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Anniversary Death What To Write

French-German journalist and media-ups with regards to the hard

French-German journalist and founder of media with regards to the hard

London / Berlin. 24. December 2009. The French-German journalist, radio journalist, author and founder of media, several international and alternative media, Andreas Klamm - Sabaot (41) has written to the readers, listeners and readers and viewers and listeners and viewers a greeting message to the Christmas party and published.

wishes In his greeting message to the media-founder, editorial director and conductor transmission, in countries like France, Britain and Germany, working as a journalist, radio journalist and author and also published nine books, all people , a happy and blessed holiday, from Christmas a happy hard-wishes, a good start to the year 2010 and that 2010 may be a better year for many people, especially for September 2009 in a sailing cruise to Nassau in the Bahamas, through no fault in need, Natalie with her baby n October 2009 in Berlin, was born and for the three year old daughter Jennifer Jaqueline.

husband is missing from the troubled two-time Muter previously unaccounted for. Most recently, the man should have stayed in the Caribbean.

Andreas Klamm - Sabaot, son of a former fire-Obermann at the municipal fire department in Ludwigshafen am Rhein and former postal official, Manfred Klamm (who died in 2000 after a car accident) and grand-son of the since 1945, missing, franäzösischen officer and a French citizen, Haedi Sabaot has been operating since 1984 as a journalist, radio journalist, writer and author and also founder of several alternative media, international and non-commercial media, which serve since 1986, international understanding, among other things, IFN International Family Network D734 (1984), IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Radio IBS Liberty, IBS TV Liberty, also known as Radio IBS Leeds, IBS TV Liberty (1986, Leeds, England and Speyer on the Rhine), British Newsflash Magazine (Leeds, England and Speyer on the Rhine), the news agency , (1984),, regional media and auxiliary projects (2006, Ludwigshafen and Landau), Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Report (2006, London, England, Berlin and Nuremberg, Germany), international tino Nales Media Project for Human Rights and co-founder of the international news and Missionary Magazine, MJB Mission News, which is registered worldwide with the ISSN 1999-8414 and jointly founded with the evangelists Yawovi Nyonato by the international Jewish-Christian John Baptitst Mission of Togo and has been published since 2008, some 190 national and international editions.

A commercial news agency, founded by the French-German journalist Andreas Klamm-Sabaot in 1996, the HRM News Horse-Rider Media Data in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, had no luck and had to stop the services as a result of insolvency. The news agency specializing in news from the riding and horses of racing. In 1996, the journalist went to a riding accident with a horse-care in Mannheim, serious injuries and had to spend several weeks in the surgery of the University Clinic in Mannheim. Since 1998, the journalist, disabled officially recognized, treated and chronically ill since 2000 with severe disabilities. Overall, he was also homeless and had produced five times in the middle of the emergency and television shows on the road during a time of homelessness in Ludwigshafen and Mannheim, which were sent including the Open Channel Ludwigshafen am Rhein.

Andreas Klamm - Sabaot works and works well with some health problems, international in France, Britain and Germany and considered to be a cosmopolitan world of thought as European citizens and citizens who would like to also give a european passport in hand as he announced only recently. As a French-German journalist and citizen, he regards the world as his "home" but not a single country.

the letter with greetings to the festival in full:

December 24, 2009

festival greetings

Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear readers!
Dear viewers and spectators!

Due to several emergency investments and also due to the occurrence of health problems (related to chronic hepatitis C, effects of three accidents, disability, chronic illness), I was unfortunately not possible to send greeting letter in time for the holidays.

Therefore I ask for your understanding and may you forgive me. Moreover

high work loads exist in my day job as a journalist, radio journalist and author. As some of you know, I have been working since 2006 in Britain, France and partly in Germany.

place in the world instead of at the time of movement and compared to my experience as a journalist in the 80s, there were still breaks for the holidays, I have to say today, that holidays are no longer a reason for pause.

However, I want you, you now have perhaps made bridge days to find some rest, vacation and relaxation that everyone needs in working life,

a happy, blessed holiday,
Merry Christmas,

and good holidays do.

I also wish you all a good start to the year 2010
and a good 2010.

For you, for me and for many other people, especially for the young mother Natalie, her baby, born in October, ihe 3-year old daughter, I very much hope that the year 2010 will be a good and better year.

to by the international Jewish-Christian John Baptist Mission of Togo (John the Baptist Mission) and I started auxiliary group's 1984 Natalie and the children "here is a first interim report.

The first calls were on 2 December 2009 published that we want a young mother, Natalie, her baby (born in October 2009 in Berlin) and help her 3 year old daughter, are after this no fault in a sailing cruise to Nassau in the Bahamas in trouble and gone, the husband is.

Interim Report:

So far there is not a helper or assistant, who were ready to send baby romper, baby clothes or baby clothes or toys and at least small gifts to a young mother with children in need who are in a parent-child facility located in Berlin.

packet of stamps and some help can be sent to:

John Baptist Mission of Togo
agency for Germany
Postfach 11 13

D 67 137 Neuhofen

Proof of the routing of aid packages are available on the Internet or alternatively send by email to the donors and donors. So please, if possible, the email-address . Indicate

latest information we publish, among other things at the Help Group's 1984 Natalie and the children "

greetings to the festival and some information about the situation of Natalie, Baby TJ and the 3 year old daughter Jennifer Jaqueline are also available in a television review of IBS Liberty TV at:

have book readings

As some of you already read, I plan in the spring of 2010, several book readings in Berlin and not just in Britain and France.

In the book I will present readings by three of my nine books written and published.

of recent events, I am special reference to the complex issues "opinion press and information freedom" in Berlin and take hope get some well-known political representatives on planned public discussions.

Unfortunately, the commitments are not yet available. As soon as possible, I will tell further details.

Expemplare meeting can be obtained from evidence of the work for media as a PDF file for FREE. Since I mostly write my books in part only in the English language, with some shares in German and French eat it important to have multilingual skills.

The book readings including in Berlin, I sincerely invite ready today.

Some information about my books can be found at:

second (There are several dates in December failed due to illness!)

Thanks for special assistance for the young mother with baby Natalie and child to my mother, Hedwig gorge from Neuhofen, a poor Wite, since 2000, and to the editor Author, Hans-Jürgen , Count of Nuremberg and "our" music producers
ROGER LENG from Dortmund, the hesitation of Radio IBS Liberty, and for a song for the

solidarity for refugees and people in need without

, immediately donated a number of music titles and special thanks to the family GOLDBERG from Jersualem in Israel.

Tip: Listen to the music of Wolfgang Leng, which is really good.


Andreas Klamm - Sabaot, French-German journalist, radio journalist,
transmission line, editorial management and founder of IBS

TV Liberty Radio IBS Liberty

IBS Independent Broadcasting Liberty Service (since 1986)

British Newsflash Magazine (since 1986) - News Agency

IFN International Family Network D734 (1984), media and aid projects, since 2006

Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters
international media project since 2006 for human rights

missionary news correspondent and mission management

agency for Germany since 2008
dealer for the UK since 2008
international Jewish-Christian
founded in 2004 by evangelist
Yawovi Nyonato, Lome, Togo


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