Sunday, November 7, 2010

Much Does Toe Shortening Cost

Two strawberries please ...

I write occasional articles for the magazine Perl, in which it comes to programs for Windows . Most items come out of my everyday programming. This also ensures that the code examples work, download the reader can.

When researching for my article that in the next issue (No. 18 - Spring 2011) will be released, I came across a notice that one of the module used in newer Perls does not work. On Windows I use has a StrawberryPerl 5.8.9, which accompanied me faithfully for a long time and I never let down ;-)

New versions of Perl, I've run under Ubuntu , so that my programs may arise professionally test, both under Windows and Ubuntu and also with different versions of Perl. The article is about is a module specifically for Windows. Then I get the newer versions of Perl under Ubuntu is not really what.

So a new version of Perl on Windows forth. Fortunately, there are also StrawberryPerl in versions 5.10.1 and 5.12.1. The 5.10er version differs from the principle, because then either the path to C: \\ or the path in D: \\ hard-coded it says.

with Perl 5.12.1 but it is finally possible to StrawberryPerl to install to any location.

So the Perl installed. Well, installation is said too much. The. Zip file is downloaded, unpacked and the batch file portableshell.bat started and already you can get started. I want the right to install Perl, since I still want to use my default StrawberryPerl old.

If the batch file is run, you can do everything: run Perl programs, install modules, ...

What happens next with the above-mentioned module, I will be late filing ...

thanks Curtis Jewell , who always takes care of the StrawberryPerl releases.


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