Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Masterbation With Fuirts

My Perl 2010

As in past years, I want to again take a look back at the past year.

addition to many smaller things I've mainly worked for the OTRS AG , which will also go to January 2011 so on. After that I will do other things. I will certainly this report.

am This year, I also switched from Kephra on Padre . The main reason was that I was in Padre quickly integrate their own plugins to simplify my life. But of course I will not leave Kephra of course!

Otherwise I have regained two Blog Posts for O'Reilly .

in February is now the 13th edition of $ foo appeared. This is also an article by the XING appeared -makers.

In March we had the opportunity to Perl at the CeBIT represent . I was really surprised how many people have come to us at the booth. We almost always something was going on. In the state of Linux Hotel I could then also give a lecture on Perl .

mid-April Perl 5.12.0 was released . Since then, the release cycles of Perl have changed. There is now a monthly development release (the last was published on 20 December - Perl 5.13.8 ) and more time in a stable release. Perl 5.12.2 is currently (with Perl 5.12.3 in preparation).

In May there was the 14th Spending $ foo. Also in May there was the big Perl Survey 2010 and the first results were then posted on the German Perl-Workshop . The final results are now also online .

at the German Perl-Workshop I could not participate because I'm busy professional full. Unfortunately, somewhat fewer people in Stuttgart were there.

In July there was the first release of Rakudo *, a usable Perl 6 implementation. I started to play around a bit - but nothing more. Right in time course we have a Perl 6 package of $ foo laced.

At the YAPC:: EU in August I could not even not participate. At the time I worked on the SaaS solution OTRS (OTRS OnDemand ). But next year I am very likely to be back with it. Also in August, there was the 15th Spending $ foo.

at an event in August, I was able to participate in spite of all the work: The FrOSCon stood on the plan. We had a booth and then a Perl room, where many papers were presented. I would also like to again thank the helpers. After FrOSCon I've also set up an account Slideshare on which I will upload my lectures in the future.

Also in September, I was move: In Zurich, there was the FrOSCamp . In Switzerland seems to be the subject of "Open Source" not to be spread that far. In any case, I would have liked to see more visitors. But that may be so in the next year would increase even more. Also on the FrOSCamp we had a booth and I gave a few lectures. As always, however, contact with other people from the Open Source area is very nice and important.

In November there was the 16th Spending $ foo. End of November, instead of our traditional Frankfurt Perl Community Workshop . This time we were in the youth club U68 of the DGB. I hope we will go there again in the future.

In the 8th Issue the Perl newspaper published two articles are by me.

December was packed with Perl things: first, I was in Stuttgart, where I have interviewed Dirk Deimeke and Roman Hanhart of Deimhart . Two days later I was in Hamburg and was present at a meeting of the Hamburg Perl Mongers.

As my partner and I have decided the dissolution of our GbR had some things to be done for 2011. New business registrations, etc. But I've also taken some things to a new server, and soon all the mail arrive with respect to $ foo in OTRS.

I also currently working on OPAR, a modules for OTRS extensions. I think I can still start in January 2011 the beta phase.

What else did: I use now Dist:: Zilla one in the development of Perl modules. The module replaces a self-written program that helps me to publish and other steps of modules. A very good module.

Gabor and I have started Perl Ecosystem Group, with which we want to support a number of activities related to Perl. Even for companies that are there member, it will be some activities that we draw on.

In Perl 5.14, which appears in the next year, some patches will find me. There are only Little things and I would hope to have more time for such things, but it's a start ;-)

over the year, I was of course a few times at the Frankfurt Perl Mongers .


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