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French-German journalist: "My grandfather was the French officer Haedi Sabaot

French-German journalist: "My grandfather was the French officer Haedi Sabaot "

Despite criminal charges remains Andreas Klamm - Sabaot in public statements:" My grandfather Hadi Sabaot was a French officer and a French national "

surprises after press conference and public press statement - Journalist remains in his statements made public and statutory declaration - But apparently bi-national and Franco-German journalist and citizens - "BKA officers are well trained - billion-donation fraud should have been noted" allegations are proven false

London / Berlin / Karlsruhe. (Red / aph). Although "witnesses" say publicly from Neuhofen in the Palatinate and Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Andreas Klamm - Sabaot do not have a French grandfather who is a journalist, radio journalist and author, Andreas Klamm - Sabaot in his published for several years, information that grandfather of the missing since 1945 French officer of the 5th Cuirassiers, to be formerly stationed in Kaiserslautern in the Palatinate and French citizen, Sabaot Hadi, who was born in Tunis in the capital of the North African country Tunisia. In the logical consequence of this he was at least bi-national citizens, the journalist in a public press statement.

After criminal charges were filed in the General Federal Prosecutor in Karlsruhe and at the Federal Criminal Police Office for complete information for all "False accusations", as Andreas Klamm - Sabaot while telling a press statement, there has been no public statement about the events of the authorities in Germany.

to the the accusations of a group of Ludwigshafen and Speyer on the Rhine, is said to have committed what the French-German journalist, a donation fraud, estimated at 900-1600 billion euros, said the French-German journalist, radio journalist and Author, Andreas Klamm - Sabaot: "How likely do you consider it in the era of total surveillance and anti-terror laws that the well-trained officials and civil servants of the Federal Criminal Police in Wiesbaden financial transactions amounting to 900-1600 billion euros will not notice? It is not fair when the well-trained officials and officials of the Federal now general inability assumed - do not you think? The allegations are just too ridiculous and you have to be far away from reality, to give such a serious and false accusations in the slightest faith. Please think logically and act rationally. Not only do I as a French-German journalist, radio journalist and author, the obligation of the truth that applies to all journalists, but also journalists, who are German citizens. There is not a global world economic crisis just write off with the spring. Who among us would not like to do that? ".

As part of this release, the journalist confirmed that the Information agree that he already in 2007 the U.S. President and the U.S. Department for Justice in Washington, DC (U.S. Department of Justice) in the United States of America presented a request for the change of citizenship and its application on the basis of Article 15, the common paradigm Declaration of Human Rights (www.un.org), was renewed in November 2009 for U.S. President Barack Obama.

"Already in 1986 I have publicly declared before an estimated 200,000 television viewers that I work with friends from the United States of America, Great Britain and France. to the information given by me and believe you now or not. But to avoid any misunderstanding, it is true that I work with friends from the United States of America, Great Britain, France and other countries and we should not blame me please I had kept it. I hereby agree once more with public. "Added Andreas Klamm - Sabaot.

Andreas Klamm - Sabaot confirm the information that he is a member of the international group Human Rights Leader For Obama "and therefore support, of course, at times, directly and indirectly, the U.S. president Barack Obama.

the "false accusations" against Manfred Klamm, the father of the journalist, according to which these have committed in 2007, seven years after his death to serious fraud, the journalist feels so literally "as distasteful and contemptuous of human persons, to the widow of the 30th after the accident January 2009 deceased former fire-top man of the professional firefighters of the city of Ludwigshafen on the Rhine and a former postman, "who was never a peasant or farmer, and certainly not the" richest peasant or farmer of Neuhofen. "The body of Manfred Klamm , after his death on the intensive care unit for seriously injured people, fire the BG Trauma Clinic in Ludwigshafen am Rhein on the prosecution Frankenthal confiscated. For more information, could certainly also notify the senior public prosecutor Lothar Liebig. The terrible accident death of Manfred Klamm was no secret. About the death of Manfred Klamm in 2000, several newspapers had reported in the region.

Andreas Klamm - Sabaot: "Furthermore, I have to once again point out that my first choice-home of New York City in the United States and is since 2006, my food spot in London, Great Britain is. There are contacts with the mother, who lives in Neuhof in the Palatinate. But there are significant further contacts in this area since, especially after I open for my commitment in the election in 2005 for Federal Gerhard Schröder, SPD, was attacked on the most violent. For the policies of Gerhard Schröder, I am not responsible and its politics have disappointed me, especially when working with people in very severe distress. It is true that Neuhofen is only a second residence. I also know American journalist colleagues, who have three or four residences in many parts of the world. This is not unusual for international working journalists.

That there is a certain proximity to demokratichen social policy should be somewhat surprising, considering that I am over 20 years involved in social issues and in secondary vocational secondary certified Nurses am with state exam from the year 1993. Also, I was a student at the Evangelical School of Social and Health Services in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, specializing in care management in the years 2003 and 2004. If we here also have to talk about the SPD. It is true that I also so see how many other people. The SPD has only one chance, if the party is working for the interests of the totality of all people in Germany, acts, is involved and a good life for all people in Germany can make, or has considered, in my opinion, the SPD in the long term no chance in Germany. But to make these decisions are not my responsibility. Ask Please refer to the charge in the SPD Party committees. "

The French-German journalist, also confirmed that he was" in fact and truth as a news correspondent, "missionary and mission management for the agencies for the UK and representation for Germany the international Jewish-Christian John Baptist Mission of Togo is working, which is explicitly not compete with the Catholic or Protestant Church in Germany. The work for the Jewish-Christian mission in Togo he bar in voluntary work since the mission had no funding and was very poor.

The records of the press, are heard in these extracts, partially at Radio IBS Liberty, and other free and international radio projects at:

1.Press Statement on false allegations of fraud in 2007, Manfred Klamm, http://chirb.it/hcPOP8
2.Presse Statement to the false allegations, "medical and disability fraud," http://chirb.it/PxG5ga
3.Press Declaration to the French officer and a French citizen Hadi Sabaot, Great-father of Andreas Klamm - Sabaot, http://chirb.it/hFd6Ln


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