Sunday, October 11, 2009

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reopening of a statute


I think about it currently to reanimate AG statutes.

is the Statute of the Pirate Party is currently broke, no one cares specifically about them, and if "worst comes to worst", needs to be together only to find people who care on short notice to the statutes.

a statute regulates the interaction of a party, and establishes some basic rules. These rules should not exist for its own, but must be constantly adapted to the conditions warrant the reality.

why I think it makes sense if we get the AG statutes back to life, which is regularly cares about the Statute.

far, the AG party program from time to time and care to the statute, but the latest of the planned restructuring of this workshop is a separate AG for the articles useful.

I've even thought about what tasks the working group could take on statutes, and would appreciate any feedback:

"mucking out" by statute amendments
The national conventions were in the past quite a number of statutes amendments, so that these applications had to be postponed even partially. However, there are a number of applications that run in the same direction, and do change at the same point in the statutes. This could set you in advance, and communicate with the different applicants or less just a request to have left the BPT then. Also we could examine these requests in advance for compliance with the Political Parties Act.

preparation and presentation of statute amendments:
goes on the Parteitägen solely by the performance of this statute amendments were quite lost much time. A stock company statutes may order the applications and install in a joint presentation, so that the applications will be presented quickly and clearly. This task has been of the so-called "Statute commission" met.

creation of a constitution review:
The Statute is something in which is not entirely clear what it should mean exactly. We could work out a comment to the understanding and interpretation of this help section. The Federal Arbitration Court is working well even in this thing - here you could certainly start together.

testing for compliance:
There are legal principles, particularly the law on political parties, to comply with our statutes. The AG statutes could possibly considered together with the group law, the Articles of Association.

drawing up their own Applications:
If we become aware of the comment or audit matters, so do not make sense, so we could hire their own requests.

advice on Statute questions:
It happens from time to time when pirates have questions on our constitution, or work for a breakdown of its own statutes. We could be helping the side.

These were now some initial ideas, why and for what a corporation statutes could again be useful.

I would appreciate feedback on this topic, both if you think it appropriate to base this new AG, as well as her share of the thematic areas hold.

your greetings Jan "DarkX2" Gretschuskin

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