Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Seven Year Old Dog Seizure

DeimHart 20: Perl

On Saturday I was in Stuttgart in Shack Space . There, I met with Dirk Deimeke and Roman Hanhart of DeimHart . On the FrOSCamp Dirk asked me if I would not be available for an interview about Perl available.

Shack In Space, we've received for a little tour of the rooms. Hardware enthusiasts will get their costs and the members of some really interesting things are made ( door opener with wireless internet, login via SSH ). Currently the members are looking for a new (larger) Remain and are grateful for support.

We were received there really friendly - and thanks again for the opportunity there to take the interview.

The reception was also equal first for the new recording equipment so that only a little Try it was announced. As all this was built, there was a short briefing and then it was also going on already. We talked for over an hour about everything. Since it was more like a conversation between friends and not a typical interview, the time went by very quickly and I felt very comfortable about it.

I think this interview is all going well, but listen for yourself: http://deimhart.net/index.php?/archives/104-Folge-20-Perl.html


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