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Libya reported - the massacre of demonstrators


' massacre of demonstrators

20th February 2011, 16:43

Already 173 killed in protests against regimes - sniper fire on opposition figure

Tripoli - Clashes between protesters and security forces in Libya are always violent. Protests against Muammar Gaddafi human rights organization Human Rights Watch came to grow within the past few days 173 people died, but on Saturday there should have been 90. On Sunday gathered in the port city of Benghazi again tens of thousands of people to take part in funeral marches. Residents spoke of a massacre. Reactions from abroad were at first reluctant. Libya is an important energy supplier. For democracy and social reform was the weekend in Morocco, Algeria, Yemen, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait as well as in the small state of Djibouti on the Horn of Africa demonstrates.


Because journalists are not allowed in the city of Benghazi, the situation is unclear. Reports from residents pointed to a spiral of violence. "There was a massacre here last night," said one resident told Reuters. The security forces used heavy weapons. Many soldiers and police officers had joined the demonstrators. According to residents sniper fired from a command center. A witness reported that security forces had withdrawn to their barracks and no more power over the city. According to Human Rights Watch, in the four-day protest, 173 people were killed. The government in Tripoli did not comment on the unrest.

50 leading Muslim clerics from Libya called for the authorities in a joint appeal to end the bloodshed. "Do not kill your brothers and sisters around. Stop the massacre now," it said in a statement sent to Reuters. An Italian told the Ansa agency from the city, that government and administrative buildings and a bank had been burned down. "The rebels have looted and destroyed everything," said the eyewitness. Police were nowhere to be seen. There was no independent confirmation of the information is not there. Mobile phone connections are often dropped out. The Internet access was cut.

experts consider it unlikely that the protests could lead to the overthrow Gaddafi. In the east, where the city Benghazi, is the support for the rulers have always been lower than in other parts of the country. demonstrated in the capital Tripoli to Sunday morning thousands of people for Gaddafi, the country in decades His treatment.

Britain said Libya on Sunday for the observance of human rights on. The reaction of the authorities was appalling to the protests, said Secretary of State William Hage on Sky News television. Libya has oil and gas reserves. Western companies like BP, Exxon mobile or ENI are active in the country. . (Reuters) '


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