decided at short notice, with the support of the base.
  • We must ensure that we like the Greens as "natural party, the FDP will be perceived as" business party "as" the civil rights party "or" democratic party ".
  • We have to show presence in the coming years - not only on time creep on the elections - but throughout the population in a subject are
This should in my view to be the things we are working need to make us fit for 2013. This is not everything, but only a first, rough collection. But in this collection we will measure our work in the coming years. If we fail in many of these points, then we will disappear into insignificance. If we do here but engaging work, then we will be the 6th power in the country.

Stand by to Change. Let's start with us.

Jan "DarkX2" Gretschuskin

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