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flying disks and other secret weapon part 1 - Cosmic conspiracy or underground illusion?

Author: Hagbud Seleyn
10th February 2011

"From the darkness of the unknown, they come forth suddenly: Flying saucers - UFOs - The last secret weapon of the Third Reich. Invaders from outer space? Product or extravagant fantasy? And yet, at least it has given them, the flying discs, which would often nebulous silver bullet announced the fate of Germany or to contact "

Norbert Jürgen-Ratthofer, 'UFO -. The 3rd Empire Strikes Back? "
mention I want to say that the issue itself and the sources I use, by some readers may be regarded as "politically incorrect", but I can not take it into consideration. The public must finally be informed about these secret projects and the resulting decades of deception, not least because these secret technology could be used for a gigantic false-flag attack. I also would like to point out that it is possible not all, of course, unknown objects and phenomena attributed to terrestrial technology, but at best with theories of modern psychology are explained. On this subject, I recommend the book "Cosmic Trigger" by Robert Anton Wilson.
This article series will deal specifically with the 1940 years since the UFO phenomenon observed . Deal UFO sightings in the past, which are usually explained by the theory of pre-astronautics, I would recommend the book "Gods cars and flying discs" by Gilbert star Hoff and Mathias Kappel, in which refutes the theory of pre-astronautics and the new theory of pre-Aero Nautical is replaced.
For about 70 years, unknown objects flying the skies and the seas to make sure which secret behind it?
murdered in 2001, former Navy officer Williom Milton Cooper has witnessed a rising from the sea UFOs. During his time he was on a secret base was reported in Hawaii insight into top-secret documents in which an alleged contact of the U.S. government with extraterrestrials.

In his book "Die Apokalyptischen Reiter" he writes that in the U.S. between January 1947 and December 1952 at least 16 alien spacecraft crashed and should be ended, allegedly, 65 alien bodies and one living alien found. He also tells of a Packt the U.S. government with a superior alien civilization, which the government is to be reached even in the possession of the UFO technology.

Cooper, because his own
Sighting of the existence of UFOs was convinced revised, later, his views on their extraterrestrial origin. He came to the conclusion that the supposedly secret documents he had seen and other people, only part of a huge mind-control project, were making up a fictitious alien threat and the innocent people should be put in fear.
to exist since at least 1917, a plan, using a staged alien threat a "new world order" to install. As the American people react when suddenly in the news reports of an invasion by extraterrestrials, could be observed as in 1938, the radio play "War of the Worlds" was performed on the radio. In the cities where the radio show was heard, broke the people panicked and poured into the streets armed to repel the alien invaders. In a city destroyed the inhabitants of even their own water tower, because it considers it an the "tripods" were maintained, as described in the radio play. In New York collapsed the next morning the stock market, several people committed suicide. Subsequently, the Congress enacted a law that prohibits such broadcasts in the future. According to Cooper it is in the radio show a specific action have acted to test the response of the U.S. population to such a scenario.

The official NASA space projects, such as the Apollo missions and the Mars Pathfinder probe are, according to Cooper, only projects to deceive the public. One day, Cooper is claiming to be an extraterrestrial civilization would have been discovered and found out that humanity itself was created by aliens and brought to Earth.

said in one of his radio broadcasts Cooper: could "survive as Christianity or any other religion, if the world a more credible evidence is presented that mankind was not created by God but by an alien superior race from another world? And that they own us and have formed since the beginning of our existence? And that's the real purpose of the UFO, flying saucers, and abduction reports, where it is the end result of mind control experiments. The technology is there, ladies and gentleman, I myself have seen the U.S. government and probably several other governments have and use it. I filmed these things in the sky, I have seen them in secret test site of the U.S. government out and in. flown. I have spoken with people who worked in secret in these projects. can publish your name I never, I can tell only part of what I learned from them, I would reveal more then one could identify them and they would disappear from the face of the earth what they have told me for that. It is truly an almost unimaginable technology, but it is not from any alien. "

But if not in space, then where is the source for the technology of unconventional flying objects? Digestion also give news reports from the time of the 2nd World War II.
The 'New Orleans Item' and the 'Washington Star' printed on 13 December 1944 a telex to the AP news agency as follows:

