Monday, February 7, 2011

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Bullshit! - This world is not for sale

The patenting of living things glorify consequences, as it makes us the case of farmers in India significantly. However, there are brave activists whose aim is to leave the people freedom of choice on the production of its food and not to surrender to the fate of the Genpiraterie of massive chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

Their opponents call them "The green assassin" and gave her the "Bullshit Award". The TIME magazine the other hand, counts them to the hero of our time, an icon for the young people of this world: Vandana Shica, Indian nuclear physicist, environmental activist. The film portrays a strong voice from India, which is expressed on globalization, bioenergetics and bio-Aboriginal know how loud and clear.
This acclaimed documentary by Pea Holmquist and Suzanne Khardalian is a film that is about a fighter against globalization. The Vandana Shiva defended himself against the patenting of genetically modified wheat. You to fight against ground water pollution by the Coca-Cola bottling group and looks for reasons for the increasing rate of suicide by farmers as a result of globalization. An impressive film about a woman who TIME magazine called "hero of our time" and that of their opponents as is "The Green Killer" means. At 21.00 Clock follows in the first broadcast to the G8 summit, the documentary "Hope for Africa - Heiligendamm and assistance to the black continent." Back in 2005, with the last G8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, was the situation in Africa a key issue. In Heiligendamm, Chancellor Angela Merkel wants the issue back on the agenda. Richard Klug and his team will show in their film, while visits to the oil-rich Angola, Mozambique and South Africa, the situation of poor and rich African countries.
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