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flying disks and other secret weapon part 2 - fire balls and soap bubbles

Hagbud Seleyn
5th March 2011

the end of the 2nd World War II, Allied pilots reported again and again by shining flying bullets and similar appearance. In Part 1 of this series of articles I have several press reports on these so-called "Foo-fighters from the former Time played.

The British UFO reference book "The Encyclopedia of UFOs" writes about these strange balls of light:

"The Foo Fighters or herb-balls (" herb "is an American term of abuse for German, n. Hagbud), also known as were, were first observed as a very small balls of light, the fighter and bomber aircraft during the final months of the second World War followed, and apparently were annoying. These miniature UFOs appeared alone on a couple or in groups and sometimes seemed under some kind of remote intelligent monitoring to stand. They sent a steady stream of sometimes red, gold and white light, sometimes pulsating. "

fire balls and soap bubbles

The description of" flying ball "or" glowing ball strikes "in my opinion on various German developments, according to the author Norbert Jürgen-Ratthofer It should, however, to two main technologies have acted. In his essay "The Vril project", he writes:

"Under the umbrella term" foo fighter "refers to the Allies various German missiles which lights or ball shape was common.

particular, but there were probably two inventions covered by the term "foo fighters" were: The "flying Turtle "and the" bubbles ", two completely different things, but these were considered by the Allies as belonging together.

The "Flying Turtle" - the "fire ball" called - were from the technical department of the SS (not the SS E-IV) developed in Wiener Neustadt. It was for this equipment to remote controlled flying probes. Their external shape recalled the shell of a turtle "

Here are two pictures of the" Flying Turtle ".

According to the Graduate physicist Illo fire was powered this aircraft by a turbojet engine, in its report, "Unusual properties of indeterminate phenomena of light," he writes:

"In flight produced the engine a huge Halo luminous flame, giving the device name "fireball" was. After the start, these objects were first directed by radio in the vicinity of the enemy aircraft. Infrared sensors, responding to the hot exhaust gases, took over the more automatic navigation.

The fiery halo around the objects - which came by special admixtures of the fuels, naturally - and the chemical additives, which ionize the air in the vicinity could have, considerable electrical interference result. "

something completely different, the so-called" bubbles ", as also by the allied" were called Foo-Fighter ". Norbert Jürgen-Ratthofer writes:

"These were basically nothing more than simple balloon, which contained thin metal coils to disrupt enemy aircraft radar. You should particularly irritate the Pathfinder machines "of
Allied bombers. The success of this idea should have been small - from the psychological effect apart.

"bubbles" existed in various sizes. For night operations, they were mostly black, and mostly for daytime operations from darker or almost transparent film. In principle, there were small adaptations of weather balloons. This, Seifenblasen'-Foo - Fighters "have long since 1945 once again provided for amazement. Some of them rose to the stratosphere and wandered abandoned halfway around the earth, then at some point somewhere as "UFOs" astonishment .- excite As a result of the German-Japanese cooperation standing certainly Japan tentatively had "bubbles" rise, whose appearance in spaces of Japan and Korea of course almost, and also the Japanese "bubble" were partly of course from many years'

photo of a "bubble."

The function of the fireballs

The "fireballs should" probably a failure of electronic systems such as radar installations cause. The Italian flight engineer Renato Vesco wrote in an article:

"Later encounters with foo-fighters led experts to believe that they were German inventions of a new way to fool radar. How close they came to the truth, occurred when Allied Intelligence specialists in the Nazi secret factories came. The Foo Fighters, which were seen by allied pilots were only a small fraction of a demonstration and a variety of methods to evade radar and stop electromagnetic currents. The work on an anti-radar-guided fireball was accelerated by a Luftwaffe experimental center near Oberammergau in the fall of 1944. There and in the aeronautical facilities in Wiener Neustadt, the first fireballs were produced. Later, as the Russians approached Austria, these productions were moved to the Black Forest. Quickly and remotely controlled, equipped with klystron tubes, on the same frequency as the enemy radar working, they could wipe the radar characters from the screen and were so invisible to ground control "

According Norbet Jürgen-Ratthofer should be disturbed by this technology, the ignition systems of enemy bombers, he writes:

." This technique is a further development of the klystron tubes back, but should not that have worked, as you saw fit. The effective "ignition cut" - from the SS picturesque, 'death ray' called - was only later, and probably created using other technical means. Since then, precisely is this "switch off ignition, electrical systems fail, the typical appearance of the UFO."

Today UFOs are often described as glowing balls or pieces, as typical, is still the precipitation of electrical equipment. There are, as I said several technologies eligible for such phenomena in question. In Germany, also flying machines developed which appear blurred not because of fuel blends but because of their own gravity field during the flight or colored lights, they came but probably not as frequently used as the "fire balls" and it was only a small number available.

more in the following parts of this series of articles ...


Two typical UFO photos, presumably no "fire balls" but missiles with its own gravitational field:


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