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Terror Management in the 21st Century - Tunis - Cairo - Tripoli - An interview with Christoph Hörstel

A highly informative interview with a Middle East expert and investigative journalist, Christoph Hörstel, among other things, to the current situation in the Middle and enters the Middle East.

also eerie and dark details in the field of politics, the intelligence community and the media presents, Christoph Hörstel by rock-hard facts that our current state of law and separation of powers massively question!

Watch and distribute, as they will not find in the supposedly proffessionellen mass media, "such irrelevancies" ...

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Video description: The full interview can be seen here: Terror Management

We see in the weeks since the beginning of 2011 a real tyrant falls in North Africa. How do you assess this development?

Christoph Hörstel:
This development will determine the next decades of the Near and Middle East extensively affecting the entire globe. It will have an impact on the efforts of the U.S. to make Iran comply. It will affect the type of control and the handling of the region by the United States. It will increase pressure on Israel to an amicable solution looking to the Palestinians more than ever and it will not be as easy as had covered as a despot in the West Country, the entire political process. Actually, it should be so that we take these populations that have freed themselves from terrible losses from their despots, encourage their independence, they seriously and act with them at eye level. But all I do not see.

Question: What
geostrategic interests, the West to countries like Egypt?

Christoph Hörstel:
Israel remain secured. Because it is so to speak, as the aircraft carrier of the West in the Arab world and the pile in the Arab meat is to be clearly received. It is also due to the economic thrust of the Chinese in order to secure the African continent. That is why we got a few years ago AFRICOM. Washington affords even the generosity to divide the whole world in command areas, and there is also EUCOM and CENTCOM. So here we have to operate from the perspective of Washington's clearly a need to control security. It's also a good idea of curbing Islamic and the Islamic revival movement. With almost frightening in American eyes is a pan-Islamic revival. This is something that you did not want the peoples of a great clip, which unites them - Islam, get together and shut down their arguments. Divide and conquer is a very efficient principle. It is about control and not about taking seriously the people, respect and equality. We can certainly give Mubarak too long. But why? Because you are aware, is that the stagnation of these people, the interior is rubbing is also part of our ice-cold and murderous power interests in the region.

The full interview can be seen here: Terror Management

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