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tricks and lies by police and courts - and then refuse to even the media ... Egypt: regime change by remote control from behind

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futures contracts: Aigner wants to restrict trade in agricultural commodities, provoking hunger deaths

The protest movement in Egypt: "Dictator" does not dictate that they follow commands

Wikileaks is the cause of censorship in Hungary
The coup of Brussels, 3 Part

De Maizières new super authority: it violates the constitution? (Update)

Clinton calls extraordinary meeting of the major embassies Wikileaks coup in Tunisia: CIA is preparing other coups in the Mediterranean before new appointment in the executive suite: America is now led by Beijing How good is the U.S. government to revolutions in the Mediterranean prepared?

Egypt (2): Just the people being cheated again - and we also

wish to merge German stock exchange and NYSE The €-Lie: How Germany under the single currency suffers

The decline of the U.S. economy::

Mission Impossible: International bankers are planning doubling of the global money supply and credit

exchange giant Russia and China take U.S. dollars not overboard

food prices rise, the Fiat currencies collapse

silver market: JP Morgan is once again the same Stevia and Agavennektar: Choose the correct natural sweeteners

Aspartame Alert: diet soda harm kidney function significantly unabridged edition of "House of Numbers" shows shocking truth about AIDS personal care with toxic waste?
pharmaceutical lobby new swine flu panic is planning to exploit

Aspartame: A criminal history The end for microwave ovens and fryers

The feared by Brzezinski "global awakening" of the masses is here now

powder keg Egypt: As banks and investors to drive up world hunger
hostile takeover of private health insurance by the state: As last known elements in the health broke
Georg Schramm talks about Bilderberg! people with brains of the world unite

Oliver Janich "resistance as a civic duty" - Party of the reason
Emnid survey: 40 percent of Germans believe in secret world government

Israeli air strike on Gaza City Afghanistan: all the facts - no one can deny it

The ace up its sleeve from Wikileaks Wikileaks

Wikileaks Russia blocked before after pictures of Putin's billion-dollar Royal Palace

Warning Copyright Security "the Hammer Media Services GmbH

: reveals secret spy satellite program by German authorities breaking into off-limits: the truth goes mainstream

China: Together with USA / EU to world government? Europe Stalingrad
the absurd position of the Huffington Post, "conspiracy theories"
Interview with Gerald Celente 2010

attack on the Reichstag - German tradition Resist the beginnings

As the climate hoax legitimized - Incorrect stations

dramatic mass mortality of birds and fish

On the road to sustainable power over the world Globalist: Climate summit in Cancun is one of the "greatest economic conferences since the Second World War" the stigma of the "climate deniers" has begun. Green Group provides small request to Singer & EIKE to the federal government! oil and gas: at last, and dangerous - or independent?

HAARP: The Pandora's Box the hands of the military [Part 2]

HAARP: The Pandora's box in the hands of the military [Part 3]

HAARP: The Pandora's box in the hands of the military [Part 1]

changes on the giant planet If man is only 1,600 years old?

show with Bob Chapman, and a recording of the EU Pralamentarier Alexander Alvaro

IK TV ninth Feb. 2011
Info War TV (Son 6:02:11) - NATO, Egypt, intelligence agencies, Kissinger, geopolitics and much more.
The Iraq war! The structure of lies the U.S. government unrest in Egypt - Background
n-tv - HAARP & Chemtrails (4 February 2011)

More terror scare in the latest round of Wikileaks documents Youtube channel avant guards popular series "The Occult music industry" WikiLeaks - front organization of U.S. intelligence agencies

The revised Wikileaks media Orchestra: Who is humming with?

Italy: YouTube is a TV station

"Terror Alert: Attack on the parliament Investigative &, revelations backgrounds

EU juggernaut and pulled the strings Jean Monnet

The frame-up game with the Muslim Brotherhood

The Eurasian idea (would be) the greatest danger to the World tyrants Former Pakistani General: CIA, Mossad behind WikiLeaks - Fars News Agency On 28 Hamburg media reported in October, stabbing on luxury yacht after a heavy drinking bout - Victims Alexander D.

ElBaradei: puppet the globalists prepares to kidnap the Egyptian Revolution The next phase of the New World Order: Fusion from the EU and Russia
The Origins of Political Correctness
the resistance against the New World Order in 2011 will continue to increase?
New World Order
Torture is not justified!