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Mafia & organized crime in Germany

appeared since the 1972 Hollywood movie "The Godfather" by Francis Ford Coppola probably everyone some idea of the Mafia. Below I've provided a collection of interviews and documentaries together, which is received is especially famous for an infamous Mafia organization, the 'Ndrangheta. It forms a union of the Calabrian Mafia, and the areas which they influence, extending today throughout Europe, North and South America, Russia and Australia. The turnover of this organization is to 44 billion (2007) estimated.
quick notice that we are dealing here not with the average criminals and the latest in the Mafia murders of Duisburg
have more people understand in this country, organized crime in Germany already firmly rooted, even if the German politicians only too happy to turn aside.
increasingly stronger and more influential mafia-like structures at risk, the rule of law and the benefit of a free society in Germany! More on the topic can find it on the blog Mafia Land by renowned investigative journalist Juergen Roth.

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© 2008 ARD / BR "The hidden power of the Calabrian Mafia"
murder, blackmail and family feuds - the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta is the most dangerous and least known of the four great Italian Mafia organizations. Due to the six brutal murders in Duisburg has become clear that the Calabrian clans long been active in Germany, here are murky businesses operate and wash large amounts of money. But who is behind the 'Ndrangheta? Christian Gram city and Mark Rosch were present in Calabria and Italy accompanied the top Mafia fighter in his fight against the Mafia. They also reveal how the 'Ndrangheta in Germany spread more and more. For the first time are the former Mafia boss Giorgio Basile in this film information on the structures in Germany.

Info War - Juergen Roth in an interview on the German Mafia
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Mafia Country Germany

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polar express book
'Ndrangheta - the bloody business of a mafia

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Video Description : © 2008 ARTE "Une mafia d'affaires et de sang" Documentary / Documentary F 2008 - 7 years studied, the prosecutor in the Calabria region, the connections between the 'Ndrangheta members and the city leaders of the village Rizziconi. It was possible to demonstrate both the number of entanglements and machinations of the Crea-clans. In 2007 it finally came to the process that went again with long-imposed prison sentences ended. For more information:



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