Monday, October 5, 2009

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Opinion making

I have already mentioned, I think it is urgent that we pirates created us a way in which as many people have a say about how we want to shape policy.

In a countless number of working groups under development results - the AG's work here but mostly in private to himself, and then present their findings may be somewhere at some point. The external communication is the problem. Not all joint stock companies shall open interim results for discussion - and indeed it may well be that the AG members have taken the pulse of the party, it can turn out well but at a party congress that here for the majority members of the party completely unthinkable comes out.

There is therefore a way was needed, at any rate in the pirate (or perhaps even non-pirates) to intermediate results and can discuss.

There are already some tools that are all more or less likely to believe such inventions are good support. None of these tools is perfect, but we should start to test some of these tools to figure out whether they are in principle for the question. If we have a useful tool, we can begin to adapt it for our specific needs.

like about me right here torrent idea. It enables its users, a Problem documented. On the problem of users also like a solution and this solution can also publish the same.

For example

problem: The wall is painted red, and looks ugly.
Solution 1: Paint the wall white.

Once this response is activated, users can look at this issue and evaluate the proposed solution - with negative, positive or neutral attitude. You can also bring alternative proposals, in our example that would be perhaps

Solution 2: Tear down the wall.


Solution 3: Let the wall as it is

Alternatively, you can also leave comments classic.

Such a system can be used for instance by the working groups or by the board to get opinions or pictures to look at whether to go to the findings of the AG in the right direction. Also bring the alternative means completely new impetus to the work of the AGs.

The system should obviously not be the last word, because of the fact that it is theoretically possible to manipulate the system, policy decisions must, of course, still be taken at party conferences. But such a system is the foundation vorzufühlen schonmal to how certain issues could be adopted.

So you read not only my beautiful words, you can watch the system at times Ubuntu see where this is already being used. Or play around in the demo .

I'm definitely sure that we take such a view tool to test mode. Your

Jan "DarkX2" Gretschuskin

In fact, I think that is unacceptable as Interior Minister Schäuble.


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