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Press TV on FEMA

Press TV
February 22, 2011
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Given the recent protests in different parts of the known world - especially in Egypt - some conspiracy theorists have considered the possibility that the U.S. government, FEMA camps used to hold possible insurgents.

Some this theories suggest that the government ready is FEMA Camps in "concentration camps" convert that civilians notes for the U.S. government pose a potential risk.

Such Beghauptungen suggested Press TV to take a closer look at the FEMA and activities :

transcript to the video:

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is an agency of the U.S. government for homeland security, originally by an order of the President of 1 April 1979 launched

FEMA had original intention when they were founded to ensure the viability of the U.S. government after a nuclear attack.

also seen in front of the goal of fulfilling the role of a national coordinating bodies in times of national disasters, like earthquakes, hurricanes and Überschwenmmungen.

Some people have referred to as the "secret government" of the United States. There is no elected body, it is not participating himself in public disclosures, and it even has a "quasi secret" budget of billions of dollars.

asked The National Governor's Association President Carter, the national emergency plans to rationalize the event of disasters.

How to bring the efforts of George Bush, agencies under the umbrella of homeland defense, Carter created FEMA to unite to the efforts of dozens of agencies in itself. But just when the home guard with Katrina was finished, screwed up FEMA their first attempt by a Wahington Post report, "is the new anti-disaster agency at the threshold itself a disaster will be.

" Prior to 1950, was the federal government for most of the time of local disaster spared only occasional permit Congress, if it was absolutely necessary. But this year, Congress gave the president the power to declare disasters and distribute aid.

controversy over FEMA
It was not surprising that with the advent of FEMA, the number of national disasters to shoot up began. However, it was not until Hurricane Andrew in August 1992, when FEMA began to transform into what it is today.

lot of money went to the victims of Andrew , but politicians began the potential of natural disasters discover . A Community College has a new Parking . Miami Beach received a new variant of decorated rescue swimmer circumstances. The former governor of Florida , Lawton Chiles , received $ 25,000,000 for a new prison that nothing with the to do hurricane had .

FEMA was not constitutionally created by the Congress . It was a product a presidential executive order .

FEMA has the power to suspend laws to transport , whole populations , the arrest and may arrest of citizens without warrant and detention without trial , they owned , food - Transports ystems to take and they can the Constitution suspend .

In 2004 used the federal government Hurricane aid money to the funeral expenses for at least 203 residents to pay Florida , their death not of last year's storms caused n it concluded State r coroner .

From 2008 had FEMA only about 6 percent of its budget on national emergencies applied ; the largest Part of their financing is used for the construction of secret underground facilities been to the continuity of government in the case of a major emergency, foreign or domestic level ensure .

executive orders combined with the FEMA

Here are just a few executive Arrangements are associated with FEMA which the Constitution and the Bill of Rights posits would override . This executive orders ( " Executive Orders ) since almost 30 years on file and may adopt by the signature of the President be :

  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 10 990 enable the Government control over all highways, expressways, ports and transport modes.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 10 995 allows the government to seize all the media and communicate with their help to the people.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 10 997 enable the Government of electricity, gas seize, petroleum, fuels and minerals. To ensure that all power plants are state-controlled.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 10 998 allows the government to seize all food and supplies and to close all operations.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11 000 forced labor.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11 001 All health and wellness centers, and educational and social systems can be turned off.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11 002 This can be imposed on a population census and the forced registration of certain data.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11 003 all airports and aircraft can be seized (including small private planes)
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11 004 houses This may be seized and demolished. Also may new homes are built with the help of public funds.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11 005 storage bins, rail and inland waterways will be seized.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11 051 refers to the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and admits them to put all the executive orders in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crises in force.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11 310 granted the Justice Department the authority to order the plans to arrange executive orders , to enforce, to create industrial support, judicial and legislative cooperation introduced to control all aliens, to act in criminal and authority institutions and the President to advise and support.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11 049 assigns emergency preparedness procedures to federal departments and agencies to , consolidation 21 legally effective releases executive orders , over a period of fifteen years n.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11 921 allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop (FEMA) plans to introduce the control of production and distribution processes, from energy producers, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. financial institutions in any undefined national emergency. Furthermore, it provides that if a state of emergency by President proclaimed is the Congress for six months can not verify the action.
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