Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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Planned fee increase GEZ

Martin Stadelmaier, the coordinator of the media policies of the countries has big plans for the GEZ.

From 2013 to owners of Internet devices not the reduced price of 5.76 € but pay the full price of almost 18 €.

opposite Carta Stadelmaier said:
In the modified device for a reduced fee, there are mandatory fees for PCs and smartphones no technical justification more.
This reasoning is not in itself understandable, since one argument by claiming there is no counter-arguments would indeed wipe out not do that. court e have already questioned the fee, so it must be very good arguments against a mandatory fee.

It is not clear, the fees for the website of the to increase ER if the same quality and quantity of supply is reduced considerably .

If anything, the deals would have to massively expand the ER to justify the fee increase. I imagine it like this, that all ever charged on ER stations broadcast content be made available to the Internet and on-demand. This mainly includes news reports and documentaries, but of course, feature films and series. Who wants money, it also must bring power.

Even if this might be accomplished is a financial obligation in a free democracy won hardly justifiable.

Furthermore, it is argued that one can access with Internet-enabled devices on the programs of public broadcasters.

This statement may be true, but it is an important difference between a television and a computer:

If I buy a TV, so I have the intention to use these to watch TV. If I buy a radio, so I have the intention of listening to the radio to use.

Here is the argument that programs of public broadcasting could be used but questionable, but at least understandable.

However, if I buy a computer so I do not attend intend to use this as a computer. This can be both work and play.

If I buy a smart phone, so I do not attend the intention to use this as a phone and organizer.

Internet use is on two kinds of devices no reason to buy, or if then only a marginal reason to buy.

I am of the opinion that in the future with the GEZ, the idea of will "use intention` of equipment. Only when it appears in devices is that they serve as the main purpose of receiving something in which you can also receive public broadcaster, then GEZ paid.

I will thank the party for Pirates That use that we will fight for this goal.

Moreover, I am of the opinion that the GEZ must be abolished, and a different kind of collection that is not reminiscent of criminal methods that should be replaced.


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