Monday, May 10, 2010

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After NRW and in Bingen

NRW selected. And in order to formulate it clearly. The Pirate Party has a receive significant defeat. One can say the least that we have kept in NRW with 1.5% the result of the election.

The truth is different. In the general election we had 158 585 convince people of our goals and ideas.

On 09/05/2010 contrast, there were only 119 581 people who voted for us. So we have 39 004 can not convince people to choose us again. Certainly, now many people were there for us the first time have chosen the absolute number of voters is thus re-sunk.

We have not only a target of 3% is not achieved, but even people who feel lost to us.

In the coming days there will be a search for reasons and I would anticipate now simply and name the scapegoat, also will run on it:

The program enlargement of the North Rhine-Westphalia Pirates in contrast to our basic program will be to blame. The extensive enhancements are now regarded as ill-conceived, the core issues had been watered down. These and similar arguments to come. And maybe it's true, too, maybe the whole but nothing to do with the actual problem.

In NRW, the pirates, a manifesto appeared substantially as well as the other parties. A full program, many of the positions found themselves in similar form for SPD / Left / Green.

But we must get away from this "We are a party, just like the other incumbents." We need a clear alternative to a political style of "Choose me position so that I can do let X years and what I want. "

People do not want to have ne Party, which is just like any other, with some other program.

We must now be made to provide the essential differences with other parties, clearly identified.

And the main difference is not, our attitude to civil rights or the Uhrheberrecht.


No, the main difference being that we all participate, anyone can bring to us his ideas , and that these ideas are heard by us.

Let us pursue that one can bring to our ideas, that not only our electorate is. Let us be interactive.

Let us not yet be ne other party. Instead, we should be " the interactive party ." We now need the ability in the party to make any opinion makers, at all times seek views at any time interactively contribute ideas. And when we have created these opportunities, we must ensure that This party not only be used internally - but also in public life. be

We should definitely make sure that we progress now Liquid Democracy in the party, and a interactive hands-party . We must be the one that now "dare more democracy .

Otherwise, I think this will be the beginning of the end.


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