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Yaz And Emergency Contraception 2010

I think it chops - thanks Judith

The band "Hero" may seem to have any advertising. At festivals, they have already come to depend on advertising banners can before they hit the stage. Singer Judith Holofernes said in December 2007 As picture blogger for a day, what you at the "tabloid" not everything fits. thought it wanted the advertising agency Jung von Matt for a seemingly good idea to check with the band "We Are The Champions" and Judith Holofernes, whether they participate in an "image" advertising campaign:
Despite (perhaps more so).

Radio Fritz Interview with Judith Holofernes of WirsindHelden

Following the request of the advertising agency and the prompt, refreshing, fresh and honest answer Judith, with whom she seems a nerve with many people in this country has taken. I say Judith also thank you for your courage and here it is paying off, not in a plate adhesion contract to stand with great management ...
Ladies and gentlemen, we are entrusted
as an advertising agency with the current image campaign, in which we offer top-class celebrity a platform to share their open, honest and unvarnished opinion to FIG.
We are currently planning the next production phase for spring 2011. to the new manufacturing TV and cinema spots as well as poster and advertising motifs to complement the existing designs by Veronica Ferres, Thomas Gottschalk, Philipp Lahm, Richard von Weizsacker, Mario Barth and much more.
for this continuation of the campaign, we want very much, "We are heroes" win. The nice thing about the campaign is that it is a good purpose to the best. IMAGE donate in name of each celebrity 10 000, - € to any one of you to be determined purpose.
Let us call like and discuss the details. For detailed information, we will send you already attached some further information.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Greetings from Hamburg,
Jung von Matt / Alster Werbeagentur GmbH
replied the band "We are heroes" very clear words:
love advertising agency Jung von Matt,
regarding your inquiry to whether, when the current Image - want to join campaign:
I think it chopped off.
The current poster - action picture - with a newspaper called testimonials, so any commentary Geseiere (! Also critical Hear, hear!) Of so-called celebrities (including critical Oho!) Is the perfidious what I've come for a long time is. That means: according to your standards ensure a successful Action.
Rarely has a campaign so ably played with stupidity on all sides . Because on the one hand, the celebs who think themselves are: Hmm, the tabloids, let's face it, the article already mad a lot of people, that would be smart ... but somehow does not actually, you know, because it is somehow below my level / evil / visible calculating ... And then you come, my agency, and builds these poor celebrity split a bridge, a rickety, slippery, but hey, what the heck, is on the other side, say, a bag of jelly babies. You say, those celebrities: you know what, you just get no money! We give just a little coal in your name, the match already, because of who donates, can have no ego, understand? And also, watch out, here it comes: you can say what you want!
And then think of these celebrities, within its capabilities, some pseudo-distant from twaddle, something "totally specious term," Clever-or-obligation, or arrogant, or ... And believe it would come off the hook without losing face. And still have achieved an incredible number of bloody stupid people! Hurrah.
On the other hand, which is self-explanatory, the recipient, the bloody stupid that thinking: Man, this newspaper Bild, which got a nerve.
And, the third side: your love of a young dynamic people, to it, at least in a very specialized part of your brain, just know what you do. Except maybe when you come up with the idea, "We are heroes" to ask for the campaign, because, honestly, that would be totally funny if just the ...
The problem is that I'm probably half studied by you, and I know that you learn in the first semester, is that the medium is the message . Or, even told a different way that it no "good or for evil" There . That is, I know that you know and I know you shit on it.
The BILD - Zeitung is not a wink to contemplative Trash-cultural and not a harmless "Guilty Pleasure" for well-coiffed supervisor's grains, no witty social reference, not a lifestyle quote. And certainly not the picture - the newspaper, but what you want to sell them: hatred beloved, but largely harmless inventory of a really much smarter German lands.
the tabloid is a dangerous political tool - not just a high-magnification telescope into the abyss, but an evil creature that Germany does not describe, but makes. With an agenda.
in the risk of repeating myself: I believe it chopped off.
With polite regards, Judith Holofernes
Also in the event that I am repeating myself, thank you Judith.

Judith Holofernes at Harald Schmidt - 4aug2003

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