Thursday, October 15, 2009

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The "success" of the FDP

Shortly after the election I had started to filter some civil rights goals of the FDP from their election platform, and some of our expectations of a party that wants to be the civil rights party lists.

The FDP has certainly tried in tough coalition talks now about these issues. The mirror now subtitled "FDP stop Internet blocking" , which often have a closer look is interpretable otherwise.

My personal expectation list:
[] FDP gets
the Home Office is yet because nothing happened.

[ x] The access difficulty law is withdrawn
agreed at the Internet blocking in the negotiators that the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) is to first try to remove child pornography sites, rather than block. The Vice-Chairman FDP Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger said this was a "real breakthrough". After a year of success of this measure should be reviewed.
The alleged "real breakthrough" specifies that the Act by one year is - until then, the BKA is trying to delete. It is not unlikely that the BKA will report in a year that deletion is not successful, then we are back on the same spot.

This is a clear failure . should

[] Data retention is withdrawn
The retention of the use of the data are limited to serious danger, said Federal Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU).
The existing law on data retention, with this scheme scaled back, in fact, since it also
  1. to prosecute crimes,
  2. to Defense substantial threats for public safety
  3. to fulfill the legal duties of the constitutional protection authorities of the Federation and the countries of the BND and Military Counter to the relevant parties
  4. to provide information on the identity of telecommunications users to § 113 Act.
can be used ( Wikipedia ).

However, the Federal Constitutional Court has already found that only for serious crimes and dangerous situa tions, the data retention may be used.

A limitation on the highest level federal court set for sale as a success is ridiculous - this restriction is granted.

is every indication that this is a failure is.

From the manifesto the FDP:
[ x ] abolition of the retention (page 27)
[ x ] no secret online searches of private computer (page 27)
for secret online searches of suspect computers in the future is an arrangement of the Attorney General is necessary. Also, online searches not extend to other security agencies such as the protection of the Constitution.
The FDP has reached here only a restriction that is not. The federal prosecutor is accused by critics , in this respect a simple "We sign what we all on the table is" authority to be.

[ - ] protection of professional secrecy - no Spähangriffe (page 31)
The protection of professional secrecy is extended by defense lawyers at all. are for other professions such as journalists, according to the compromise a "testing order", said the FDP interior affairs expert Max Stadler. A small part of success
. However, it is assumed that the "inspection order" fails.

[ x ] protection of press freedom and journalistic research => no "aid" for release of secret documents (page 31)

There to Protect Journalists, only the above-mentioned "testing order" there is clear here from a failure to speak .

are no statements currently:
[] No collection of passenger data (page 28)
[] BKA no FBI (page 28)
[] no automatic License Plate Recognition (page 31)
[] A federal data protection law is passed (page 26)
[] right to privacy Self-determination in the constitution (page 27)
[] Introduction of a "foundation data" (page 27)
[] Federal Commissioner for Data Protection is (page 27) to a "top federal agency "
[] data security breaches must be punished (harder) ( page 27)
[] Improved employee data protection (page 27)
[] opt-in solution for sales data from local authorities (page 27)
[] prohibition of the transfer of data from local authorities to the GEZ (page 27)
[] Restore of banking secrecy (page 27)
[] abolition of the "Great eavesdropping" (page 31)

Overall, the results are rather disappointing. Not at all points is something said, and eventually we should wait for the Koaliationsvertrag probably best to give us the exact wording to be regarded.

Jan "DarkX2" Gretschuskin

In fact, I think that is unacceptable as Interior Minister Schäuble.


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