Friday, February 18, 2011

How To Get A Brown Spot In Your Basebal Glove

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Greeks want to be commanded by EU nothing Egypt and the interests of the West

60 000 NPD Emails: What is not likely to be included

Egypt: state terrorism, hypocrisy, and no end?

The protest movement in Egypt, "dictators" not dictate, they follow commands Clinton calls extraordinary meeting of the major embassies economy

Health &


The New Year's fairy tale of the skills shortage

British house prices fall fourth consecutive month French Revolution (x)

Fresh money for ailing banks
Rare Earth: Only silver is really rare!
new world reserve currency: globalists pushing for special drawing rights with the IMF unabridged edition of "House of Numbers" shows shocking truth about AIDS Society & Social
war, corruption and crime

first successful referendum in Berlin Bolivian president flees angry crowd nationwide referendum

powder keg Egypt: As banks and investors the world in the hunger drive
The feared by Brzezinski "global awakening" of the masses is here now Israeli air strike on Gaza City

centralization, monitoring & network World

interviews, debates and columns

Land of the Free # 14 Wikileaks Russia for pictures of Putin's billion-dollar Royal Palace
Alexander Alvaro: is INDECT a very sophisticated surveillance program
Wikileaks: Reverse role of the state

environment / nature, eco-fascism, Air & Lies CO2 rip
Science, Technology & universe

And again warn independent experts on the energy saving bulb!

Alliance 90/The Greens "technical discussions" on 18.3.10: "Interest in doubt - The strategies of the so-called climate skeptics and who is behind

KOPP EXCLUSIVE: Cheap developed environmentally friendly fuel - Why do politicians are appalled Multimedia

Terror, Media & Propaganda

Daniele Ganser - NATO's Secret Armies

Kopp Verlag 11/02/2011 The Alien Agenda: Where does the UFO cult?

More terror scare in the latest round of Wikileaks documents

The frame-up game with the Muslim Brotherhood

EU juggernaut and pulled the strings Jean Monnet
The Eurasian idea (would be) the biggest threat to world tyrants
Former Pakistani General: CIA, Mossad behind WikiLeaks - Fars News Agency

The Origins of Political Correctness
Globalist Mohamed ElBaradei is to steal the Egyptian Revolution
ElBaradei: puppet of the globalists is preparing to kidnap the Egyptian Revolution

If the resistance to the New World Order in 2011 continue to increase?