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Can I Watch You Masterbate?

Census 2011 - Where is the protest?

All of Germany is in wild commotion, because a noble son, who has his doctorate erschummelt. Public opinion is so high, boiled, that even the people in the capital on the road driving to demonstrate their frustration.

But even if the young minister admits his post, what will change on issues such as Afghanistan, increasing surveillance and centralization reforms by the legislature and ministries?

The list of names of ministers, which the rule of law and freedom of the people is daily trampling long, but their agenda runs like a red thread through their Legislative sessions and as long as we continue to be dictated to us by our major press organs of opinion and social commitment, as long as it takes surprise anybody if we remain distracted every day anew by the really big dirty tricks ...

Source: Grassroots Revolution No. 357, March 2011
Author: Bernd pressures

The VoBo movement and the 2011 census

had 1983 projected census to be stopped because of protests and 1987 found a Large-scale boycott of the Volksaushorchung "instead. And today? Where is the movement against census and Census 2011?

From May to Germany in a census, "Census 2011" will be performed (see GWR 356).

80 000 "interviewers" will be questioned nationwide by the end of 2011, approximately 20 million people, with up to 186 questions per household. With the "Census 2011" is facing a massive collection of personal data. Million people will be forced, religion, marital status, income, and much more just place. The human right to informational self-determination is being violated.
If we want to do something against this government-imposed sanction, it is worth remembering the census boycott movements 1980s.

The stop of the 1983 census

In 1983, the State wanted to carry out a large-scale census and the entire population of the then Federal Republic of capture and illuminate.
This plan led to nationwide mass protests. Citizens' groups went to court and all instances.
The broad refusal shaft and finally the decision of the Constitutional Court stopped the census 1983rd The data was first recognized as a fundamental right. The citizens were promised the right to "informational self-determination." A collection of non-anonymised data on stocks and closed for undetermined purposes the court. This was a great success for the nationwide census boycott movement.
The Kohl government has, however, considered as a slap in the face. And so was the then-Interior Minister CSU Zimmermann every effort to enforce 1987 "nachgebeserte" census.

The motion VoBo 1987

The abbreviation "VoBo-Ini" knows almost nobody. It stands for "census boycott initiative. 1987 was the acronym on everyone's lips, for in the entire Federal Republic had "VoBo-Inis" formed which agitated against the government's plans. "VoBo" which was in many cities a large, organized grassroots democratic social movements, in the joined forces of anarchists to the Open, by workers, the unemployed and students a broad social spectrum, stop with the common aim of the "people-examination" or to boycott.


What moves against the "Census 2011"?

Compared with the major census boycott movements of the 80s, there is as yet no relevant campaign against the "Census 2011".
That certainly has many reasons. Many still do not know what happened between Mai and December 2011, belongs personally to them. In times of Facebook Retention, Google Street View, grasierender camera surveillance and electronic ID card, it has become difficult to stem the expansion of state surveillance. The collection is now more comprehensive than in 1987. Therefore, fatalism has made wide. We should educate and countermeasures. With the "Census 2011" are in for a huge collection of personal data. The forced poll upfront problematic personal profiles. As in 1987, the NPD has called on its members, at the "interviewers" to be classified in order to make anti-fascists and undocumented migrants find.
The survey by unknown "interviewer" is only one side of the snooping.
In the background, combined information including from the population registers, financial and employment agencies with the results of the survey and stored under a unique number.
It had prohibited the Federal Constitutional Court, such an order number 1983rd Successfully the promised security and anonymity of the masses of data is questionable. Known, the trade is thriving with personal data.
knowledge is power. The more the state knows about us, the harder it is to fight for us, the system of exploitation of man by man.
the collected and linked to census data is not deleted immediately after evaluation, but stay for up to four years saved and can be attached via the serial numbers on sensitive profiling. The anonymity of inadequate census data is a threat to informational self-determination, privacy and data security. The result for a long period of centralized data collection with significant abuse potential. Especially for people engaged in social movements, so it should be clear that we collectively and jointly commit to the "Census 2011" and all other attempts to illuminate us should.

read the complete article in the monthly "grass roots revolution," issued March 2011th

Website: Graswurzel.net

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