"(Associated Press) Paris, 13 December (1944) As the Allies on the Western Front made further progress, the Germans have thrown a new tool in the fight - enigmatic, silver balls floating in the air. Pilots report sightings of these objects, which occur singly or in clusters. (The purpose of this 'float' is not entirely clear. It is possible that there is a new air defense product, or a defensive weapon is) "

The news agency 'Reuters' reported on the same day:

" SUPREME HEADQUARTERS, Dec. 13 (Reuter) - The
Germans at Christmas time in secret a secret weapon built. The new invention is apparently an air defense weapon, like the huge glass balls that adorn Christmas trees. There was no information available about what keeps these balls like stars in the sky what is in them or what could probably be their intention. "
The 'New York Times published on 12/14/1944 the following message:
Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 13 December - A new German weapon has appeared on the Western Front, which was unveiled today. The U.S. Air Force pilots reported that they met silver-colored balls in the air over German territory. The balls they met individually or in swarms. Sometimes they are almost transparent. "

This new German Secret weapons of the first Americans (loosely translated: "enemy fighters") as "Foo-Fighter" and later called the "Ghost Rockets" (ghost rockets). From 1947 they were given the nickname "Flying Saucer" (Flying Saucer), and still later the name "UFO: unidentified flying
object (Unidentified Flying Objects)
The term" flying saucer "is probably on the private plane Kenneth Arnold back in 1947 near Washington observed nine alien flying objects which he described to the press people as saucer-like.

Cordon Creighton, a former British diplomat, later Deputy Director of the magazine "Flying Saucer Review, said in an interview about his first UFO sighting follows:
" It was actually in China, 1941. At that time I was First Secretary at the British Embassy, I was taking a walk along the banks of the Yangtze-kiang, when we suddenly a 'flying saucer' saw .... Three years later, in 1944, I was in the United States, in New Orleans. And I read in the newspapers the accounts of the war in Europe. What made me put this in amazement, is that the pilots of fighter planes or bombers spoke of the persecution by fireballs. At that time I started to collect newspaper clippings about the 'flying saucers'. . But in 1944 they were called not so, which came only in 1947 "

reported a lieutenant colonel from Austria to the HUGIN Society (editor of several publications on the topic Flying Saucers) from a sighting in 1944 in France:

"At the end of 1944, said Lieutenant-Colonel was with his unit near Metz, France, on the retreat to Germany. In the sky they observed a flying to Germany of U.S. bombers, which, as usual, use command the bombing of German cities had. Suddenly saw RM and his comrades, like a bright point of light in this bomber flew into, and maneuvered within the same fast in zig-zag flights. In a few moments were about 15-20 machines out of the association and crashed in flames. The general reaction to this event was: 'At last the secret weapons. " (In German propaganda of the last war years were always a "wonder weapons" described secret weapons announced Hagbud note). But the miracles were not weapons, not to affect at least the course of war "
HUGIN writes.
"It could still several reports on the Foo Fighter (enemy fighters) of the war years are given. On almost all fronts, they were of German and Allied side of you observed appeared on concentrations of troops, war ships and plane seats, with port facilities, with front sections and observed the respective struggles. In general, they showed a deaktives behavior. But also occasionally flew into Allied bombers and combat units, donated by great confusion, the associations were to dissolve, then they pursued individual machines and circled around them. "
Such missiles have been built and proven in Germany were operational at the latest in the 40's. This referred to as flying discs or flying tops aircraft were developed by different groups and individuals, sometimes independently, with different driving techniques.
The author of the six-part series "UFO secret weapon," Norbert Jürgen-Ratthofer divided the German top flight project in 4 sub-projects:

first the 'Schriever-Habermohl project' the secrecy level I (top secret) [Based on the inventions of the engineer J. Andrew Epp, note Hagbud] 2

the "Miethe project ' the secrecy level II (= strict confidentiality) [Also on the basis of constructions Epps, note Hagbud] 3

the 'Schauberger project' the secrecy level III (= strictest secrecy) and

4th the 'Project X' (only called that because the project can no longer be unambiguously determined) the classification IV (= absolute secrecy)

to point 4 He writes:

"The flight gyro project X. Under the care of the German Reich Research Office began in late 1939, a then 30 - to 35 year-old German-language Engineers and inventors to attempts by the famous Italian physicist, died in 1937, Marconi building electric gravitational experiments. This young scientist may have been a student of Marconi ... "

In Project 1 and 2 In the case of turbine-powered devices, while project 2 and 3 is based on a technology I have at this point as" anti-gravity propulsion " would like to rewrite. Into technical details I will discuss in more detail in the following parts of this article series.

