Monday, May 17, 2010

Sample Letter Community Service Completion

The Federal Party

The Federal Party of the Pirate Party is over. It was a tough and demanding event.

It was clear from the beginning that it would not be possible to process all requests. That we would work but practically none of it is a matter with which I had not even expected to be even.

We have it in two days, in principle, only managed to fill all the positions to be elected and decide to 5-6 "little things".

What is that? The main reason is my opinion that we are a serious democratic party. We must all stand, everyone can express his opinion, each has the right to be heard, anyone is allowed to ask his questions. And disappear when we have 10 candidates, and each presenting within 3 minutes and 15 minutes of questions get asked, then there for 3 hours for these ideas. If the whole is still interrupted by other things, it quickly by four hours.

For us, it does not stop possible to choose a top candidate within a few hours to decide on a campaign platform, and a few other things like that seems to be possible for some old parties. We are not just decisions made in the back room, but transparent and with the participation of all. We are a grassroots party.

democracy is tough. Democracy takes time. Democracy costs money.

We are democratic.

And I'm proud.

I'm a pirate.

and proud of it.


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