Thursday, October 8, 2009

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AG speaks on a national board review tool

Shortly after I blogged about a Feedback Tool have is on the agenda of the today's board meeting the following points:

discussion on the introduction of an online voting tool for the collection of party-wide opinion makers.

  • pros and cons (eg anonymity)
  • extent compatible with the party law and Statutes?
  • authentic are voting?
  • is who can bring in referenda?
  • how many votes each month?
  • as long a period per vote?
  • at the federal level, at the country level, regional?
  • technical implementation
These points are important and need to be clarified. What is important however is that these ASAP to be put into a test mode - even if the key security issues and access issues still unresolved. Because if we wait

until a system is adapted to all these points, it may be that it is already past the next election are.

I think it makes sense to establish a commission to AG, touches the various existing tools and then vote into a test mode. Other working groups will bring to views expressed. Feedback is then collected in response to which is then selected the best system.

This system then we adjust to our needs.

So I would do it at least;)

Stand by to Change. Let's start with us!



In fact, I think that is unacceptable as Interior Minister Schäuble.


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