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PRESS PHOTOS / partial, foreign-related media and press censorship in Germany

Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters

PRESS PHOTOS / partial, foreign-related media and press censorship in Germany

ATTENTION. New system for press photos in the LPN-media network, nationally and internationally, which are offered as a FREE Publications or offered as a limited time as FREE.

After a fight for press photo Joachim Gauck on the occasion of reporting to the federal presidential election may press pictures of parties, companies, Organizations and institutions that are offered in Germany for publications or FREE time-limited FREE principle no, in media reports of any kind, published or used to be!

Due to the high cost of publishing Created from free press photos, to the Publications 30th offered June 2010 as FREE by a publisher and a media agency, the new rules are required if possible occurs to a partially foreign-related censorship of press and media work in German Chand and a free reporting is much more difficult or at least by means Photos no longer possible.

issuing press photos, which are limited in time or as a FREE "FREE" offer in principle are expressly prohibited within the national and international media networks and affiliated co-partner!

can basically only ORIGINAL, PRODUCED press pictures and photos, public domain photos and CREATIVE COMMONS PHOTOS aktzeptable not be published by another publication costs COMPLIMENTARY press pictures generally be avoided.

We ask you in your work for reports, whatever the parties, institutions, organizations and companies to point out that after the debate to a Publications 30th June 2010 offered PRESS Photos by Joachim Gauck, civil rights activist, minister, federal presidential candidate, was now calculated yet, because media reports and free press and photo posts were still to be found in the online archives of various media to 8 were found in July 2010, a use of free-PRESS PHOTOS, FREE PRESS PHOTOS temporary or basically as a cost-premium offerings Press Photos will no longer be possible effect from 12 July 2010.

The editors ask you to note that Hinsweis! THANK YOU!

Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters,
Andreas Klamm-Sabaot, journalist


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