Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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-2010 Project of the Week

Currently I am working on a regular series, which I will call "Project of the Week".

In and around the Pirate Party, there are countless people who are committed to and have started small but larger projects. Hardly anyone but a real overview, about the large number of different things that take place there.

I figured it's time to change that - and will carry out are looking for a project on a regular basis, and an interview with the creators of the project in which they can introduce themselves and their project extensively.

Among the questions which I would like to ask are:

  • setting up yet again just before (Who are you, where are you, pirate or sympathizers)
  • Why are you a pirate? Since when?
  • How did you first hear from the pirates?
  • What is the purpose of the project?
  • How did you get that idea? How
  • the whole thing is implemented?
  • How well is the project? What do you plan
  • in the near future project change? What are you doing
  • else for the party?
  • Final words?
What do you think of the idea? Missing questions? Do you have ideas for projects that should I introduce here?

will be available soon, it will go well, the first interview I've already done. You may be looking forward to the first project of the week.


Jan "DarkX2" Gretschuskin

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