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Witnesses Plight: Pregnant mother with child in need is at home in Germany

witnesses confirm plight:

pregnant mother with a child in need is at home in Germany

donors made travel Nassau in Bahamas to Berlin for pregnant mother and child can

doubt after RTL TV report and to a witness - Three witnesses confirm plight of the mother - possibly more than 100 other witnesses in Nassau, the plight of young women confirm

By Andreas Klamm-Sabaot

Nassau (Bahamas) / Trier / Berlin. 27. October 2009. Desperately trying the pregnant mother Natalie F. (24) in the 35th Pregnancy Week found in numerous charities in Germany help. After her husband since 6 July will be missed, 2009, was the pregnant mother, Natalie F. (24) with daughter Jennifer (3) in need. Helpful Donors in Germany made the return trip to Germany possible, because the mother had their claims to any money for the return trip to Berlin, was ill and homeless in the sunny island paradise in Nassau in Bahamas become.

for the mother and heaven was obviously not a paradise, especially in the last four weeks of their stay. Four weeks they have in the streets of Nassau in the Bahamas to ask for herself and her daughter for food and money will need to survive. By early September, the rent was paid, but then she had become homeless. It also allowed the woman to find their descriptions According among poor fishermen in Nassau and in places where middle-class people expected in Germany certainly would not help. Poor people, who themselves have very little, had helped her to appreciate the young mother describes her experiences. At the Embassy in Nassau was the pregnant woman and her sick 3 year old daughter did not find any help, although their help there under Article 6 of the Basic Law (GG), is entitled under the Social Security Code (12 and 2) and the consular assistance law.

On 13 October 2009 was the barely imaginable. The exhausted mother was with her daughter with British Airways to London to fly and fly from London to Berlin-Tegel (TXL). On 14 October 2009 Natalie F. landed with their 3 year old daughter airport in Berlin.

"Exhausted and tired, "had the mother and daughter. But both are happy to be back in Germany. At the airport waiting for some journalists at a major daily newspaper (Berliner Kurier), two TV stations (RTL television, and IBS Television Liberty) and a staff member and a member of the Youth Office in Berlin.

On 29 September 2009 met the emergency of the mother at the international Jewish-Christian John Baptist Mission of Togo, representative for Germany and the representative for the UK. examined after the Foreign Office, was whether the information is correct, there was a number of occasions in writing of the plight, turned the international mission service more than two dozen relief and rescue organizations in Germany, Bahamas, Jamaica and the United States of America. The alarm message. "Pregnant mother with a child in need, 3 year old daughter and mother ill,"

Since the mother reported her husband missing to the German Embassy, reported on 30 September 2009, the international mission, a missing indicator in the missing persons site of the Office of Criminal Investigation (LKA) in Berlin, police in Berlin and on 3 October, a further missing display at the Royal Bahamas Police (Royal Police) in Nassau Bahamas.

The husband of the woman is now looking good. Natalie F. feared bad: "Maybe I saw Man no other way. He was desperate, maybe he's on the bottom of the sea, it might have eaten by sharks. I do not know. "

After 14 October 2009, at least mother and child in a mother and child home safety, and the two state care can find the community seems a minor miracle for mother and child to have become true.

weekend, Friday 16th October 2009, an alleged witness came forward David W., in Nassau Bahamas in working in an industry that is disputed and said: "Natalie and husband Hans lived in a beautiful residential community. No distress and throws Natalie, the agency for Germany, representation for Great Britain and the mission leadership of both countries in the Jewish-Christian John Baptist Mission of fraud and a fictitious story before. $ 1,000 would owe the couple to the alleged owner. ". Hans had allegedly still detained on the island, while his wife gets in trouble, mother and daughter are sick.

When RTL television magazine "Explosive" is suspected and a "hoax". It is unclear whether and how the pregnant mother might be involved. The husband, according to prosecutor Johannes Mocken by the prosecutor in Dusseldorf the German authorities knew. He will in two main court process to which these non- appeared to be searched.

On 19 October 2009 report, the witnesses Peter Lange, a poor fisherman and his friend Chris O `Brein Maccoke and William Waite, and declared in a written statement:" God is my witness, the pregnant mother, Natalie was homeless and had to go to the streets of Bahamas begging for food and money. "From time to time he had with her daughter Natalie on his fishing boat" can sleep Sham Tame. " The International Education Media Network MJB over explain the witness: ". You may not publish our names worldwide in all media and announce in public"

Peter Long said: "We know that Hans in Canada (* = location was changed for security reasons by the editor in a different place. The real name of the place is the editorial offices and the police in Berlin known) is located.

on the statements of witness David W. from Nassau in the Bahamas any doubts. He repeatedly stated in writing: "Natalie and her daughter on 8 October we adopted and are then flown to Miami in the U.S. to probably a day later to fly to Germany. "

But even on the weekend on Friday and Saturday turned a specially from New York City is flown by RTL TELEVISION New York TV recordings in Nassau in the Bahamas and tried everything on the history of the mother in Not with her 3 year old daughter to do research on site.

against the witness David W., the John Baptist Mission of Togo, representative for Germany and the UK agency for a criminal complaint on suspicion of "intentionally false allegation of fraud" report.

A witness from Nassau, David W., which provides the detail of the pregnant mother and her 3 year old daughter Natalie F. in question this is sufficient to impute to a pregnant mother with her 3 year old daughter in need a "hoax" and the attempt to tread the helpers criminalize?

This compares to three witnesses who confirmed the details of the mother in need and a number of written confirmations of the Foreign Ministry and the German Embassy. In the written witness statement confirmed the witness Peter Lange: "There is more than another 100 people are in the docks (the poor districts of Nassau), who have seen the mother and daughter were in need."

Shortly before the flight is no longer sure whether the heavily pregnant with her daughter Natalie can still fly on a normal scheduled flight. The RTL-TV team paid on the spot in Nassau Bahamas in the doctor's statement for the mother because the mother had no money. Result of the investigation by ultrasound: The baby is a girl. Mother and baby are healthy and were in the 35th Pregnancy week ending date the investigation.

When John Baptist Mission of Togo assured the witness Peter Lange: "We are poor fishermen, but no liar. Natalie and her 3 year old daughter were in need "

The exact reasons that led to the serious plight of a pregnant mother with her 3 year old daughter are certainly not easy to find out. The mother and witnesses made a lot of details, so that there are in the editorial offices of the International Education Network MJB no major doubts about the particulars of the mother.

In early October, the international John Baptist Mission of Togo, a criminal complaint against the German Embassy, the Foreign Office and the Federal Foreign Office because of "suspicion of failure to render assistance" refunded. was

few days ago, also in New York City for the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon a complaint filed by the John Baptist Mission of Togo and made an application for an international investigation of events in Nassau Bahamas.

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