Monday, November 29, 2010

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Frankfurt Perl Workshop 2010 - Day 2

... and the second part of the workshop begins - like yesterday already - just after 10th eingetrudelt Until everyone is, it's just before 11, but we have time. In addition, Eric has today microphones and a small mixer with it. In addition, Eric and Wieland talks with small cameras recorded. The lectures will be hopefully soon in some form. Once there because what's new, I'll post here ...

I begin with the presentation on Moose that provides a broad overview of the possibilities with moss. Actually I wanted to talk a little boring, but since I first turn came, I had no more time. Next time maybe I should begin earlier with the changes ;-) That was the version that which I have kept the FrOSCamp ( video ).

After I presented the work of Rolf last night: He has B: Deparse developed a type of macro for Perl 5. Because it directly with B:: Deparse is working to solve the whole thing without source filters. To be eligible to variables for closures, he uses PadWalker . Since not everyone knew PadWalker, I have a old lecture shown the slides of this module.

Herbert then held two lectures. The first was on Kephra . Here he has shown his ideas for the future of the editor. Since some real goodies were inside.

has the second lecture presented to the Rebol . I personally do not concern myself with this programming language more, even if there's some funny approaches (eg an extra data type 'money'). But you have to look outside the box from him some day.

After lunch, I then my lecture on Log: Log4perl held. Sorry, wanted to " recordmydesktop " not the way I want, so there is no first screencast.

To IPC รก la Erlang, it went into Max's lecture. It took into account the module AnyEvent:: MP and his plans for a AEMP:: Queue presented. I wonder if I did not one of my current private projects should try it, because I could split things as well to "Worker".

The Erlang language was then subject of Harold's lecture. I had previously set have not dealt with the language, but what Harald presented, I found very interesting. So I'll probably keep me occupied times. Not in the next few weeks, but I hope to find next year more time for that.

Many thanks to Harald and Thomas for organizing the event and the other speakers for great talks. I hope I will see the score at the next Frankfurt Perl Workshop.


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