Monday, May 10, 2010

Largestboob In Bollywood

to name

Yesterday, I had already indicated that there should be after the election defeat in NRW a great quest for a scapegoat.

Yesterday was an old scapegoat, with whom I had expected not more seriously dug.

Our name is debt Wolfang refers to Michal , bringing the good old name debate back into the game.

He suggests that we should rename the election results in "Digital Democratic Party."

He believes that our name would mainly attract protest voters. And I give him right there, who is in the voting booth undecided, and "the Great" will wipe out one, the more likely to elect a party with a provocative name.

He overlooks, however, a crucial fact: parties with serious names there are a dime a dozen. Parties such as "German Social Union, the Free Citizens Initiative" or the "LaRouche" sound in name but certainly respectable.

But the percentage of votes for these parties is quite low, the probability someone that only selected because they have a reputable name, is probably rather low.

Most people choose a party either because they could have always been elected, or because they have seen the contents, and were convinced. Against the former we can not do much anyway, the latter can achieve a lot of convincing.

should the name be completely irrelevant in both cases.

The name Pirate Party, however, makes clear at first glance that something different for us to be. Yes, the association with fun party is on there, but I think that is solvable with good publicity. Rebellion is as another thought, and the describes our approach to make a different, bottom-up policy, then going quite well.

If we now change our name, we lose many of the current believers who find us on the ballot this week may not be back. We prefer to spot those of us who always said with such a name would make no policy, and give it legally. If we can measure but only to the value standards of other parties, we can also resolve the same.

With a name change, many people will leave the party, the named many associate of us "be a pirate" and the goals that way of thinking and such. Shortly after the renaming, a new pirate party will be established, and we divide our movement unnecessarily.

can we not afford. And see, fortunately many other pirates as well. remain

Stand by to pirate!


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