But what became of these German "wonder weapons" after the end of the war? Various government seem spills into the possession of the flying disks to. When, how and where this has happened, can not, however, be solved.

Since about 1945 disc-shaped aircraft in America, the Soviet Union and Britain have been tested experimentally. Later, as well as in Japan, France and Austria. Whether it has acted as captured German technology or their own designs, is questionable.

introduced in 1947, the U.S. Navy its first, propeller-driven, half-way round aircraft before the public. It was the V 173 "Flying Pancake" to German "flying pancake"

Frank Edward, who had in the 50 years in the U.S. to one of the three most popular radio speakers, wrote about this aircraft in his book "Flying Saucers - a reality": provided "With too low a driving force he was already outdated in the first tests. Since it is in the Smithsonian Museum. AVRO disc "

Another project was the so-called" ". It is a kind of air cushion vehicle, this unit also came across the experimental stage and height of 1.20 m flight out not:

The fact that these supposed secret projects have been supported so generously to the public, does it suggest that it has acted more like this ploy as a technical achievement. What projects have taken place under actual secrecy, can not be clearly specified. In the appendix of his book, William Cooper released this drawing of an American flight gyroscope:

The handwritten entry in the drawing is "reconstructed extraterrestrial vehicle," the author's name is blacked out. As I will show in a later part of this article series yet, you know that drawing similarities to German flying disc designs.

It should be mentioned that apparently, to a certain point in time, witnesses are not only flying disks but also the crew had encountered, which reported that the alleged extraterrestrial beings like normal people looked and talked even earthly languages have.
In his book "Astrobiology - Organic living in space? New research methods to answer an old question, "writes Joachim Herrmann:

" An itself it is almost a joke that the various 'contacts' who have been to see UFOs landing, always saw off being foreign stars, who just looked like Mr or Mrs in the office next door. The allegedly been landed on Earth, according to planetary system similar to all 'contactees' to the European-North American type of white race. It is yet not a single black, yellow, red, blue or green planet man has been spotted. The body measurements correspond exactly to our own. At this point we may go even further than the representatives of ufology. It would be absurd to assume that intelligent beings show from other worlds such surprising similarity to us. "

Only later the UFO crews were called" hairy green men "," ape-like, "very" "dwarf-like" and so described. But at what point were the earthly "Nazi secret weapons" of extraterrestrial flying objects? The author of the series "Secret Wonder Weapons" writes in Volume 2 in the chapter "'UFOs' - published in outer space":

"The terms" alien beings " "UFOs are from outer space", "Extraterrestrial visitors," so intractable is the name of Donald E. Keyhoe linked. One could therefore fully applicable also refer to as the father of the alien theory. (...) With the increased occurrence of the saucers in the first years after World War II, set out in the guide bars of the U.S. military's nervousness, uncertainty and indecision about the defenses on the one hand, and the attitude towards its own people on the other hand, regarding the question: What can one say to the public only?, felt strong. (...) Major Keyhoe was the end of the forties, as more and more Americans believed in the existence of flying saucers, the bright idea of Air Force Intelligence (ATIC) took up. (...) The initial and understandable reluctance of the Pentagon against this new space theory - they wanted to continue to be stubborn in the previously operated denial - changed more and more Keyhoe's favor. (...) With books, articles and lectures he has taken this theory only in the global public, the very idea probably comes from the U.S. Air Force Intelligence (ATIC) itself (...) In the sixties and seventies were then in such a souped-up reports with monsters, ape-like creature, green Males, and much more nonsense - the basis for ham and horror film-strips a la Hollywood. Global fear arousing - compared to the 'heavenly brothers' or 'harbingers of a new age' as mentioned in UFO circles already -. Was the new Hollywood motto "
Who is always behind , fact is that the UFOs flying today!

To be continued!


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