Sunday, February 13, 2011

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first successful referendum in Berlin

The vote has passed and the citizens of Berlin are a significant step forward to get their water. The Desire of the residents' association in Berlin "Berlin Water Table" won today with more than 650,000 citizens of Berlin, the 'yes' to
referendum - voted
Our water, the first successful Berlin decision.
It will be interesting as you go on and if further details come to light of the Berlin water privatization.
Since 1999, the Berlin Water Works to 49.9 percent of RWE and Veolia have been sold. Since then the price of water rose massively in Berlin. Today there was a lesson to the people of Berlin politicians, what the deal is established and the previously revealed by the full disclosure of the contracts rather uncooperative. It
remains to be seen whether the result of the full disclosure of contracts and negotiation opportunities to take further legal action against the privatization of the Berlin water.
For more information:
referendum on water deal - do
Berlin agreements provide
Berlin Water-referendum successfully


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