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EU Treaty changes: a referendum in Britain is the only solution - Nigel Farage

Mr Farage also has news to announce at the meeting of Chairmen and Presidents of the European Parliament and sets again the key focus of this bureaucratic giant octopus on the key aspects of European political show! That's their approach is anything but that which adorns too happy with the EU to act and that liberal and democratic, showing their relationships to the enabling works public referenda or Lisbon Treaty (valid since 1.12.2009).
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• European Parliament, Brussels - 8th February 2011 • Speaker: Nigel Farage, UKIP, Vice President of EVS Group of the European Parliament (Europe of freedom and democracy)
special meeting of the Presidents : Herman VAN ROMPUY, President of the European Council, reports to Parliament the results of the EU Council meeting held on 04.02.2011 for the promotion of energy and innovation sector in Europe.

German transcript:

Mr. Van Rompuy agree on one point we agreed that contracts have significantly shaped the history of the Union. Protracted litigation, solemn ceremonies, and then a new form of legislation and a central power expansion.

But of course there were problems 1-2, the public opinion would be one of them and sometimes voters voted against contracts, but all that did not matter, you are around come around all that. But Mrs Merkel has a real problem, it is not so? Instead, Article 122 of the Treaty was used for the rescue fund for Ireland and Greece and it is for each completely obvious that the current contracts this is not allowed. That was illegal. And all of us here in this room we are aware of it.

In view of the four German professors, which they brought before the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe, she was asked by her to amend the contract and over the past week, they decided the tackle. And now they have
established a permanent stability mechanism. Now the word seems to be to me not very optimistic because I believe all what they are doing the failures increase and delay the inevitable collapse of the euro. Regardless, they decided to change to the Lisbon Treaty.
Now there will be a Another challenge to come on the contract and if they do not already have one, but in the United Kingdom were in the last few weeks a huge outcry on a European human rights ruling, which says that we should allow prisoners to vote.
Now it is not surprising that the majority of the British public is dead set against this idea that prisoners should have the right to vote and, surprisingly, we find similar views in Parliament (Mr. Schulz) {wait for Mr. Schulz, I will still go out, I promise}

members of Parliament look like this and on Thursday evening There will be a free vote in Westminster, where it appears to be voting, an overwhelming majority of British MPs vote against the proposal of adjustment of prison inmates.

will raise the fact the first direct challenge to the British Parliament towards an EU treaty, because as it is obviously clear that Article 6 of its beloved Lisbon Treaty, the EU should agree to the European agreements.

course, the accessions have not yet been completed. Mr Cameron could also prove to them at their next meeting and, as Mrs Merkel, ask for contract changes. I doubt that it will have much success.

result of the Lisbon Treaty in Britain is facing a recovery and a referendum in the UK would be the only solution in order to override a fallen decision of the British Parliament. And I was thinking about this afternoon that I should be the first to share the gospel with them.

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