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Jewish life and culture: Voice of the surviving people - in memory of six million dead people

Jewish Culture and life: the voice of people living - in memory of six million people killed

Yom Hashoah - Memory - Remembering - Dunning - learning and work for a better world

By Andreas Klamm Sabaot

New York / London / Jerusalem. 11. April 2010 / Nissan 27, 5770th In a time-frame of 24 hours, the names of many who read very many victims of the Holocaust, in commemoration of historical events during the dictatorship of the Nazi terror regime in Germany in the years 1933 to 1945. This is done by 27 Nissan 5770, corresponding to 11 in Germany April 2010 to Yom Hashoah, a commemorative day that the millions of people in Germany as such is often not known because it is a Jewish memorial day is over and Jewish life and culture in schools of general education is often conveys no knowledge of Jewish culture and life in Germany and in the world.

The surviving people, relatives and friends read out at the special memorial day, held since 1953 in Israel and in Jewish communities, a portion of the name, if known, of the six million people during the Dictatorship of the Third Reich were murdered in Germany at. Thus, people want to work up the action, make them pay attention to the dangers of "devilish schemes" of the "orchestral" organisiserten mass destruction. The memorial day of the victims who were murdered in the Holocaust, serves the Also help people to work for a better world and future and to act. Maybe it's also about finding answers to questions, how can such events as the mass discrimination, the mass dehumanization with a subsequent mass destruction of an entire group of millions of people in a country because of their faith or their ethnic affiliation to a be Jewish, Israeli or other people in the present and the future prevented and how can interrupt characters are recognized a new security anbahndenden dictatorship with a terrible and people-defying proportions, such as post-crisis, as it was in 1929 when the secular financial systems by the events of a world economic crisis were shaken to their foundations.

In the year 1951 was David Ben-Gurion, the then Prime Minister of the then new State of Israel after the Second World War for a special Memorial Day, dedicated to all people who were murdered in the Holocaust, persecuted, and for the surviving people and their families a.

The Memorial Day with the Jewish language in the name of Yom Hashoah Ve-Hagevurah what needs to be in the English language with "Day of the Holocaust and the Herorism" and in the German language, translated as "Day of Holocaust and Heroism can. Nearly two years later

, in 1953 the Knesset decided (The law-making body in Israel) a law 27 Nissan's Memorial Day provides.

some people the word Shoah is known that in the literal translation as synonymous with "destruction and disaster" can be translated.

is officially committed to the memorial day of the surviving people of the State of Israel and in Jewish communities around the world. In the commemorative events to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Martyrs and thought of the heroes with authority in a National Moment of Silence is at 10.00 clock in the morning of the day. Following the air alert sirens sounded across the country for two minutes, and so are all the people in dramatic Way to put a stop and pause. All flags on public buildings are located on the day of remembrance for Holocaust victims and their surviving family members at half-mast.

Yom Hashoah Holocaust Memorial Day was adopted as in the German language, translated as "Holocaust Memorial Day" worldwide in virtually all Jewish communities.

some strictly traditional Jewish communities have added alongside the existing "day of mourning" nor a "Day of Prayer," which bear the name as "Tenth of Tevet" and "Tisha B'Av.". Many Jewish communities celebrate

these special days with a special "Holocaust Memorial Day program," such as the reading of the names of famous people who were killed in the German Nazi dictatorship in the years 1933 to 1945, over a time frame of 24 hours. This also surviving are invited people who survived the Holocaust or the Shoah and held talks at the local or regional communities.

Detailed and further information include at find

The 27th Nissan of the year 5770 is the 11th in Germany April 2010.

Who the survivors and relatives of Holocaust victims, people financially with donations will, for example, can donate to the Jewish organization Lema'an Zion , it means so much as to Zion's will. The donation account is in Germany: Postbank, Frankfurt No. 3012 81-607, Bank code: 500 100 60 . The international Jewish relief work was founded in 1972 by Dr. Herbert Hillel Goldberg and acts including in Israel and Canada. The father of the founder, Dr. Herbert Hillel Goldberg was shot in the captivity of the National Socialists in Germany by the Nazis. The international relief organization Lema'an Zion helps people in need and also those who in these days of victims of terrorist attacks, for example by the bombardment of missiles or bombing be.

The Meir Panim organization auxiliary (detailed information on ) distributed thousands of daily meals to poor and vulnerable children, young people and old people. Many of them are surviving people of the Holocaust. Donations can be made via the website of the Israeli relief organization. Meir Paninm also offers women in need for free or very cheap meals in the well-known in Israel soup kitchens.

direct in Germany, for example, help the Chabad Lubavitch Jewish organizations, including those in Nuremberg and Munich. The organization she is in with their work before.

Jewish people who want to help directly in need in Germany for example, can make a donation to the Central Welfare Office of Jews in Germany . Detailed information on the Central Welfare Office of Jews in Germany eV are in found.

There are also numerous other auxiliary organizations, which are often also found on


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