Tuesday, July 13, 2010

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health policy: Are natural remedies in Germany too expensive?

health policy: natural remedies are too expensive in Germany?

Reuters: "Patient Anti-roll Backward against homeopathy and alternative practitioners" - SPD Calls reverse role in health care - Reuters complains about "incredible campaign against healers and homeopathy - natural remedies instead of chemistry is preferred by people?

Berlin. 13. July 2010. (Red / and). Reacted with disbelief and shaking his head Holger Liège by the Federal Working Group on Health of the German Democratic Party (DDP) to the campaign against homeopathy, the SPD and Europe's largest news magazine Spiegel
as part of an article in the mirror *, from the edition 12 have opened in July 2010.

Under the heading 'health insurance will save yourself homeopathy "is raised in the article the question:" Germany's health economy on the brink of bankruptcy - to this system can provide more funding for homeopathic treatments? "

Liège described this question as literally ". brazen prevarication" as he instead put the question: "How to homeopathy, with only 2 Prouent expenditure for treatments is significant, be responsible for the financial difficulties in healthcare? "

The problem for the rapidly rising costs is the sharp rise in chronic diseases of civilization, caused by the major parties shared the responsibility of all Chemikalisierung the modern world.

also would be spent a large part of the health budget on ineffective and hugely expensive conventional medical treatments - with ever increasing. Holger described as scandalous Liège especially the following passage from the Spiegel article: 'Jürgen Windeler, the 1 September's job as head of the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) takes up is called homeopathy in the mirror a "speculative, refuted concept."

speculative are refuted, and the treatment success of hundreds of thousands of patients unlikely.

Liege, condemned as the population will be here confused negligently.

access may soon be many patients no longer on good resources and go as the risk of serious health problems. Holger Liege said Lauterbach (SPD-ordinator in the Health Committee of the Bundestag), who will report to the checkout according to Spiegel prohibit the reimbursement of homeopathy in the future, the competence to assess medicine from the alternatives.

Liège added: "He holds no competence in this field and pray only the propaganda slogans from the boardrooms of the pharmaceutical companies to".

patient concerns in mind instead of having to Lauterbach've always care about the welfare of Krankheitsgewinnler in the boardrooms.

The German Democratic Party shall be fully behind the needs of patients and health workers - both in conventional medicine as well as in alternative medicine.

The party was standing up for "Yes to freedom of treatment - no to a patient enemy roll backward against homeopathy and alternative practitioners "


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