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Using A Temporary Id To Get Into Bars

Google - The power of a search engine

Google is probably everyone a common term and the following documentation that shows how far Google has already integrated into our lives today and every day that incredible flood of data, through the use of various Google services on the server the major group flow. But apart from that, the criticism in the following documentation is to Google for my taste but held a bit too shallow.
Google is a large corporation and only in the last year we had a heated debate in this country because of Google's Street View service. Google has the motto "Do not be evil" (Do not do anything wrong) is set, but apart from support for censorship in some countries put far behind Google in more than that anticipates by a marketing image purchased transparency. has
"I think Google the money taken from the CIA when they were poor and a start and, unfortunately
flooded our system up to date spyware and other largely unethical activities with funds and: vocalization of a former intelligence officials financed not what I would call open-source systems. "says Steele, who as sources" cites trusted people. " Source: Google News
of the most successful ... Front company of the CIA and the NSA
further investigative revelations from the specified source:
[...] Google is a major component of the intelligence apparatus . The company provides enabling technology for Intellipedia, a secure online system strong
the CIA, and has closest ties to the CIA, NSA and government officials from the area of national security . [...] [...] "The connection to the CIA and Google for their venture capital firm extends at least over the exchange of important personnel. Mid-2004 the director of technology assessment at In-Q-Tel, Rob Painter, from his old job, where he acted directly for the CIA, to the position of 'senior federal manager `[Senior Federal Manager] on Google." [...] [...] In-Q-Tel a
Founded by the CIA venture capital company that even with the
founding of the popular social network Facebook was the finger in
. Matt Greenop writes:
Under these new terms, the amassing of Google's data somehow leaves a sour taste, do not you think? [...] "The review of a published patent application on 28/01/2010 from Google, which concerns the collection of WiFi data shows that the data collection program was a deliberate attempt so the WiFi networks of people and companies in the U.S. much data to be collected as possible. "is how to read below press release. [...]

Finally, the article's conclusion that seemingly all major social networks of the WWW were sponsored by intelligence agencies. However, more projects to be centrally organized and put less emphasis on data anonymity, say the projects could be used by the government to spy. This raises some questions and you should think about the future had better photos, and data which is prepared in the network.

Other investigational in the linked articles at the end of this post, but I think that was just sufficient awareness should be to see how the lists are public TV a would-be investigative journalism, which on closer examination to be quite poor proves when it comes to the privacy of all of us go!

Video description:
"googling" has long been synonymous with searching the web. Because 80 percent of all searches on the Internet answered the American company Google. A monopoly with consequences: Google decides which sites on the Internet, the user gets to see who in the search results above and who is down. Zapp explains how the search works on the Internet and what is the power of Google. Zapp-author Juliet shows balances for the first time on German television, as the small start-up "with the colorful lettering a billion-dollar enterprise has become. a global corporation that is increasingly coming under criticism. Google has the motto "Do not be evil" (Do not do anything wrong) - if involved, but the censors in China. The company, which has announced that the world could make all information accessible to all is fencing itself off, generally allows no interviews or filming. Even for the 30-minute documentary NDR Google refused all requests. Zapp reveals which Google earns billions of dollars each year and what the consequences of Google's free services to users. Because Google stores every email its users, each search term you type and has certain Services have access to the entire hard disk of a user.
Google accumulates on its computers, the largest collection of private data in the world, "said Google insider and Pulitzer Prize winner David A. Vise. "Google - the power of a search engine shows what it means when a provider has a monopoly on the internet and there are few competitors, Google can put up a resistance.

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